The Week In Pictures

Mid-Week in Pictures: Gas Pains Edition

Featured image A couple of TWiP suppliers have really stepped up with material on the soaring price of gasoline. And yes, there really is a Twitter handle for @GasPumpHotties, to substitute for our regular Saturday NRA-empowered feminists. And finally. . . »

California in Pictures: Yikes!

Featured image Here are the prices at my local filling station a week ago: And here’s today: I’m told this pic from the LA area is authentic—probably arriving here mid-state by noon tomorrow. Prices are so high people are starting to take alternative transportation to the minimart: So a lot of readers quite sensibly ask—how can you stand to live in Crazifornia?  I’ve always thought of the place as being like a »

The Week in Pictures: Missing Persons Edition

Featured image Has Anthony Fauci gone into the federal witness protection program? Is he suddenly relegated to doing the old timers rubber chicken dinner circuit with Ralph Nader? Or are we about to find out that COVID-19 was actually produced in a Russian biolab and the whole Wuhan thing was another Putin false-flag operation? And speaking of missing persons, is President Slow Joe spending the weekend at the beach in Delaware again »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Ukrainian Bravado Edition

Featured image The spectacle of Ukraine standing up to Russia reminds of Churchill’s line about Hitler boasting that he’d wring Britain like a chicken in 1940: “Some chicken. Some neck.” But in the Wrinkled-Up Chicken Neck department, Biden. . . oh never mind. Headlines of mid-week—starting with how it’s good to see the news networks have their priorities in order: And finally. . . Ukraine’s Miss Universe, Anastasia Lenna: Chaser—just 13 delicious »

The Week in Pictures: U-Cranial Inversion Edition

Featured image “Buyer’s remorse” isn’t a strong enough term to capture the obvious regret more and more Americans are feeling right now about our superaddled president. What’s the over-under line that Biden’s speechwriters are furious reworking next week’s State of the Union address to focus on the New-Old World Order? What’s the over-under line that Biden’s special guest in the gallery will be Justin Trudeau, as his new BFF for showing how »

The Geek in Pictures: Biden Excuses Edition

Featured image The Biden Administration is citing the Ukraine crisis as an excuse for inflation, supply-chain issues, and everything else you can attach to it. So let’s do some reality checks. These first three from @TheRightWingM on Twitter: Here’s one thing that has gone down: Meanwhile, COVID rolls on . . . and down. I have a hunch that is contributing to this: Let this sink in, from the NY Times: The Scots »

The Week in Pictures: Bonus Edition

Featured image So yeah, I really do need to try to keep ahead of the flood of memes and the rest, or it will become unmanageable. So here’s an extra helping, for readers who set their Saturday morning schedule by TWiP. Now, should the slogan be “Go, Canada!”, or “D’oh, Canada?” Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Bulldog Edition

Featured image “Bulldog edition” is old newspaper-speak for the early first edition in the late afternoon or early evening paper—back when we had evening newspapers—and not any reference to the temperament of anyone in particular around this particular paper route. I decided to post TWiP a day early this week to begin returning to normal, but also because my inventory of material is overflowing more than usual. I have enough great material »

Videos of the Week

Featured image Did you know that meat-eating is the direct result of a white-supremacist world view? This will come as confounding news to cannibals I expect, but apparently some people at the storied Oxford Political Union take it seriously. The Oxford Union recently held a formal debate on the resolution that we should move “beyond meat,” and the closing speaker for the motion, Carol Adams, has clearly established her pole position as »

The Week in Pictures: Keep On Truckin Edition

Featured image The Canadian truck protest is the most wonderful spectacle of resistance and ungovernability I’ve seen in a long time. In general this was the week when the Branch COVIDians set themselves on fire, baking PM True-Dough into a crisp. Has he thought of passing out free crack pipes? Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Geek in Pictures: COVID-Longing Edition

Featured image On this continuing question of whether to do a regular Mid-Week in Pictures, I think I’ll alternate a mid-week picture/meme gallery with a more regular Geek in Pictures, which is actually harder to do as good charts and graphs are more episodic. • Let’s start this week with some political data. I’ve been saying for a while now that the upcoming national election in Hungary in early April is the »

The Week in Pictures: Media Meltdown Edition

Featured image From afar it seems this was the week the mainstream media officially entered its death spiral. Whoopi got suspended from The View, while CNN discovered that not even sacking its president for a sex scandal can improve ratings. But CNN’s pain wasn’t even the worst involving someone with “Zucker” in his name: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook took a Meta-dive when it turned the corner and is following CNN’s example in losing »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Convoy Edition

Featured image The regular Saturday edition of the Week in Pictures has been growing so long (and thank you to our many fantastic contributors who send me great material each week—the volume is more than I can use but please keep it coming!) that I’ve been debating starting a second regular Mid-Week in Pictures feature. I’m undecided about making it regular, in part because I don’t want to overdo a good thing, »

The Week in Pictures: Neil Old Edition

Featured image Is this the week we got a clear sign that the Age of the Baby Boomer is over? Neil Young threw a fit, invoked his Baby Boomer Privilege Card, and demanded that Spotify cancel Joe Rogan, but instead Spotify borrowed from Lynyrd Skynyrd and said “we don’t need him around anyhow,” and promptly dropped Young. Heh. Now we get to needle Young, and see the self-inflicted damage done. Double-heh. (UPDATE: »

The Week in Pictures: Bye-Bye Biden Edition

Featured image This was the week it became abundantly clear that Joe Biden is not up to the job, and someone should start—if they haven’t already—the over-under betting line on whether he makes it to his 80th birthday late this year still in office. I imagine that web searches for “25th Amendment” are running hot right now. Somehow it fits: Googling after the gurgling goombah who managed to sneak into the White »

The Week in Pictures: 10 Year Challenge Edition

Featured image What’s with this sudden “Ten Year Challenge” business? And when will it be applied to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (also AOC, in between her busy dating schedule), i.e., in ten years can they come up with a coherent sentence? I’m reminded of the old Will Rogers saying, “It’s no trouble at all being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.” The good news is that »

The Geek in Pictures: Disapproval Edition

Featured image Look around the world and you’ll see that many heads of state are underwater in their public approval ratings—many of them worse off that Slow Joe Biden. But there are some exceptions. India’s Modi is clearly doing something right. I’m hard pressed to explain Mario Draghi though. Boris Johnson’s problems are easily explained: he’s been a disaster on COVID, and an even worse disaster on energy prices, because he inexplicably »