The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Martial Law Edition

Featured image I suspect that when the economic statistics for this period are assembled, they will report one huge growth industry: meme creation. The creativity of the meme-isphere is truly impressive, and a great reason to hope that we’re going to come out of this mess just fine. I’ve got enough material in the inventory to fill out TWiPs for weeks to come. Which may come in handy since it looks like »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Paper Blues Edition

Featured image Almost week into solitary confinement, and the world is still hunting toilet paper to extinction. It’s as though people think Bernie Sanders is president. In any case, while the economy is taking a huge hit, the meme sector is surging to new highs. I am overwhelmed with the endless creativity of the army of meme-ists on the march right now. I have more material than I can use in a »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Social Distancing Edition

Featured image So if we’re all keeping proper social distance, why the excessive concern about toilet paper then? And “social distancing”? What’s the big deal? It’s what writers call “Monday.” Also Tuesday through Friday. And the weekend, when you’re too grumpy to interact. “Shelter in  place” for introverts with a large library and wine cellar like me has a different term: Nirvana. See everyone again on Thursday. And Saturday. Headlines of the »

The Week in Pictures: One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Edition

Featured image So let’s see if I have this right: washing your hands vigorously with soap and water kills the coronavirus because soap shatters the lipid membranes of the virus? In other words, the virus is fat. Can it be fat-shamed then? Is the CDC not recommending this because fat-shaming is not PC? I’m skeptical: I wash my whole body vigorously with soap and water in the shower every day, but it »

The Great Toilet Paper Pandemic of 2020 (And TWiP Preview)

Featured image The popular humours of a great city are a never-failing source of amusement to the man whose sympathies are hospitable enough to embrace all his kind, and who, refined though he may be himself, will not sneer at the humble wit or grotesque peculiarities of the boozing mechanic, the squalid beggar, the vicious urchin, and all the motley group of the idle, the reckless, and the imitative that swarm in »

The Coronavirus Week in Pictures: Special CDC Edition

Featured image Are there really conversations like this going on in America: “Honey, I’m going to head out to five stores and buy all the toilet paper I can, because coronavirus!” “Good idea—I hear toilet paper prevents the transmission of the virus.” “Also, lots of bottled water, because we can’t trust the tap water. I hear on the media that the alligators in the New York City sewers are spreading the virus »

The Week in Pictures: You Know the Thing Edition

Featured image You know The Thing: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that Joe Biden is a complete dufus, endowed by Darwin with certain undeniable liabilities, among which are lies, liberty with womens’ and childrens’ hair, and the pursuit of word salads about Corn Pop, leg hair, and other deeds that got Chris Matthews fired from MSNBC. And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Volatility Edition

Featured image Finally—a stock market I can like! As the legendary investment guru Benjamin Graham argued, in the short run the market is a voting machine; in the long run, it is a weighing machine. This week the market voted for Bernie. I love it when good companies go on sale for 20 percent off! A bit sorry I gave up my VIX position last year though. But the stock market is »

The Week in Pictures: Caucasoid Caucus Edition

Featured image Get your popcorn ready, because today is the Nevada caucuses, which features only a lot of old rich white people in the Democratic field, which is not supposed to happen in this age of intersectional diversity. I think the DNC ought to disqualify the entire field and start over, on the grounds that the field is now the biggest bunch of bumbling buffoons since the borscht belt belly-flopped. But it’s »

The Week in Pictures: Dog Faced Pony Soldier Edition

Featured image To paraphrase Will Rogers, it’s no trouble being a humorist when you have Joe Biden working for you. “Lying dog-faced pony soldier”??? This is going to go down in the annals of all-time political gaffes. It’s the verbal equivalent of Michael Dukakis riding in a tank, or Gary Hartpence sailing on the “Monkey Business,” or George Romney admitting he had been “brainwashed” over Vietnam. (Funny how that problem seems to »

The Week in Pictures: Mega-Trumpy Edition

Featured image The results of our reader survey about adding a regular mid-week TWiP are in and have been tabulated by the Des Moines Register and the Iowa Democratic Party. While adding a mid-week TWiP won the popular vote, it lost both the electoral college and new and “transparent” party allocation rules, so for now we’re going with the status quo, and only doing a mid-week edition on weeks like this. And »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Iowa Meltdown / SOTU / Impeachment Omnibus Special Edition

Featured image The Des Moines Register has not yet signed off on our reader poll of whether we should institute a regular Mid-Week in Pictures, but this is one of those weeks where a special edition, which we have done several times in the past, is fully justified. We’re already overloaded with TWiP material, and by Saturday a lot of it will seem like last year. Has there ever been a 72-hour »

The Week in Pictures: Celebrexit Bonus Edition!

Featured image Congratulations to Britain for its exit from the European Union yesterday. Next up: the United Nations perhaps? Trump should propose it, just to watch the media . . . what? Lose their mind? How can you lose something already lost? Speaking of lost, how’s that whole impeachment thing going? Coronavirus seems to be more popular. Strap in folks and order a double espresso, because we have extra special bonus video »

The Week in Pictures: Early Groundhog Day Edition

Featured image Is impeachment still going on? I know Groundhog Day is still officially nine days off, but I guess Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi came out of their hole in the ground early and saw their shadow: six more weeks of impeachment! To paraphrase Dr. Venkman, impeachment beats having a real private sector job. Also: Are iguanas the new groundhog? What does it mean when an iguana sees its shadow as »

The Week in Pictures: Blowout Impeachment Edition

Featured image House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally got the chicken entrails that she needed to see, and has transmitted the yellowing and brittle articles of impeachment to the Senate, following which the stock market soared even higher, proving yet again that gridlock is the next best thing to constitutional government. Good times! Meanwhile, the Democrats hosted the world’s most boring presidential debate ever. See, this is what happens when you toss out »

The Week in Pictures: Smiting Our Enemies Edition

Featured image The most formidable enemy of the American people suffered a grievous and shocking blow a week ago, and the enemy did not react well to the attack. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and fanatical chants of “death to middle America!”  There is great fear and panic about potential retaliation. But the outrageous, dangerous and unstable man who launched this reckless and unprovoked attack—Ricky Gervais—returned safely »

TWIP readers’ addendum

Featured image Arriving too late for inclusion in The Week In Pictures today, these contributions from Power Line readers are also worth a look. The one below comes with this message: “I was inspired to create the following in the wee, high-caffeine hours of this morning after reading some PL pieces on ol’ DRT Soleimani. I thought you and your readers might enjoy it as much as my husband did over breakfast. »