The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Down Goes Biden!

Featured image This was the week we really wished Howard Cosell was still around to do blow-by-blow commentary on Joe Biden’s unfortunate encounter with a sandbag (symbolic, that), which would culminate in a new version of his most famous boxing moment: “Down goes Biden! Down goes Biden! Down goes Biden!” Headlines of the week: And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: Senile Liberalism Edition

Featured image Come of think of it, Biden, Feinstein, and Fetterman are the perfect exemplars of senescent leftism today, and as such the ideal leaders of today’s Democratic Party. No wonder they’ve become the party of transgenderism, since their socialist wish-fulfillment fantasies aren’t working out very well. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . Tina Turner, RIP: »

The Week in Pictures: F-Men Edition

Featured image Forget calling FBI agents “G-men” from now on. They should be henceforth known as “F-men.” You can piece it together if you try. If you had a life raft that could hold only one person and you had an FBI agent and a mainstream media reporter hanging on, why would you pop the life raft instead of saving one of them?   Headlines of the week:     And finally. »

The Week in Pictures: Trump Returns Edition

Featured image Remember that video from more than a decade ago where Donald Trump turned up outside the ring at a World Wide Wrestling match and body-slammed Vince McMahon to the floor? He did it again this week to CNN. And while professional wrestling is fake, the CNN town hall on Wednesday was not “fake news” by any means. You know what is fake? Claims that Biden and his family are completely »

The Week in Pictures: No Energy in the Executive Edition

Featured image Another week with more indications that we don’t even have a 9 to 5 commander in chief. More like 10 to 4, if we’re lucky. At least this White House is showing us what a four-day work week will look like when we decide to go Full France. Meanwhile, we hear rumors that Bud Light is plotting its comeback with an ad campaign on Fox News prime time, and they’re »

The Week in Pictures: Tuckered Out Edition

Featured image So did Anheuser-Busch get to Rupert Murdoch and plead to have public ire redirected from Bud Light? Does anyone else think Tucker Carlson should launch a beer? (No, of course it couldn’t be light beer. Goes without saying.) Meanwhile, Buzzed Lighthead, AKA Joe Biden, is running again. Headlines of the week:   And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: The Unbearable Bud Lightness of Being

Featured image The Bud Light blunder is proving to have “legs,” as they say in the media business, as it brings into sharp relief the madness of our time. Surely senior management at Anheuser-Busch must be fuming about turning over stewardship of brand identity to an identity-monger. What did they think was going to happen? Too bad Bud Light doesn’t come as as ice cream, thus giving a fresh brain freeze to »

The Week in Pictures: Light Bud > Bud Light

Featured image Out here in California, where tobacco smoking is on the way to being made fully illegal but marijuana smoking will be mandatory, nothing is thought to be worse that “light bud,” that is, weed that is low in potency. Now I’m not a connoisseur of the evil weed, but I suspect the light bud version has to be superior to Bud Light just now. Of course, maybe they did find »

The Week in Pictures: This Bud’s Not For You

Featured image First off, the important thing: Happy Easter and Passover to all our readers and listeners. We need it after this absurd week, which saw the U.S. justice system and Budweiser in a contest to see who could shred their credibility the most. Meanwhile, Chicago is jumping up and down at the back of the dullards classroom demanding to know, “Hey—what about me!” Seems Chicago voters misunderstood what “Let’s go Brandon!” »

The Week in Pictures: Book ‘Em Edition

Featured image So Trump was indicted after all. Alvin Bragg must be secretly on Trump’s payroll (that’s the rumor I’m going to spread), as this is going to be the most famous perp-walk/campaign stunt since Socrates was hauled before Athens. Meanwhile, we’re going to get Fetterman back! His depression is “in remission,” the doctors say. What will he think when he gets back to the Senate floor? What could go wrong? Headlines »

The Week in Pictures: Stormy Weather Edition

Featured image [NOTE to listeners: owning to tricky travel schedules, this week’s 3WHH podcast won’t appear until this evening or tomorrow morning.] So are we going to get a Trump indictment or not? Did Trump play the Democrats and the media again? Surely it won’t be the last time. Looks more like the real stormy weather is still in California. Or on bank balance sheets. Or in the economy, which may be about »

The Week in Pictures: Bank Fun Run Edition

Featured image Oh isn’t this cute: the International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for his war crimes. I’m sure Russia will extradite him right away! Or Zelensky will arrest him when Ukraine sacks Moscow after we finally give him back the nuclear weapons we told Ukraine to give up to us 30 years ago in exchange for security guarantee. What’s that? Bank run you say? How can »

The Week in Pictures: Dem-olition Derby Edition

Featured image If you watched closely, and know how to fight your way through the media fog machine, Democrats had a terrible week. Biden’s reversal on crime in DC, the apparent preparations for restoring some of Trump’s fascist border controls, AOC in trouble for her socialist ethics (yes, that’s an oxymoron), the panicked response to Tucker Carlson, Mayor Pete’s meltdown, and the beyond embarrassing performance of Democrats in House oversight hearings paints »

The Week in Pictures: Lightfoot Meets Bigfoot

Featured image Lori Lightfoot got the Bigfoot from voters. Anthony Blinken forgot to borrow Hillary’s magic “reset button” for his meeting with Russian foreign minister Lavrov. Biden’s student loan giveaway looks to be tookaway by the Supreme Court. We can call COVID the “Wuhan flu” again. And Kamala is being kept under wraps again, maybe because her chief wordsmith John Fetterman is suddenly unavailable.   Headlines of the week:     And »

The Week in Pictures: A Grand Time Edition

Featured image What a grand time to be alive. And even grander to be on a grand jury. Especially in Georgia, where apparently it is now the practice to make self-absorbed millennials the foreperson of grand juries. Still wondering if they/them swear in witnesses on the Gaia Cookbook or something. Meanwhile, speaking of having a grand time this week, we also have our Secretary of Transportation, Pee-Wee Herman, finally leaving his model »

The Week in Pictures: Balloon Payment Edition

Featured image There is something fitting that an administration that emits mostly hot air would become obsessed with balloons. And if we’re not running low on munitions having shipped off so much of our inventory to Ukraine, shooting down weather balloons with $500,000 air-to-air missiles will surely finish the job of depleting our stocks. China must be having a good laugh. And Buttigieg had a good week, didn’t he?   Headlines of »

The Week in Pictures: State of the Eww Edition

Featured image What is it about the kissing habits of Democrat Vice Presidential spouses? The last time we beheld a spectacle like the First Lady “Doctor” Jill smooching it up with the Second Gentleman at the State of the Union speech earlier this week was when Al Gore decided to make out with Tipper Gore in front of millions of Americans at the Democratic convention in 2000. How’d that work out for »