The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Play (Protest) Ball! Edition

Featured image So we have sports back, starting with major league baseball in empty stadiums, but with artificial crowd noise piped into TV broadcasts as if the game is an unfunny sitcom or something. And in one sense it is an unfunny sitcom, since so many players seem intimidated into the political exhibitionism of kneeling for the national anthem. Here’s a thought: if we want to get real crowds into stadiums, let’s »

The Week in Pictures: Buy Goya Edition

Featured image Boy by golly Goya—that leftist Tweetstorm certainly backfired! And if we didn’t have enough fun watching the leftist mob turn into a stimulus package for packaged Mexican food, we have the additional spectacle of Trump yesterday issuing a message celebrating the 75th anniversary of our invention of the atomic bomb, which was perfectly packed to cause 50 megaton detonations of the disarmament crowd. To quote Ronaldus Magnus, “We begin bombing »

The Week in Pictures: Mount Trumpmore Edition

Featured image I remember back at the very end of the Reagan presidency when R. Emmett Tyrrell proposed in the pages of the American Spectator that Reagan be added to Mount Rushmore, just to watch liberals have an embolism. Well, now that the left wants to take down Mount Rushmore for the sin of being built on “unceded native American land” plus slave-owning (Washington, Jefferson), colonialism (TR), and all-around hatred for greatness »

The Week in Pictures: Independence Day Edition

Featured image Can there be any more fitting image for the 4th of July this year than the McCloskeys of St. Louis, showing us what self-defense will look like in our forthcoming de-policed age (which an older generation of better educated leaders would recognize as the world of Hobbes)? I do wish they had better trigger discipline, but still, this is perhaps the most meme-worthy moment of 2020, and we’ve got a »

The Week in Pictures: Fake Noose Edition

Featured image Did you hear the noose today? It was indeed fake. Talk about the ultimate pseudo-event. Meanwhile, the left is actively trying to strangle America with its violence, canceling, and Orwellian rewriting and erasure of our past. Yes, the current scene is grim and serious, but always remember, especially over your Saturday morning coffee, is that one thing the left really hates is being laughed at. So let’s keep up the »

The Week in Pictures: All That CHAZ Edition

Featured image Welcome to the Power Line Autonomous Zone—or is it supposed to be Power Line Occupied Place (PLOP?) instead? I think I like PLOP better, but in any case we decline to be bound by the petty rules of conformity and rote confessional. PLOP is a sanctuary polis for common sense and good cheer. Especially on Saturday mornings.   Headlines of the week:   And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Systemic Meme Edition

Featured image Everything these days is “systemic.” But what is that “system”? I think it must be capitalism, when you get right down to it. Just think, the basic accounting terminology of capitalism is rife with implicit racism. Just think about it: when a business is losing money, we say it is “in the red.” An obvious slur at native Americans. And when a business is doing well and making profits, we »

The Week in Pictures: What Pandemic Edition

Featured image Our elites wonder why the people’s trust in our leaders and institutions (and especially the media) keeps sliding lower, oblivious to the obvious hypocrisy of saying no one should go outside and congregate together in large groups of any kind—except the protesting and rioting kind. “Social justice” turns out to be more important than social distancing. Meanwhile, I’m so old that I can remember when Democrats wanted the federal government »

The Week in Pictures: Mighty Kayleigh Edition

Featured image I thought Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the greatest White House press spokesperson of all time because of the way she treated the press corps (that’s pronounced “core,” Mr. Obama) like unruly and slow-learning kindergarten kids, as they deserve to be treated. But Kayleigh McEnany has turned it up to 11, not only treating the press corps like children, but as the enemy as well, which they are. And note the »

Midweek in Pictures: Final Coronavirus Edition

Featured image Well, all good Wednesday things must come to an end, and with the coronavirus quarantine starting to end—whether by intention or by civil disobedience—this will be the last edition of a Midweek in Pictures, at least until Anthony Fauci changes his mind, discovers a new virus. We might revive a special midweek edition depending on the nature and pace of the fall campaign, and with Biden making three or four »

The Week in Pictures: Unlicensed Freedom Edition

Featured image You can almost feel it: more and more Americans are saying “nuts!” to the shutdown, and the politicians are starting to “adjust” their reopening schedules, supposedly linked to “new information,” but the relevant new information is that civil disobedience is spreading. Meanwhile: Slow Joe keeps handing out gifts seven months before Christmas. Headlines of the week:   And finally. . . »

Midweek in Pictures: Hump Day Edition

Featured image Today is Wednesday. Maybe. I think. If I have counted right, this is a Week 10 of the [temporary] Midweek in Pictures special series. This has not become a mere berm to overcome, but a metastasizing hump. Harumph, harumph. I can’t use it.   And finally . . . something to confound the “trigger discipline” crowd:   »

The Week in Pictures: Lockdown or Lockout Edition

Featured image When does a quarantine lockdown become a government-imposed lockout for American business? Who could have imagined a time when a “job action” would come to mean going to work? And yet here we are. But millions are dying!, says Slow Joe Biden. Headlines of the week:   And finally. . . »

Midweek in Pictures: Week Nine From Outer Space Edition

Featured image Is it actually Wednesday? I’m not fully sure. The days blend together such that it seems almost like we’ve been transported into that bizarre French Revolution calendar where every week has 10 days or something. I do notice that toilet paper is finally returning to stores in abundance, so much so that I’m thinking of buying a case and TP-ing Gavin Newsom’s house. Who’s in? And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Flynn Effect Edition

Featured image The “Flynn Effect” refers to the gradual increase in IQ scores over the decades, but you don’t need an IQ much above room temperature to recognize by now that the whole Trump-Russia-Collusion obsession was in fact a political hit job from the beginning. The floor is open for nominations of what effects should be applied or discerned from Comey, Brennan, and Clapper. Meanwhile, just keep Biden your time during martial »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Giant Murder Hornets Edition

Featured image Giant murder hornets? As Joe Biden might say, c’mon man! Meanwhile, this, from The Week cheers my heart: “California highway police say that while overall traffic levels are down 35 percent this year because of a stay-at-home order, the number of speeding tickets for driving more than 100 mph has increased by 87 percent, with one motorist caught doing 165 mph.  Commissioner Warren Stanley warned that higher speeds can ‘significantly »

The Week in Pictures: Nork Diversion Edition

Featured image My hunch about Kim Jong Un is that he’s hiding out in a remote, undisclosed location to avoid contracting the coronavirus, but can’t dare show his face without provoking a backlash among the rest of the Nork elite along whom the virus is rumored to be running rampant. Better to cultivate uncertainty and confusion. Meanwhile, Joe Biden came out of hiding, tan, rested, and ready. Um. . . Headlines of »