The Week In Pictures

Mid-Week in Pictures: Round Up the Usual Suspects Edition

Featured image I once heard that when it comes to faces, there are only 32 people in the whole world. I’m sure this is an urban legend, but it’s good enough for endless “separated at birth” parlor games. You may have heard that Stormy Daniels released a composite sketch of the person she alleges threatened her to keep quiet about her dalliance with Donald Trump. I suspect this is her first misstep »

The Week in Pictures: The Puckish Zuck Edition

Featured image Wait—you’re telling me that Facebook is not a book of faces? That it’s some kind of scheme to Zuck your private information from you and huck it to the highest bidder? My world is crushed. Reminds me of what my old mentor M. Stanton Evans said about the novel 1984:  “I thought the book was very Orwellian.” But before you go off and join the bipartisan rush to come up »

The Week in Pictures: Special Walkout Edition

Featured image This week it appears that K-12 teachers in more and more states looked at the recent high school walkouts intended to stamp out the 2nd Amendment and said, “Hold my cigarette butt—we can do that too!” Is it a coincidence that there is a crescendo of clearly organized “Resistance” efforts going on right now: the green jihad against Scott Pruitt, the “refugee caravan” making its way north through Mexico, the »

The Week in Pictures: The Second Shall Be First Edition

Featured image The great thing about being a liberal is not only that you get to live by double standards (flying private jets while decrying climate change), but you don’t even have to keep your story straight. Pay attention: No one is saying they want to repeal the Second Amendment. Except for the people like retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens who says we should. No one wants to take everyone’s »

The Week in Pictures: Faceplant Edition

Featured image It’s been a bad week for Facebook. Funny how everything that comes into the Trump vortex gets wrecked. Even porn. Apparently. As I’ve been saying for a while now, Trump’s eventual memoirs may well begin, “It was a dark and Stormy Daniels night. . .” Meanwhile, trade war? Trade war? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? And once again, we learn that “omnibus budget” is Latin for “American people, screwed once again.” Headlines »

The Week in Pictures: The Gathering Stormy Daniels Edition

Featured image It was a dark and Stormy Daniels night. . . All through the news room, editors are scurrying to update their style guides to find out what may be acceptable for the inevitable prurient stories soon to explode faster than Bill Clinton’s cigar back in the 1990s. Now I know what you’re thinking: Cool! We’re going to get a Stormy Daniels empowered feminist pic this week. Maybe, maybe not. You’ll »

The Week in Pictures: Int’l Women’s Day Edition

Featured image Thursday was International Women’s Day, which sounds like something Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery, would have thought up. What—just one day? Blacks get an entire history month. This sounds like the beginning of a bad Jewish mother joke that ends: “Never mind, I’ll just settle for one day.” And I have a further confusion: if gender is a social construct, isn’t having a “Women’s Day” problematic? Whatever, the »

The Week in Pictures: Gun-Shy Edition

Featured image So let’s take stock. Trump suddenly expresses some sympathy for gun control measures, which puts #The Resistance in a bind, because you’re supposed to be against anything Trump is for. Maybe Trump is a really clever guy after all. Meanwhile, the media continue to discover new depths of ignorance when it comes to guns. They can’t even do fake gun news right! Now—can someone please suggest to Trump that American »

The Week in Pictures: Blockchain Edition

Featured image So with this edition, Power Line and the Week in Pictures is going blockchain. I have no idea what that means, but I am sure that it means it will henceforth be very au courant, and shower us with virtual tokens, bitmaps, fitbits, blockcoins instead of round coins, and spontaneous pictures that will self-assemble themselves. And a new reason for some of our blockhead readers to get upset. Headlines of »

The Week in Pictures: Indictments Edition

Featured image So finally, Rocky the Flying Squirrel (aka Rod Rosenstein) and Bullwinkle (aka special prosecutor Robert Mueller) have indicted Boris and Natasha. I won’t be happy until Misha the Olympic bear is brought down, too. This nested doll of a scandal will probably go on longer than The Simpsons. Meanwhile, I won’t hold my breath for Russia to extradite any of the 13 who were indicted yesterday. More likely they’re all »

The Weak in Portraits: Obama Edition

Featured image The unveiling of the portraits of the Obamas for the National Portrait Gallery puts me in mind of Winston Churchill’s reaction to the ghastly Graham Sutherland portrait (left) presented to him for his 80th birthday, which Churchill (a talented painter in his own right, keep in mind—see his great short essay “Painting as a Pastime”) called “a remarkable example of modern art,” to much laughter in the audience. That was, »

The Week in Pictures: Oh, Canada Edition

Featured image Say what you will about Donald Trump, at least he’s not a blithering idiot like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I expect you heard his correcting a questioner this week at a public forum who said “mankind,” to which Pretty Boy Justin suggested that she should say “personkind” instead. You can’t say “personkind,” you idiot! It is still a masculine ending (person). Doesn’t the idiot know that the correct pronoun »

The Week in Pictures: State of the Union Edition

Featured image From the sour looks on the faces of Democrats who turned up for President Trump’s State of the Union address, I’m thinking Trump must have tricked them into thinking he was giving a “State of the Onion” address. I’ve never seen so many dyspeptic expressions. If they keep this up, I might start to think Trump knows what he’s doing. And how about that Joe Kennedy the XIVth, or whatever »

The Week in Pictures: iPod Edition

Featured image The passage of a week has done nothing to diminish the runaway mania over Tide Pods, but I’m starting to think this is a clever ploy to boost their overall sales. Procter and Gamble has been through this kind of mania before: anyone remember the fuss 25 years ago over the supposed Satanic P & G logo? The solution is obvious: P&G should rename their product and call them “iPods,” »

The Week in Pictures: Pod People Edition

Featured image It has been said that the rising millennial generation is even worse than the baby boomers for their narcissism, self-indulgence, and conformity. Analogizing them to the pod people of science fiction seems appropriate. But then you learn that it may be the correct literal description: apparently eating Tide laundry detergent pods is a “thing” among the millennials (though from what I can gather, there are only 39 confirmed cases of »

The Week in Pictures: Oprah! Edition

Featured image Just what is Oprah’s campaign slogan going to be? “Make America nice again”? Is her platform going to be, “Forget about a chicken in every pot; how about a [hybrid] car in every garage! You get a car—and you get a car—and you get a car!” There’s just one problem: what cabinet position will Harvey Weinstein get? Yeah—let’s elect another TV celebrity president: what could go wrong? Oh yeah, and »

The Week in Pictures: Bomb Cyclone Edition

Featured image I guess “polar vortex” isn’t good enough for the climatistas and other panicky people any more. This year it has to be “bomb cyclone,” which I think is actually the secret “go code” for Trump throwing his button at the Nork’s Little Rocket Man. What will it be next year I wonder? Every winter it seems people are shocked that it gets cold and snows in the northern hemisphere, and »