The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Effing-Biden Edition

Featured image You just knew that as soon as Biden got caught (deliberately?) on a hot mic saying “No one f—- with a Biden,” someone would go out at f— with Biden. In particular the Saudis, who—how can we put this delicately?—have some experience with this sort of thing. When the Saudi foreign ministry puts out a public letter calling out the president for his nakedly political pleading to bail out his »

The Week in Pictures: Puerto Rican Edition

Featured image So this week President Biden’s transmogerificism [my made-up word] extended all the way to Puerto Rico, where his tutorials in street-smartery from Corn Pop came in handy. Too bad for Biden that Gov. Ron DeSantis looked so much more natural behind the presidential podium than he did, and I’d hate to be the White House advance person who didn’t think through that visual. Headlines of the week: And finally. . »

The Week in Pictures: Cat 5 Bidenstorm Edition

Featured image So let’s see: Biden wonders where a dead congresswoman is, while Vice President Harris lets slip with where her real political loyalties lie—North Korea. Meanwhile, White House spokestoken Karine Jean-Paul Sartre lamented the damage to the “Nordstrom” pipeline, which can only mean the supply chain for Armani suits is in big trouble. Only a Cat 5 leftist brainstorm can explain all this, but as we know, only Republicans are the »

The Week in Pictures: Martha’s Vineyard Sequel

Featured image You know a political stunt has landed when the new news cycle and the more important memosphere are still obsessing over it a week later. And by the way, what’s wrong with stunts? In football, a stunt by the defensive line confuses the offense and often leads to a broken play, and if there’s anything we want to break these days, it’s the Biden Administration playbook. So more flights to »

The Week in Pictures: Martha’s Vineyard Agonistes Edition

Featured image The spectacle of the left’s reaction to a mere 50 “migrants” turning up in Martha’s Vineyard has to be the most satisfying since Nixon’s Christmas bombing of Hanoi in 1972. Just when you think liberal hypocrisy and virtue signaling can’t get any more obvious, two airplanes and a few buses show how easy it is to find more depths to it. I believe this is what some notable person called »

The Week in Pictures: God Save the Queen Edition

Featured image So it’s King Charles III now. We’ll see how this goes, but it is amazing that the guy is taking the throne at an age when most men have started into retirement. Whatever happened to boy kings, etc? In any case, I hope His Majesty sticks with architecture. Speaking of mad kings, Charles in still several years younger than our doddering old fool of a head of state. Headlines of »

The Week in Pictures: Leni Riefenstahl Edition

Featured image That was hands down the worst presidential speech in the history of the republic. Never mind the self-flattering puffery of how Biden is a combination of FDR—Ike—Clinton & Obama (a line the egregious Jon Meacham has been peddling to him since January 20 of last year). Who could have thought the setting and lighting for that speech was a good idea? I know the millennials who run the White House »

The Geek in Pictures: Low Energy in the Executive Edition

Featured image Alexander Hamilton spoke of “energy in the executive,” but today we wonder about energy in our executive (has there ever been a moniker more on the mark than “Sleepy Joe”? “Low-Energy Jeb” must wonder why he hasn’t been able to hand off the name. . .), not to mention energy from our executive. So let’s start out the latest Power Line statistical update with energy: But then you cut back on »

The Week in Pictures: Back to School Edition

Featured image Where is the great Paul Dooley when we need him? “Refund! Ree-fund!” As I have bleated out elsewhere over the last 48 hours, the incoherent student debt forgiveness gambit becomes coherent when you recognize that it is just Step One in free college for everyone, because higher education is essential to the left’s indoctrination apparatus, since more and more Americans simply ignore the media these days. But it wasn’t all »

The Geek in Pictures: Data Dump Edition

Featured image A lot of new charts and graphs have emerged such that my data folder is groaning. So here they come. • Let’s start with some energy charts, germane in the aftermath of the recent climate bill: And we’re going to store wind and solar electricity on lithium-ion batteries.  Um: Gasoline consumption this summer is noticeably down—gee I wonder why? Which is probably why so many Americans have this common-sense view: »

The Week in Pictures: Hornless RINO Edition

Featured image Sometimes I wonder if “RINO” is too mild a term for lukewarm Republicans. After all, actual rhinos in the wild have horns, and can do real damage if provoked. Our RINOs today seem utterly without any sting at all. Meanwhile, the radioactive half-life of the Mar-a-Lago is turning out to be quite long, as one might expect of the greatest sequel to Watergate yet devised.     Headlines of the »

The Week in Pictures: Great Raid Edition

Featured image John did a commendable job filling in the all-important role of TWiP curator while I was away, though by his own admission he is weak at the Star Wars/Star Trek game, not to mention the semi-obscure semi-academic items I like to include, like send-ups of the stupid trolley car hypothetical beloved of idiot moral utilitarian bipeds who walk among us. And speaking of idiot moral utilitarian bipeds, such as the »

The Geek in Pictures: Overdue Homework Edition

Featured image Needless to say when I go away for more than a month, I’m going to fall behind on my semi-regular look at the world through the lens of charts and graphs. • Let’s start with our non-recession “recession.” The jobs news last Friday—over 500,000 new jobs—virtually guarantees that we’ll be in an undeniable recession within a year. Unemployment is usually a lagging indicator of a recession, and a lot of »

The Week In Pictures: Your Lying Eyes Edition

Featured image We live in the era of peak gaslighting. Recession? What recession? Inflation? The price of gas is falling! The border? We’re plugging the gaps in the wall! Hundreds of billions of dollars in more deficit spending? We’re fighting inflation! Foreign policy? It’s going swimmingly! I guess in November we will find out whether voters believe the Democrats, or their lying eyes. Before wrapping up, a couple of quick notes: First, »

The Week In Pictures: Recession Deniers Edition

Featured image Things continue to go swimmingly on all fronts. Hey, it’s not a recession, it’s just a transition! We are transitioning to a non-binary economy where GDP is whatever you want it to be. Up, down, take your pick. In other highlights, Joe Biden cleaned his plate and Kamala Harris wore a blue dress (not that one). And if you think things can’t get worse, consider the fact that we are »

The Week In Pictures: Bondage Fantasy Edition

Featured image Seventeen members of Congress got themselves ticketed for blocking traffic outside the Supreme Court building in Washington, in a protest against democracy. Staged, stereotyped and subject at most to a $50 fine, it was a ho-hum affair. But certain female (if we can still use that term) Congresspersons couldn’t resist pretending they were heroic civil rights demonstrators by faking being handcuffed by the police. Hilarity followed. And, hey, it takes »

The Week In Pictures, Tacx Edition

Featured image With Steve taking a summer vacation, probably just arriving in Southampton after crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary II, the heavy obligation of coming up with The Week In Pictures for the next few weeks has fallen on me. With help from our readers, of course, and also from family members who are more up to date on Twitter memes than I am. So here goes: as so often »