The Week In Pictures

The Week in Bernie Memes

Featured image Okay, it’s official: The Bernie Sanders Lawn Chair Memes have taken over the world. They’ve rocketed to the top of the socialist charts, the best showing since 1917. This is the first time in recorded history that socialism has ever produced anything in abundance (except misery of course). Chris Christie’s beach chair escapade has been eclipsed, and needless to say, eclipsing Christie is no simple task! So this calls for »

The Week in Pictures: Bernie’s Mittens Edition

Featured image Joe Biden was the supposed “moderate” in the Democratic field, but 72 hours in, is there anything Pres. Biden has done so far that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have done just as fast? Perhaps it is more than symbolic that the leading image that emerged from the inauguration is Bernie sitting alone in a folding chair with his mittens like the wizard-figure he’s become in the Democratic Party, even though he’s »

The Geek in Pictures: Biden Baseline Edition

Featured image Time for another periodic nerdgasm. • It’s a miracle! Biden becomes president and COVID hospitalizations begin to decline! • This chart explains all you need to know about why our elites love the lockdowns. Think of them maybe as “Baby Zoomers.” • Consumer sentiment still stinks. But notice in the second one that Democrat consumers are suddenly ebullient, probably because they’ve already made plans to spend their $2000 Biden Bucks. »

The Geek in Pictures: Pre-Crash Edition

Featured image • With near-President Biden proposing to spend $1.9 trillion out of the gate in what will likely be just a down payment on the next wave of the liberal agenda, worth thinking about what could possibly go wrong. Well, maybe inflation, or a crash (or both). Right now we aren’t seeing much inflation, even though the Federal Reserve is goosing the money supply like it’s 2009 on steroids. That’s the »

The Week in Pictures: Trumpeachment Edition

Featured image MIGA! Make impeachment great again! Like any other Democratic policy initiative these days, it is going to be a complete fiasco. I’ll bet the website——works about as well as the launch of the Obamacare websites in 2013. I’m sure incoming Senate Majority Leader Schumer will be delighted to get the article of impeachment sent over from the House. And if Speaker Pelosi doesn’t send it, Republican Senators should demand every »

The Geek in Pictures: From Climate to Modern Love

Featured image Another periodic installment of a look at the world through charts and graphs. • We keep hearing that “the world is on fire,” but a recent study shows a slightly declining trend in carbon emissions from wildfires over the last 20 years: While we’re on the subject. . . • Modern love—the chart version: Good to see that bars and restaurants are stepping up their game. • More in the »

The Week in Pictures: Can We Have 2020 Back Edition

Featured image Yeah, the “2020—Miss Me Yet?” memes kinda write themselves this week. It was only 72 hours ago that it seemed the chief absurdity of the week—and hence today’s lede theme—was the goofy “amen and awoman” prayer in the House of Representatives. That now seems like five years ago. I’ve always said Trump years seem like dog years. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . Tanya Roberts, RIP?: »

The Week in Pictures: Happy 2021 Edition

Featured image Well, 2o20 is finally behind us. You don’t need to be a soothsayer to predict that there will be plenty of controversy about social media, racism, and above all Donald Trump. The greatest achievement of Trump is that he is going to live rent-free inside the heads of liberals forever. He really is the End of History: all you’ll need to do from now until Judgment Day to trigger a »

The Geek in Pictures: Year-End Roundup

Featured image Time for another round of miscellaneous charts and graphs that do a lot of work. First up, more embarrassing news for California and New York (with a side order of Illinois). I wonder what these states have in common? It’s a total mystery. Who needs rent control? This said, consumer confidence isn’t looking so good: Way back in 1980, Congress actually passed something called the “Paperwork Reduction Act.” It worked »

The Week in Pictures: Stimulus Edition

Featured image Are you feeling stimulated? Sounds more like Congress’s answer to Jeffrey Toobin. In other news, the Tooth Fairy has declared a higher payout for teeth under every pillow, leprechauns are threatening to go on strike because Washington has declared a monopoly on placing the pots of gold at the end of every rainbow, and Santa’s elves are annoyed that they’ve been left out of the matrix of intersectionality. Headlines of »

The Week in Pictures: Doctor Who Edition

Featured image I’ve got it! The solution to the whole “Dr. Jill Biden” issue is right in front of us: she should be the next Dr. Who. Or maybe Hollywood should do a spin-off series, called “Dr. What.” It could even cross genres, with Dr. Jill Biden running into the Tardis, and coming out with a different superhero costume every time.  Why not? It’s no fun being a liberal if you can’t »

The Week in Pictures: Timeout Edition

Featured image I was going to call this week’s gallery the “Swallowing Swalwell Edition,” because who doesn’t love a great sex scandal involving foreign spies? But then Time magazine gave its “Person of the Year” designation to two people, Biden and Harris. Is this a subtle acknowledgement that together they might add up to one person, or at least one brain? If so they’re still short at least one frontal cortex, and »

The Week in Pictures: Monolith Mystery Edition

Featured image I’ve totally solved the Great Monolith of 2020 Mystery. It’s obvious in fact: they are just Christo’s last, posthumous performance art project. I know, it may be hard to wrap your head around this, but it’s not like Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself or something. But this time the joke’s on Christo, since everyone is going around in a mask in the greatest health performance art stunt ever. And everyone »

The Geek in Pictures (2)

Featured image Time for another tour of the current scene by way of charts and graphs that have been piling up on my computer. • Let’s start with COVID trends. We keep getting told by the media and the “experts” that European countries are dealing with COVID so much better than we are, because Europeans!, and Orange Man Bad. But then how come: A larger view: • Mark Perry strikes again at »

The Week in Pictures: Tryptophan Edition

Featured image By now we’re supposed to be clear of our tryptophan-induced post-turkey coma, which, come to think of it, previews the comatose future of a prospective Biden Administration. With John Kerry holding a cabinet-level position, I suspect the first cabinet meeting might last until next Thanksgiving, or at least to Biden’s new favorite liturgical holiday, Psalm Sunday. Headlines of the week: And finally. . .  Ashley St. Clair: »

The Week in Pictures: Colonialism Protest Meal Edition

Featured image Look folks, there’s an easy way around the government ban on having a traditional Thanksgiving feast with friends and family. Hold a protest against colonialist oppression instead! As we know, protests are exempt from the rules, and are “scientifically” proven to pose lower risk of COVID spread than, say, a MAGA meetup or a motorcycle rally in Sturgis. It’s foolproof (necessary when dealing with government fools these days): just make »

The Week in Pictures: Recount Edition

Featured image What this post-election season needs is not more cowbell, but a Paul Dooley-style “recount!” moment. We may have to settle for extra giant turkeys for Thanksgiving instead, just to mess with the heads of our overstuffed turkey police monitoring our gravy and stuffing for indicators we aren’t locking ourselves down enough. Strap in: extra long politics section today. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »