Russia investigation

Nunes approaches the target (2)

Featured image What is the true origin of the counterintelligence investigation that has culminated in the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel? Signs point to former CIA Director John Brennan — he was certainly in the mix — who has been on a verbal rampage roughly coincident with the inauguration of President Trump. His most recent effusion on Twitter shows him in characteristic form (below). If he had any friends, someone »

Nunes approaches the target

Featured image House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes appeared for an interview with Maria Bartiromo on the Fox News Sunday Morning Futures program. I’m posting it below for Nunes’s discussion of the documents he has been seeking from the Department of Justice/FBI concerning the true origin of the counterintelligence investigation that has culminated in the Mueller Switch Project. It contrasts markedly with the comments of Jake Tapper and Senator Mark Warner in »

Tapper raps on

Featured image What a snake is Senator Mark Warner, a man of false sincerity and partisan spin. This certainly comes through in Jake Tapper’s interview with him this morning. I will say that much in its favor. Midway through the interview, Tapper persists in a few questions about evidence of Russian collusion that Warner artfully dodges in his smarmy style. Tapper then takes up the subject of the latest news in the »

Analyze this

Featured image How to capture the miasma of the Trump/Russia investigation? Andrew McCarthy deserves a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in shedding light on dark corners. He has done it many times, but never more so than in his exercise in comparison and contrast: “In Politicized Justice, Desperate Times Call for Disparate Measures.” The New York Times has given us three or more origin stories fabricated by its friends and allies in the »

More Mueller madness

Featured image Today’s big New York Times deep dive into Mueller mania reports on the latest wedge of the investigation. This one involves a meeting three months before the election of Donald Trump, Jr. with Joel Zamel, an Israeli specialist in social media manipulation, and George Nader, an emissary for two wealthy Arab princes, from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Times story by Mark Mazzetti, Ronen Bergman, and David »

FBI blows source: Why?

Featured image In the annals of media stupidity in blind service of their political allies in the “intelligence community” and the political world, it would be hard to top today’s New York Times installment of the new authorized version. It comes with an unintentionally humorous headline. Indeed it may be an instant classic of the “fake but accurate” variety: “F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as »

Analyze this

Featured image Mollie Hemingway meticulously documents the outing of the top secret informant on the Trump campaign by the friendly if anonymous sources of the New York Times and Washington Post. The sources decry the danger in which the informant has been placed by the effort of Rep. Nunes to obtain documents related to the source, although they are the ones supplying the identifying information. I think Rep. Nunes is still waiting, »

McCarthy reads the Times story

Featured image Andrew McCarthy gives the (new) Times origin story the kind of close reading I called for here earlier today. With the benefit of an educated eye, he reads the Times story between the lines and concludes (all emphasis in original): * * * * * The scandal is that the FBI, lacking the incriminating evidence needed to justify opening a criminal investigation of the Trump campaign, decided to open a »

The (new) Times origin story

Featured image The New York Times has now published a new version of the Trump-Russia counterintelligence investigation origin story by Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, and Nicholas Fandos in “Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation.” This is the new authorized version floated by the friends of the Times at the FBI. The new authorized version reflects the work of many hands at the Times. Additional reporting was contributed »

And now, the Trump Tower transcripts

Featured image This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee released 2500 pages of hearing transcripts and related material on the infamous Trump Tower meeting of the Trump braintrust with Natalia Veselnitskaya in June 2016. The material is all accessible online here. I haven’t read the documents. Based on the first-take news accounts, however, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I infer there is nothing in them to refute President »

John Brennan, lying nutter

Featured image According to former Communist Party voter and Obama CIA Director John Brennan, the dodgy Steele Dossier played no role whatsoever in the intelligence community assessment of Russian interference in the election. Brennan so testified before Congress under oath and emphatically asserted elsewhere including an interview with Chuck Todd. Now comes Paul Sperry to report, however, that “retired National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers stated in a classified letter to Congress »

Reading the Strzok-Page texts

Featured image Taking advantage of the dogged work of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson to procure the Strzok-Page text messages on the FBI’s fake Clinton email investigation — posted online here by Senator Johnson — Andrew McCarthy goes in for a close reading. Although McCarthy’s view is obscured by the voluminous redactions to the documents, he finds that the messages provide a glimpse of the true forces at work. He writes: “Strzok and »

Axios of weasel

Featured image Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei are two of the three founders of the news site Axios. Allen came out of Politico via the Washington Post; VandeHei had co-founded Politico after work at the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. They are heavy hitters in the news business. When they purported to summarize “The public case against Trump” yesterday, I thought attention should be paid. Allen and VandeHei set forth »

Mueller indicts a ham sandwich

Featured image In “Robert Mueller would prefer not to” we took a look at Special Counsel Mueller’s reluctance to proceed with criminal case he has brought against Concord Management, one of the three Russian entities he has indicted. There I noted that Mueller appeared not to anticipate that any of the defendants would appear in court to defend against the charges. Rather, Mueller seems to have obtained the indictment to serve a »

More Mueller mania

Featured image Of the Mueller investigation there is no end. Chuck Ross collects the latest media reports suggesting that Mueller is investigating donations to Trump’s inauguration. Now this is the kind of report that I ignore until we have the ocular proof. I find it hard to believe. I am incredulous. Buck Sexton takes it at face value and comments via Twitter (below). Just remember when Mueller starts investigating whether Trump recycles- »

Senator Grassley requests

Featured image The Senate has taken a remarkably laid back approach to getting the story peddled by James Comey et al. straight. On February 15, 2017, for example the Senate Judiciary Committee requested a copy of the transcript of the widely reported call between Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador and the FBI report summarizing the intercepted calls. The Justice Department declined to provide any of that information, and instead »

An FBI informant in the Trump campaign? (3)

Featured image Following up on Kim Strassel’s Wall Street Journal’s columns on the FBI spy in the Trump campaign, Andrew McCarthy follows up in his NR column “Did the FBI have a spy in the Trump campaign?” Taking advantage of the unlimited space available online, McCarthy gives the necessary background to frame the question. McCarthy orients his column on this August 2017 testimony of Glenn Simpson to the Senate Intelligence Committee (emphasis »