Russia investigation

Escape from the Mueller miasma

Featured image We have closely followed Team Mueller’s prosecution of Concord Management and Consulting. The prosecution seemed to have been brought for the purpose of the news that would be generated by the indictment. When Concord appeared in court through sophisticated defense counsel with a wry sense of humor and a delight in tormenting Team Mueller — Eric Dubelier — Team Mueller sought to escape with the least possible embarrassment. They (embarrassingly) »

We now know: FISA court must go (5)

Featured image I had reached part 4 in my series We now know: FISA court must go” when events permitted a break. Today I return on the occasion of the March 4 Opinion and Order entered by FISA court Chief Judge James Boasberg (embedded below). Under the terms of the order, as Catherine Herridge and Mellissa Quinn report in their CBS News story, “Surveillance court judge bars some DOJ and FBI officials »

Mueller’s Team To Be Charged With Crimes?

Featured image This story is a few days old, but I haven’t seen much about it. Unless I am missing something, it deserves attention. From Just the News: “House Republicans considering criminal referrals against Mueller prosecutors.” The story stars Devin Nunes, one of the heroes of recent years: Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Just the News that his team has been scouring recent documents »

The Washington Post pulls the old switcheroo on Trump

Featured image The front page of today’s Washington Post exemplifies Steve’s view that there is no longer any distinction between a “news analysis” article (the precious term for “opinion piece on the news page”) and a supposedly straight news piece. The Post’s supposedly straight new pieces consist of an article blaming Trump for school bullying, an article attacking him for saying nice things about Xi Jinping, and a piece claiming that Trump »

A word on Jeff Jensen

Featured image Yesterday I noted that Attorney General Barr has tasked Jeff Jensen, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, with a review of the case brought against former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. In addition to stints with PriceCoopersWaterhouse as a CPA, with the FBI as a Special Agent, with the Eastern District of Missouri US Attorney’s office as an Assistant United States Attorney, Jensen also worked, »

And now, the Flynn review

Featured image Attorney General Barr has reportedly tasked Jeff Jensen, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, with a review of the case brought against former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. We have closely followed the Flynn case, which seems to have involved an operation run against him by the Comey FBI and Obama holdover Sally Yates. One should think that such a review is long overdue. The »

Flight of the drama queens

Featured image The Roger Stone sentencing kerfuffle is now playing among the Democrats and their mainstream media adjunct. Based on what we have learned so far, former prosecutor George Parry’s account of the matter is the one that is most to my taste. Parry addresses it in the American Spectator column “Flight of the drama queens” (the link goes to the column as posted at Parry’s site). Parry puts the affair in »

Eric Felten: Buried in IG report

Featured image Eric Felten is a meticulous reporter and one of my favorite analysts of the mysteries of the Russia collusion hoax. We have previously posted several of Eric’s RealClearInvestigations columns on the subject. In his most recent column Eric observes “Buried in IG Report: How an FBI Team in Rome Gave Steele Highly Guarded Secrets” RCI authorizes the republication of its articles with attribution and we are happy to take advantage »

Jeff Sessions: The open questions

Featured image After Paul posted “It’s John Bolton’s turn,” I wrote to him to express my disagreement with the method and substance of his argument. Each of us speaks for himself on Power Line; Paul let me know that he has disagreed with me on occasion and let it ride without feeling compelled to take it up with me. If I wanted to pursue my disagreement with him, Paul encouraged me to »

Flynn sentencing delayed (again)

Featured image We have closely followed developments in the prosecution of former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, set up by James Comey and others in the early days of the Trump administration. Having pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI, General Flynn moved for dismissal of the case on the ground of egregious government misconduct. That motion having been denied, General Flynn has moved to withdraw »

Should Jeff Sessions have agreed to be Attorney General?

Featured image In a post I wrote last week about what I view as the demonization of John Bolton, I said that Bolton has plenty of company under the Trump bus. As an example, I cited Jeff Sessions, a conservative hero of longstanding who fell out of favor after he recused himself, for ethical reasons, from the Justice Department’s Russia investigation and his deputy appointed Robert Mueller to investigate on the DOJ’s »

Trump’s tribute to Devin Nunes

Featured image President Trump paid tribute to supporters including Rep. Devin Nunes at his post-acquittal event in the East Room of the White House this past Thursday. We have written about Rep. Nunes’s role in the unraveling the Russia hoax many times, most recently in several posts on Lee Smith’s book The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History. »

James Freeman’s question revisited

Featured image As of this moment, my January 31 post “James Freeman’s question” is the most read post on Power Line. How can this be? Howie Carr got the ball rolling; Howie tweeted out my post that morning. Thank you, Howie. President Trump retweeted Howie’s tweet last night (screenshot below), and some of President Trump’s 72 million followers on Twitter are now checking out the post. Thus the traffic to the post »

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

Featured image To no one’s surprise, the Democrats’ impeachment drive fell flat in the Senate today. Both articles were decided on a purely party line vote, but for Mitt Romney, who switched sides on the first article (“abuse of power”). The only mild surprise is that no Democrats voted against removal. Doug Jones of Alabama, for one, can forget about any possibility of re-election. But with Jeff Sessions waiting in the wings, »

James Freeman’s question

Featured image In his online Wall Street Journal Best of the Web column, James Freeman asks “Who is Kevin Clinesmith?” The column explores the media’s extreme lack of interest in Clinesemith since the publication of the Department of Justice Inspector General report on FISA abuse in the matter of Carter Page and the Trump 2020 presidential campaign. The headline poses a good question, but Freeman closes his column with an even better »

Carter Page Sues

Featured image Carter Page, the most innocent man in America, has begun suing those who conspired to have him unlawfully spied upon for a year or more: Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court against the Democratic National Committee, law firm Perkins Coie and its partners tied to the funding of the unverified dossier that served as the basis for highly controversial surveillance warrants against him. »

Dear AG Barr: Declassify this

Featured image We have yet to get to the bottom of the wrongdoing by the Comey/McCabe FBI against the Trump presidential campaign and presidency. There are depths yet to be plumbed. In an interesting development that is unlikely to attract much attention from the mainstream media, Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson allege that four classified footnotes in the Horowitz IG report on the FBI/DoJ FISA abuse directly contradict claims made in »