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Who’s Proud To Be An American?

Featured image I don’t know whether these poll data are reproducible, but they are interesting. Most people, first of all, are proud of being Americans. That is a good thing. Conservatives are most proud, but 87% of moderates are proud to be Americans, too. Hispanics are slightly more proud to be Americans than whites, but Asians, for some reason, are less proud in this survey. Maybe it is a fluke, or maybe »

Crotchety Joe Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

Featured image One of Joe Biden’s notable qualities as he becomes more senescent is his increasing crotchetiness. He can’t stand to be questioned, even by friendly reporters. His repeated snapping at reporters is strategically ill-advised since virtually all of them are on his side, but at this stage of his decline Biden can’t help himself. Also, like others entering their dotage, his pronouncements are often bizarre. Today’s case in point: Joe Biden »

Cleveland Guardians?

Featured image The Cleveland Indians announced today that at the end of the season, they will become the Cleveland Guardians: Cleveland opted to change its name after several years of petitioning and challenges from Native American groups and fans around the country who rallied against the team name and the controversial Chief Wahoo logo. Owner Paul Dolan also said he had an “awakening or epiphany” after the death of George Floyd. Naturally. »

About Those German Floods

Featured image Most people understand that leftists take advantage of real or alleged crises to expand their power. But an equally important phenomenon is that they use crises of various kinds to excuse their own incompetence. (Covid has served such a purpose over the last year and a half; it has become a near-universal excuse for failure of performance.) The recent floods in Germany, which killed more than 150 people, are a »

Conservatives Attack Biden’s Assault On Free Speech

Featured image A large group of conservatives operating under the umbrella of Free Speech America, of which I am a member, has published an open letter to Big Tech demanding that such companies cease cooperating with the Biden administration to suppress the free speech of Americans. Fox News has the story here, the Newsbusters account is here. This is the letter: The Biden administration is ripping the U.S. Constitution to shreds. Its »

Thank Goodness For Censors

Featured image The Biden administration has enlisted Facebook to police conversations among Americans. This is because the rest of us are too dumb to be trusted, and may fall for “misinformation.” So how does Facebook carry out its mission of uplifting our discourse? By censoring conversation about hoes in gardening groups: A group called WNY Gardeners has been repeatedly flagged by the social network for “violating community standards,” when its more than »

To Boycott Or Not To Boycott

Featured image We wrote here and here about Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling ice cream in Judea and Samaria, a rank expression of that company’s anti-Semitism. Now pro-Israel forces are fighting back. Israel National News headlines: “Republicans push back on Ben & Jerry’s following Judea and Samaria boycott.” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) urged Americans to “take a stand” against Ben & Jerry’s following the decision. “I think it’s really important »

Anyone Can Grow Up To Be Governor, Except Larry Elder [Updated]

Featured image Radio talk show host Larry Elder is one of more than 40 candidates who have jumped through the hoops necessary to get on the ballot in California’s upcoming recall election. Only, unlike the others, Elder won’t be on the ballot if California’s Secretary of State gets her way. California recently adopted a statute, apparently aimed at Donald Trump, requiring presidential and gubernatorial candidates to supply five years worth of tax »

Dr. Rand Paul vs. Anthony Fauci

Featured image Anthony Fauci is a lifelong bureaucrat who went to work for the federal government during the Nixon administration. To my knowledge, in the last forty or fifty years I have treated as many patients as Dr. Fauci has. Today, in a Senate committee hearing, he once again mixed it up with Dr. Rand Paul, an actual physician. The complete video is below, but first my interpretation. Dr. Paul referred to »

COVID Spreading in the White House

Featured image Jen Psaki admitted today that there are more previously-undisclosed covid cases in the White House: Jen Psaki, White House press secretary on Tuesday confirmed that there have been breakthrough COVID-19 cases among vaccinated White House staffers that had not previously been made public. Psaki told reporters yes, “There have been….” *** Without providing numbers of new cases within the staff, Psaki said the White House is, “actively monitoring the health »

Tweet of the Day

Featured image The Democrats who fled the Texas Senate to block a vote on ballot integrity–democracy!–can’t be ridiculed enough. This is Caleb Hull’s contribution from earlier today: The Texas Democrats came to DC with a case of Miller Lite and left with 6 cases of Corona — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) July 20, 2021 »

The Economy: A Winning Issue for Republicans

Featured image The Democrats entered 2021 thinking they could do pretty much anything they want, and coast to future victories on the back of the inevitable economic rebound from covid shutdown-depressed 2020. No matter how much they held back the economy, their thinking went, it would show vigorous growth and thereby insulate them from political fallout. The Democrats’ cockiness was exemplified by Joe Biden’s absurd assertion that “no serious economist” is worried »

Ben & Jerry’s Takes a Stand

Featured image After months of pressure from left-wing activists–i.e., its customer base–Ben & Jerry’s announced today that it will no longer sell ice cream in the “occupied territories.” “We believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT),” the company stated in a notice it posted on its website. Ben & Jerry’s will end sales of our ice cream »

Biden Walks It Back

Featured image Joe Biden’s accusing Facebook of killing people was an unforced error, and a rather bizarre one. Facebook is closely aligned with the Democratic Party–Mark Zuckerberg may have done more to win the 2020 election for Joe Biden than anyone else, including Biden–and it was pointless and damaging for Biden to level such an accusation. Moreover, it gave a senior Facebook executive the opportunity to point out that Biden was scapegoating »

Kamala: Weighed and Found Wanting

Featured image As I have written before, going into the 2020 presidential season I thought Kamala Harris had a good chance to come away with the Democratic nomination. She seemed to check all of that party’s boxes. But, as in the old story about the dog food advertising campaign, the voters just didn’t like her. She was gone from the race before the Iowa caucuses. Continued exposure has not raised Harris in »

Is Mass Transit Dead?

Featured image One good thing about covid was that highway traffic was way down, so where I live we finally could get where we were going. With covid now more or less finished, traffic congestion has returned. But, as transportation expert Randal O’Toole explains, mass transit ridership remains depressed: Americans drove nearly 96 percent as many miles in May 2021 as in the same month in 2019, indicating a return to normalcy. »

Last Chance to Vote For Us!

Featured image Voting on the State Policy Network’s annual awards ends at midnight tonight. Center of the American Experiment is nominated this year in the Communications Excellence category. The voting is here. Over the last two years, Power Line readers have helped Center of the American Experiment become the country’s most-honored state-based policy organization. We deeply appreciate it. This year, our nominated campaign is “Think About It,” a series of seven radio »