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Is Race Discrimination Legal, Or Not? [with comment by Paul]

Featured image We live in a world in which race discrimination is ubiquitous. Universities, government agencies and all major employers systematically discriminate in favor of some races, and against others, under the banner of “affirmative action.” This has been going on for 50 years. And yet, the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection has been applied to ban race discrimination by public entities in a number of contexts. Similarly, the Civil Rights »

Joe Biden, Gun Grabber?

Featured image Many conservatives are pushing back hard against a series of executive orders on firearms that the Biden administration announced on Wednesday. I don’t doubt that Biden would ban or severely limit private gun ownership if he could, but what is striking about these specific orders is how trivial they are. Biden frames his actions in terms of gun violence being a “public health epidemic.” He refers to the recent Boulder »

The Dumbing Down of America: Lawyer Edition

Featured image From the TaxProf comes the news that a number of states are lowering, or considering lowering, the scores needed to pass the bar exam. Why? So that more minorities will become lawyers: Several states say they could make their bar exams easier to pass as a way to address racial diversity problems and access-to-justice issues entrenched in the legal profession. Their statements coincide with the first data from California, which »

The Chauvin Trial So Far

Featured image Here in Minnesota and around the country, all eyes are on the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the alleged murder of George Floyd. We are nearing the end of the prosecution’s case, so this is perhaps an opportune moment to assess what has happened so far. While not listening to every moment of the testimony, I have followed the trial closely. Much could be said, but »

Thank You, Donald!

Featured image One of several laughable aspects of the “Biden administration”–literally, God only knows how much poor decrepit Joe Biden has to do with it–is the way in which it claims credit for the Trump administration’s accomplishments. On Twitter, Omri Ceren illustrates the phenomenon while ridiculing the Washington Post: Lol the Washington Post. — Omri Ceren (@omriceren) April 7, 2021 One of the dumbest of all the anti-Trump conventions was the »

Election Integrity Or Voter Suppression?

Featured image The battle over election integrity came to Minnesota today. The state’s Republican-controlled Senate passed a modest reform bill that includes provisional ballots. This is how the Senate GOP described the bill: Improvements to election security will significantly increase integrity and transparency in Minnesota elections. Minnesota is one of only three states in the nation that do not provide provisional ballots on Election Day. These ballots are for individuals who have »

Germany’s Energy Disaster

Featured image The Biden administration remains committed to some version of the Green New Deal, despite devastating blackouts in California and Texas that should serve as warnings of the consequences of depending on inherently unreliable sources of electricity. Germany is one country that has advanced far down the path that “green” advocates want to take the U.S. So what has been the German experience, and how does it relate to the disasters »

Georgia Smear Blowing Up In Biden’s Face

Featured image The Democrats, in their seemingly endless quest to profit from race hatred, have lied repeatedly about Georgia’s election reform law. Their lies were too bald-faced even for their own captive press, earning Joe Biden the maximum Four Pinocchios from the Washington Post. Now the push-back is under way in earnest. It turns out that Joe Biden’s own state, Delaware, has voting laws that are more restrictive (i.e., do a better »

Caitlyn for Governor?

Featured image Caitlyn Jenner reportedly is considering a run for Governor of California: Scoop: Caitlyn Jenner is talking with political consultants as she actively explores a run for governor of California, three sources with direct knowledge of her deliberations tell me & @jonathanvswan — Alayna Treene (@alaynatreene) April 6, 2021 From the Axios story: Jenner is being assisted in her consideration by Caroline Wren, a longtime GOP fundraiser. Wren initially met »

A Short History of Wokery

Featured image Wokery burst onto the scene much like covid or, more appropriately, the Black Death. Or World War II. Has so much stupidity been promulgated so quickly and so broadly at any time in human history? Maybe not. Previous stupid phenomena like the witchcraft scare and phrenology took longer to take root. James Kunstler offers a short course in wokism that includes a happy ending: What were the execs of these »

How Much Has the Earth Actually Warmed?

Featured image Maybe the only good thing about covid hysteria is that it has, for a while, drowned out global warming hysteria. Still, many people have the impression that global temperatures have warmed alarmingly in recent decades. Unfortunately, there is no reliable record of surface temperatures for a number of reasons, including the fact that the activists who are in charge of the records keep changing them to promote the alarmist position. »

Why Does 60 Minutes Still Exist?

Featured image It is remarkable that, nearly 17 years after Rathergate, 60 Minutes still exists and apparently has an audience. 60 Minutes has never been truthful or reliable. Not long before Rathergate, we wrote about another instance of blatant misuse of documents by that program to support a false narrative. It hasn’t gotten any better since then. Last night, 60 Minutes contributed to the Democratic Party’s smear campaign against Governor Ron DeSantis »

Whose Side Are They On?

Featured image The Trump administration scored notable foreign policy successes in the Middle East. Abandoning decades-long, futile attempts to secure a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Trump came down foursquare on the side of our ally Israel. Among other things, the Trump administration helped to broker peace agreements between Israel and the Emirates and Bahrain. Predictably, the Biden administration is committed to returning to a “peace” policy that consists »

Happy Easter! [Updated]

Featured image Happy Easter to all of our Christian readers! I confess to feeling surly about the fact that this is the second consecutive Easter on which we have not been able to actually go to church. In many quarters, the covid shutdown persists. I think that our collective reaction to the coronavirus will be studied for many years to come as an instance of terrible public policy, driven by emotion and »

The Face of Evil [Updated]

Featured image Michel Foucault is the intellectual godfather of the modern Left. I have always found this fact strange, as his theories, to the extent they are intelligible, are obviously wrong. But they formed the basis for such leftist staples as identity politics and sexual confusion, and so, coherent or not, they were welcomed enthusiastically by liberals. Foucault has long been known to have been, personally, a sinister figure. At the Epoch »

Who Is the Phoniest of Them All?

Featured image There is no shortage of phonies on the Left, but I have always suspected that Pete Buttigieg may be a contender for the top prize. Buttigieg planned a photo op of himself riding up to the White House on a bicycle to demonstrate his “green” bona fides as Secretary of Transportation. So how did he do it? He took a Chevy Suburban, along with his handlers, to a nearby location »

How About Boycotting China?

Featured image Shamefully, Major League Baseball is pitching in to help the Democratic Party by promoting lax election practices. The Biden administration thinks that MLB’s boycotting Georgia over that state’s efforts to improve the quality of elections is a great idea. So a reporter from Real Clear News asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki the obvious question: What about boycotting the Beijing Olympics? [email protected]'s @PhilipWegmann asks Jen Psaki if the Biden »