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Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Via Drudge, federal judge Reed O’Connor, in Ft. Worth, Texas, has declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, apparently in its entirety. You may remember that Obamacare survived constitutional scrutiny by the skin of its teeth when the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roberts, held that the penalty the act imposes for failure to buy health insurance is a tax, and therefore is constitutional. That holding discreetly bypassed the fact »

Weekly Standard, RIP

Featured image The Weekly Standard has been shut down. Rod Dreher’s view is similar to mine: Fairly or not, Bill Kristol is the brand. That’s simply the truth — and when Kristol did ugly, indefensible things, like accusing Tucker Carlson of defending slavery, it reflected on the magazine, even though he was no longer its editor. The Standard was relentlessly anti-Trump, which I never understood. Never-Trumpism strikes me as a mental disorder. »

The Real War On Christmas

Featured image Mark Steyn wrote on Wednesday about the terrorist attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg: Yesterday, the usual “known wolf” – that’s to say, known to the highest levels of the French security apparatus – killed three [A fourth victim has died and a fifth is brain dead.] and wounded a dozen more in this year’s first attack on a Christmas market – in Strasbourg. The jihadist yelled …oh, go »

Is There a Sane Left Left?

Featured image Today’s data point in favor of a negative answer is this absurd article in Vox, a web site for low-information millennials: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should run for president and dare the Supreme Court to stop her, argues @mattyglesias. — Vox (@voxdotcom) December 12, 2018 Why should a superstar like Ms. Ocasio-Cortez have to wait until she is 35? Heck, she hasn’t even taken office yet and is already the darling »

Mocking the Climateers

Featured image Manhattan Contrarian asks: When Will It Be OK To Laugh At The Climate Campaigners? A great opportunity to demonstrate your earnestness and fervor as a climate campaigner has been the latest UN climate confab, known as “COP 24,” taking place in Katowice, Poland this week and last. 22,000 bureaucrats and functionaries have gathered to tell the world that it must promptly do away with the evil fossil fuels and transition »

9th Circuit: Judges, or Robed Activists?

Featured image Mark Pulliam notes that the famously left-wing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is sponsoring a “Mid-Winter Workshop.” Mark comments: Chief Justice Roberts recently chastised President Trump for criticizing federal judges as partisan. Roberts insisted that “We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best….” The Ninth Circuit makes that Pollyannish assessment »

Let’s Prosecute Google For Illegal Campaign Contributions

Featured image If we are going to start prosecuting illegal campaign contributions–sadly, too late to go after Barack Obama’s two scofflaw campaigns–maybe we should begin by charging Google and its executives with federal crimes. Earlier today, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, testified before the House Judiciary Committee on, among other things, Google’s apparent attempt to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election. Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media reports: On Tuesday, Google CEO »

Trump, Pelosi and Schumer Stage Debate Over Border Security

Featured image Today Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi visited the White House for a televised meeting with President Trump. The room was full of reporters, cameras and microphones, so the event was staged for the benefit of the press and television viewers. It was described as a negotiation session, but needless to say, no negotiations took place. I’m not sure what Pelosi and Schumer expected to gain, but Trump obviously set out »

Trump Administration Undermines Obamacare

Featured image With the Democrats in control of the House, nothing useful will come out of Congress in the next two years. That means that progress in domestic policy will have to come via regulation and executive action. Happily, the Trump administration is very strong on this front. An underreported story is the administration’s regulatory reform of Obamacare. Here, the administration is implementing ideas that were developed in think tanks like my »

Federal Judge Rips DOJ and State, Orders Discovery on Clinton Emails

Featured image Royce Lamberth is an outspoken and sometimes controversial federal judge. Appointed by President Reagan, he has shown no partiality in going after litigants he considers to be malefactors. This time, it is the State Department and the Department of Justice. Judge Lamberth is presiding over the lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch against the State Department, asking for emails relating to the Benghazi talking points that were promulgated after that attack. »

How Gun Ownership Saves Lives

Featured image In the United States, burglars generally try to break into homes that are unoccupied. We tend to take this fact for granted, but it isn’t true everywhere. There are advantages to breaking into residences when the owners are home: you can force them to tell you where valuables and drugs are kept, rather than having to search. And if a woman is present you may choose to assault her. This »

Back in the Saddle

Featured image We returned last night from 11 days of vacation in England, so normal posting will resume as soon as I have had a chance to catch up on the news. In particular, I need to figure out how the Democrats plan to impeach President Trump on the ground that he used his own money as consideration for a nondisclosure agreement with Stormy Danials (and, I take it, one other woman). »

Democrat Resigns After Frequenting Women’s Bathroom: Why?

Featured image Via InstaPundit, a seemingly inexplicable news story: A Colorado Democrat whom female colleagues had accused earlier this year of frequenting a women’s restroom inside the Statehouse is resigning, a spokesman said Wednesday. State Sen. Daniel Kagan’s departure, effective Jan. 11, will come as the Democrats retake the Colorado Senate majority…. *** Republican state Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik said several women claimed to have seen Kagan using a women’s restroom multiple »

Drill, Barry, Drill!

Featured image Watching Barack Obama try to take credit for the achievements of others has a certain twisted entertainment value. This time it is the fracking revolution that has made America the world’s number one producer of oil and gas. Almost unbelievably–it would be unbelievable, if we were talking about anyone but Obama–Barack is now attempting to take credit for it! You can’t make this stuff up. Mark Mathis of Clear Energy »

As Usual, It’s All About Donald Trump

Featured image Tributes to the late President George H.W. Bush are pouring in from all points of the political compass. The tributes focus, appropriately, on President Bush’s personal qualities. But there is an obvious subtext. The liberal media, which deplored Bush when he was an active politician, is happy to praise him now because it provides an opportunity to highlight President Donald Trump’s alleged failings of character and personality. Sometimes the contrast »

The Danes Have Had It With Illegal Immigrant Criminals

Featured image Here in America, we can’t seem to deport even the most vicious of criminals–not so they will stay deported, anyway. In Denmark, the Telegraph reports, people are fed up. I don’t think the article is available online to non-subscribers, so I will quote it: Foreign criminals awaiting deportation from Denmark will be banished to a deserted island, the government has announced. Rejected asylum seekers who have committed crimes will be »

They’re Coming for Your Steaks and Hamburgers

Featured image The Lancet used to be a respected medical journal. Now, while it still publishes technical articles on medical topics, it is more concerned with the left-wing hobby horses of the day. Pseudo-science can be influential, so the Lancet’s current editorial–We Need to Talk About Meat–should be taken seriously as an early warning. The emotionally charged debate over the ethical suitability of meat consumption may never reach a conclusion, but it »