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CO2: Hero Or Villain?

Featured image As a youth I was taught that carbon dioxide is a wonderful thing. It is necessary for just about all life on Earth, and is fundamental to the photosynthesis that fuels all green plants. Further, there is a symbiosis between animal life–i.e., us–and plant life. Plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen, while we inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. Do middle school kids still learn such basics of biology and chemistry? »

Justin In Blackface

Featured image There was never a time in my life when I would have dreamed of wearing blackface, but like a lot of other things, I don’t see anything particularly wrong with it. A lot depends on context; I don’t see any reason why it is necessarily racist. But liberals disagree, or at least pretend to. Thus it is relevant that another blackface photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, locked in »

Happy Birthday To Me!

Featured image For those who may be unaware, today is my birthday. In honor of almost too many birthdays to count, my wife posted on Facebook, earlier today, a video that my youngest daughter and one of her colleagues created a year ago in connection with Center of the American Experiment’s Annual Dinner. They sneaked it into the program, much to my surprise. It features birthday greetings from family and various friends, »

Will “Green” Energy Destroy Europe?

Featured image One of today’s most important, and weirdly under-reported, news stories is the economic crisis that threatens Great Britain and, more broadly, Europe. Its most striking current manifestation is a food shortage in the U.K. Acute food shortages were feared last night after high gas prices forced most of Britain’s commercial production of carbon dioxide to shut down. Emergency talks were being held between government officials and food producers, retailers and »

Second Thoughts on the Sussman Prosecution

Featured image As Scott noted earlier today, my first reaction to Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment of Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussman on a single count of lying to the FBI was rather dismissive (“small potatoes”). Having read the 27-page indictment itself, I have revised my opinion somewhat. The investigation underlying the indictment, and the manner in which the indictment lays out the facts regarding the Clinton campaign’s fabrication of the “Russian »

A New Excuse for Biden

Featured image Joe Biden announced the new AUKUS defense pact in a video appearance with Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Biden remembered Boris Johnson’s name–kudos for that–but blanked on the name of the Australian P.M., even though he was looking at him on the screen, and called him “that fella from down under.” That is pretty much all in a day’s work for Biden, but he has taken a »

The 2020 Election: What Really Happened?

Featured image Controversy has swirled around the 2020 election for almost a year now. What really happened? Did the Democrats steal the presidential election? And if so, how? Mollie Hemingway has been investigating issues surrounding the election since the beginning of 2021. She is one of the best and most fearless analysts and writers now working. (For just one example, see the acceptance speech that she delivered earlier this week upon being »

Administration Admits Drone Strike Error

Featured image On August 29, military sources claimed that a U.S. drone had taken out an ISIS suicide bomber en route to the Kabul airport: American forces launched a drone strike in Kabul on Sunday that killed a suicide car bomber suspected of preparing to attack the airport, U.S. officials said, as the United States nears the end of its military presence in the Afghan capital. *** “We know that there were »

Durham Harvests More Small Potatoes

Featured image I had almost forgotten about U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the Russia collusion hoax until it resurfaced in the news not long ago. Durham is now a Special Counsel, which I guess means his investigation can go on more or less forever. Durham has now procured only his second indictment in three years. At this rate, he will be getting to the real issues in the Democratic Party/Hillary Clinton/Perkins »

If You Don’t Believe In Critical Race Theory, You Can’t Work

Featured image A lot has been said about the fact that the Biden administration is trying to bar people who don’t want to be vaccinated against covid, for whatever reason, from gainful employment. To say that this is a novel incursion on our civil rights is an understatement. But here is a worse one: how about firing anyone who won’t sign on to the racist, anti-American ideology of Critical Race Theory? Shockingly, »

General Milley: Guilty As Charged

Featured image Bob Woodward alleges in a forthcoming book that General Mark Milley conspired with senior military officers of the Chinese Communist Party against his boss, President Donald Trump. Yesterday I expressed skepticism that any American military officer would do such a dishonorable thing, while noting that Milley had not yet disputed Woodward’s charges. Now, based on this statement by Joint Staff Spokesperson Col. Dave Butler, it appears that Woodward’s reporting is, »

Do Mask Mandates Work?

Featured image Much has been written, pro and con, on the effectiveness of mask mandates in stopping or slowing the spread of covid. Various experiments have purported to show that masks can work; I criticized one such product by the Mayo Clinic here. In my opinion, the most persuasive approach is to chart covid cases, or hospitalizations, before and after dates when mask mandates went into effect, or were rescinded. I have »

Gen. Milley: A Traitor, Or Not?

Featured image Bob Woodward has written a new book, in which he makes the sensational allegation that Gen. Mark Milley conspired with counterparts in China against then-president Donald Trump. This is from today’s Washington Post: In the book’s account, Milley went so far as to pledge he would alert his counterpart in the event of a U.S. attack, stressing the rapport they’d established through a backchannel. “General Li, you and I have »

A Day In the Life

Featured image What is it like to live in Minneapolis these days? Gunshots in the afternoon: this is a ring video filmed in a normal Minneapolis neighborhood. The resident who forwarded the video to City Council members and other city officials wrote: Our area is under siege. Attached is a video of an incident that occurred on the *** block of *** Ave. South. This behavior happens daily. We’ve been begging for »

Stay Home, Peons!

Featured image The era of covid hysteria has been clarifying in some respects. We have learned that a great many “liberals” are in fact proto-fascists who derive an unseemly satisfaction from bossing the rest of us around through “emergency” decrees–a classic fascist tactic, especially when the alleged emergency is a respiratory virus with something like a 99.8% survival rate. On CNN, one Leana Wen baldly set out the Left’s agenda for the »

Blood On His Hands

Featured image John Ondrasik (Five For Fighting) released a song yesterday titled “Blood On My Hands.” It expresses his dismay at the consequences of Joe Biden’s inept withdrawal from Afghanistan. John has a long history of patriotism and of supporting American troops in many ways, including many performances overseas. This song expresses those values. Ondrasik wrote about it: Like all Americans, I was stunned and horrified at the images of falling bodies »

Meanwhile, In Afghanistan

Featured image I am not sure how much U.S. newspapers have been covering Afghanistan lately. I see that there is no reference to events there on the front page of today’s New York Times or my home town newspaper, the Star Tribune. The Times is back to waging its non-stop war against Republicans: “G.O.P. Seethes at Biden Mandate, Even in States Requiring Other Vaccines;” “False Election Claims in California Reveal a New »