Why Trump Might Win

Well, he gets to run against Joe Biden. That is the main reason. But one of the extraordinary features of this year’s race is the Democrats’ lawfare. In a series of civil cases and criminal prosecutions, they are trying to bleed Trump’s financial assets and, more important, convict him of a “felony” to convince voters not to vote for him. The prosecutions range from selective (Trump’s handling of classified information) to idiotic (the Georgia RICO case and the case in New York that is now in trial).

How is the public reacting to the Democrats’ unprecedented legal onslaught? Some polls have found that being a “convicted felon,” the Democrats’ objective, would indeed hurt Trump with a significant slice of the electorate. But then there is the opposite reaction.

Matt Taibbi, after expressing his admiration for Stephen A. Smith, ESPN’s top sports commentator, quotes Smith on the Trump prosecutions:

Last night, … I listened as Chris Cuomo told a story about an unnamed hip-hop artist complaining that it took a rich white man like Trump being abused, for people to see the “maladministration of justice” black people have always known. What did his guest, Stephen A. Smith, think?

STEPHEN A. SMITH: No question…that hip hop artist who called you, he’s right on the money… Here’s the sad part…It gives credence to the argument Trump made during a speech weeks ago where he talked about black folks relating to him… Now, what the hell would black folks have in common with a guy that was born on third base thinking he hit a home run? Born with the proverbial spoon in his mouth? It’s the legal system… I can say this because 95% of the time I voted Democrat…

But when it’s time to vote, you want to talk to black people about what you’re doing for them… and how you are on our side. But this man right here, who’s the presumptive GOP nominee, is in a position to literally get back into the White House because what you’re doing to him, we find fairly relatable to things that have been done to folks in our community, and it’s happened for decades. There’s no escaping that fact and Trump pointing it out, and being accurate in doing so, is perhaps the height of embarrassment for the Democratic party, in my estimation.

Interesting. Matt continues:

This exchange was preceded by a classic Stephen A-ism:

When you got four indictments and 91 counts and two impeachments and civil suits in excess of $454 million… but he still keeps marching forward, marching forward, gaining momentum… The only way to get him is to beat him, and they don’t seem to be able to do that either. And I’m quite disgusted by it, to be quite honest with you.

I think that is a widespread perception: the Democrats can’t beat Trump honestly, so they are trying to drag him down with systematic election interference. Taibbi comments:

Stephen A. may not be the spokesperson of “the black community,” but he might be Chief Justice of sports talk. Democrats should hear what he’s saying: to the average person, these interminable Trump indictments and lawsuits and lawfare (hearing a popular sportscaster use that term unironically should inspire a Beltway mass-clench) seem worse than cheating. It comes off as cowardice, fear of even competition, something that never, ever plays in this country. “The only way to get him is to beat him, and they don’t seem to be able to do that,” is a heavy indictment, and if he’s thinking that, you can bet a hell of a lot lot more people are.

The Democrats are often accused of cheating, but their abuse of the legal system is a form of cheating that is just as reprehensible as stuffing ballot boxes. If lots of people who may not be regular Republican voters see it that way, Biden is in deep trouble.

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