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Trump commutes Roger Stone’s sentence [UPDATED]

Featured image President Trump has commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, who was convicted of obstructing a congressional investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, “Roger Stone is a victim of the Russia Hoax that the Left and its allies in the media perpetuated for years in an attempt to undermine the Trump Presidency.” But the congressional investigation of Russian interference in the »

Supreme Court satisfies neither Trump nor his enemies in financial records cases

Featured image Departing from the practice (universal, I think) of modern presidential candidates, Donald Trump refused to make public his tax records. Not good. Trump’s political enemies contrived to use congressional and prosecutorial authority to force the disclosure of Trump’s financial records. Not good. Both sets of enemies went to town. They subpoenaed not just President Trump’s records but also those of Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump. Not good. »

A Cold War with China?

Featured image Niall Ferguson writes about the emerging Cold War between the U.S. and China. Ferguson calls this Cold War both inevitable and desirable. It’s desirable because, among other things, “it has jolted the U.S. out of complacency and into an earnest effort not to be surpassed by China in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and other strategically crucial technologies.” Even Henry Kissinger, architect of the policy of U.S.-Chinese engagement, acknowledges the new »

Trump at Mount Rushmore (WSJ edition)

Featured image Today’s Wall Street Journal lead editorial picks up where we left off over the weekend in our reviews of President Trump’s July 3 speech at Mount Rushmore. The Journal editorial begins with the uniform voice of the Democrat media blob condemning the speech in whacked-out headlines and dishonest stories: At Mt. Rushmore, Trump uses Fourth of July celebration to stoke a culture war —Los Angeles Times Trump Uses Mount Rushmore »

Trump at Mount Rushmore revisited

Featured image As I listened to President Trump’s July 3 speech at Mount Rushmore (White House text here, video below), I couldn’t believe how good it was. One measure of the speech is the campaign of falsehood undertaken by the press condemning it in unison. As I wrote here yesterday morning, I had only my own reaction to go on. Now I can commend the following columns to the attention of interested »

Trump at Mount Rushmore [With Comment by John]

Featured image In the vicious culture war that is dividing our nation, President Trump has taken the side of the United States. This is what I get out of Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore last night in South Dakota. For this — for his advocacy of the United States in the culture war — Trump will never be forgiven by the our cultural arbiters. This is what I get get out of »

Trump Is Right

Featured image Not on everything, presumably. But on the key issues of our time, he is right on the money. I didn’t know about this interview on Friday until I saw it linked on InstaPundit this evening, and I haven’t seen a complete transcript. But The Federalist is a good source, so here we go: In a wide-ranging interview in the Oval Office Friday, President Donald J. Trump said that the country »

Will the conservatives’ losing streak at the Supreme Court continue?

Featured image Tomorrow, beginning at 10 a.m. in the East, the Supreme Court will start issuing its final opinions of the term. The big cases yet to be decided include: June Medical Services v. Russo (regarding abortion), Trump v. Mazars USA and Trump v. Vance (regarding access to President Trump’s tax returns case), Little Sisters of the Poor Sts. Peter and Paul Home v. Pennsylvania (regarding the conscience exemption from Obamacare’s birth »

Trump extends ban on foreign workers

Featured image Yesterday, President Trump renewed and broadened the immigration suspension he issued in April. The updated order keeps in place until the end of the year his limited suspension of immigrant visas. In addition, it suspends a number of foreign work-visa programs. Trump’s latest measure makes great sense. As Mark Krikorian points out, there are 20 million unemployed Americans, and the jobless rate is more than triple what it was before »

Trump’s Tulsa rally draws smaller crowd than expected [With Comment by John]

Featured image President Trump’s plan to proceed with an indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma didn’t strike me as a good idea. Daily Wuhan coronavirus infections have been increasing in Tulsa County. Earlier this week, they reached a new daily high of 71. Today, they reached 136, according to the Washington Post. To make matters worse, six of Trump’s campaign staffers in Tulsa tested positive for COVID-19. Moreover, it wasn’t clear to me »

Trump to proceed with rally in Tulsa this weekend

Featured image President Trump will hold an indoor rally on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to Trump’s campaign manager, more than 1 million people have requested free tickets for the event at a venue that holds around 19,000 people. Those requesting free tickets had to sign a waiver agreeing that the campaign and other parties associated with the event cannot be held liable for exposure to the coronavirus. However, the waiver applies »

Winning ugly

Featured image The Washington Post declares D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser the winner in her back-and-forth with President Trump over maintaining order (or not) in the District. “Bowser besting Trump in tug of war over what ‘law and order’ means in D.C.,” asserts the headline of the story by Robert McCartney. I guess it depends on how you define “winning.” If it means saying stuff that McCartney and other left-liberals agree with, then »

Trump takes bow for coronavirus numbers and eschewing herd immunity

Featured image The number of deaths in the United States attributed to the Wuhan coronavirus now exceeds 110,000. The daily death count has been around 1,000 the past few days. The number of active cases began to decline this month for the first time ever. (All numbers cited herein regarding deaths from the virus come via Worldometer.) Based on the experience of major European nations hit by the virus earlier than the »

Mattis mush [UPDATED]

Featured image Since resigning as Secretary of Defense, Gen. James Mattis has been reluctant to criticize President Trump. No doubt, Mattis has grievances against President Trump, but his soldierly and patriotic instincts counseled against airing them. Mattis’s instincts were sound. He should have kept following them. Instead, the former Secretary lashed out at Trump this week. He said: I have watched this week’s unfolding events, angry and appalled. The words ‘Equal Justice »

Some good advice for President Trump

Featured image John has written about President Trump’s recent tweets regarding Joe Scarborough. Trump is suggesting that, nineteen years ago, an aide to Scarborough, whose death was found to be the result of a heart attack, may have been murdered. And Trump advocates the opening of a “cold case against Psycho Joe Scarborough” in connection with the staffer’s death. Trump tweets these things without pointing to any evidence that the staffer was »

The biggest debunked conspiracy theory of them all

Featured image Of all the lies the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have told about President Trump, the claim that Trump is a tool of the Russians stands out for its audacity I’m not surprised that the Dems/MSM went big with their lying. However, it astounds me that intelligent people I know who are outside of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media somehow found merit in this claim. »

Speaking of Debunked Conspiracy Theories…

Featured image This comes from the Star Tribune, but it is just reprinting a Washington Post story: “Florida family grieves as Trump spreads debunked conspiracy theory to attack MSNBC host.” It is written in the anti-Trump style to which we have become accustomed: A little after 8 a.m. on July 20, 2001, a couple arriving for an appointment opened an unlocked front door at an office in the Florida panhandle town of »