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Who would a Ukraine scandal hurt more, Trump or Biden?

Featured image As things stand now, it’s unclear whether the Ukraine “whistle blower” matter is a serious scandal. In my view, it will become one only if President Trump used American aid as a quid-pro-quo in trying to induce Ukraine to investigate the Bidens or if he significantly delayed the release of such aid because Ukraine hadn’t agreed to investigate. For purposes of discussion, let’s assume this becomes a serious scandal, or »

Why did Trump freeze U.S. aid to Ukraine?

Featured image So far, it appears that when President Trump repeatedly urged the new president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, he did not say that U.S. aid to Ukraine was contingent on such an investigation. Whatever one thinks about a U.S. president asking a foreign leader to investigate the president’s potential opponent in a upcoming election, absent the quid-pro-quo element this story should not put Trump’s presidency in jeopardy. But now, »

Report: Trump urged Ukraine’s president to reopen investigation of Hunter Biden

Featured image The Wall Street Journal reports that President Trump, in a July phone call, repeatedly pressed the president of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. According to the Journal, Trump urged Volodymyr Zelensky about eight times to work with Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer, on a probe of Hunter Biden: “[Trump] told [Zelensky] that he should work with [Giuliani] on Biden, and that people in Washington wanted to »

Enter Trump [Updated]

Featured image President Trump may have his faults, but when it comes to trolling he reigns supreme. That goes for showmanship, too. Today, Trump presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mariano Rivera in the East Room of the White House. Rivera, as you probably know, was a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees, one of the greatest pitchers of all time and by all accounts an outstanding citizen. The East »

Poll: Trump approval rating at 50 percent

Featured image The latest survey by Rasmussen finds that President Trump’s approval rating is 50 percent. 49 percent disapprove. Rasmussen surveyed 1,500 likely voters. Kyle Smith notes that Rasmussen consistently finds Trump’s approval rating to be higher than other pollsters do. However, Smith also says that other pollsters find Trump’s approval rating to be on the rise: He’s at 47 percent according to The Hill, 44 percent with Reuters, 44 percent with »

Has Trump spoiled the Andrew McCabe prosecution?

Featured image Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, deserves to be prosecuted. His crimes, false statements to federal investigators, were documented by the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, an Obama appointee. Andy McCarthy discusses the crimes here. McCabe is an enemy and fierce critic of President Trump. I always worry when enemies of the president face criminal prosecution. Sending political enemies to prison is a hallmark of authoritarian »

John Bolton as scapegoat

Featured image President Trump must be frustrated. That, at least, is the most innocent explanation I can think of for the way he behaves. Trump has plenty to be frustrated about. By now, if one believed candidate Trump, our border with Mexico should be secure, thanks to a big beautiful wall paid for by Mexico. It isn’t. By now, the trade war with China should be won. After all, Trump assured us »

Trump campaign manager: The Trump “dynasty” will “last for decades”

Featured image AP reports that Brad Parscale, President Trump’s reelection campaign manager, said yesterday that the president and his family are “a dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican Party into a new party.” It never hurts for the campaign manager to flatter the candidate and his family, especially when the candidate’s two sons are key members of the campaign team. Is Parscale’s prediction sound? Arguably, Trump by himself is »

What did Trump think the Taliban is?

Featured image President Trump was to have met with leaders of the Taliban this weekend. The get together was to have occurred at Camp David. The goal was to finalize a deal under which the U.S. would effectively pull out of Afghanistan, leaving it to the Taliban’s tender mercies. I agree with Rep. Liz Cheney who said: Camp David is where America’s leaders met to plan our response after al Qaeda, supported »

Trump honors Jerry West, New York Times implies racism

Featured image President Trump honored NBA basketball legend Jerry West by awarding him the Medal of Freedom. If athletes are to be given this award, and presidents from both parties have done so, then West clearly deserves it. West is underappreciated. When folks talk these days about great guards of the 1960s, the focus is always on Oscar Robertson. Robertson is an all-time great, but so is West. He averaged 27.0 points »

The Fed, Trump’s other “fall guy”

Featured image At the micro level, President Trump blames “bad management” for the downward turn of certain companies. At the macro level, he blames the Federal Reserve Board for a weakening of the American economy. Of the two, the Fed is a more plausible “fall guy.” Like trade policy, but unlike “bad management,” interest rate levels are not an economic constant. They are subject to change by the Fed and such changes, »

Are American companies suffering from an outbreak of “bad management”?

Featured image Here’s President Trump arguing that bad management, not tariffs, is what’s hurting American companies: A lot of badly run companies are trying to blame tariffs. In other words, if they’re running badly and they’re having a bad quarter, or if they’re just unlucky in some way, they’re likely to blame the tariffs. It’s not the tariffs. It’s called “bad management.” If you think about it for half a second, this »

Stormy hearings ahead

Featured image Rust never sleeps and neither do congressional Democrats intent on impeaching President Trump. When the House returns to session next week, the House Judiciary Committee will explore five instances of supposed obstruction of justice by Trump that they say are documented in Robert Mueller’s report. None amounts to actual obstruction of justice. Each, by now, is yawn inducing. But House Dems also plan an inquiry that might gain attention and »

With A$AP Rocky, as with Trump, it’s not personal, just business

Featured image I wrote here about how President Trump intervened in extraordinary fashion to have the rapper A$AP Rocky released from a Swedish prison after Rocky and his entourage beat up a guy who was following him around. The Swedes released Rocky, who returned to the U.S. and was tried (and convicted) in absentia. Apparently, Rocky has not thanked Trump for his efforts. Some of those who urged the president to become »

Trump’s unwarranted and unwise attack on Jews who vote Democratic

Featured image In his book Why Are Jews Liberals?, Norman Podhoretz argued that the real religion of a great many non-Orthodox American Jews is liberalism, not Judaism. There’s a lot of truth in this, I think. However, it’s one thing for a serious Jew like Norman to say so. It would be inappropriate for a non-Jew to say it, and especially so for an American president. But President Trump’s recent comment about »

The Omar-Tlaib circus comes to town

Featured image Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and friends have seized the moment to hold a press conference in the Minnesota State Capitol peddling the PLO/Hamas line on the state of Israel and its “occupation” of the West Bank. Their reference to the “Palestine” that exists only in the genocidal imagination of their allies says it all. While they decry the impingement of the freedom of West Bank Arabs in various »

Trump “not happy” with Fox News because its polls show him losing

Featured image President Trump lashed out at Fox News after its polling showed him losing to all four major Democratic presidential candidates. “There’s something going on at Fox News,” Trump said, ominously. Trump even appeared to threaten Fox News. He noted that he controls which networks will host the presidential debates next year. He seemed to be saying that if Fox News doesn’t treat him more favorably, it might be shut out »