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The case for Terry McAuliffe

Featured image President Biden spoke on behalf of Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race yesterday. His speech had a predictable motif that is captured in the video below. The New York Post reports on it here. Biden for Terry McAuliffe: Trump Trump Trump Trump — Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) October 27, 2021 I think we can infer that the race against Republican Glenn Youngkin is tight and that the case for »

Bad Donald

Featured image Donald Trump was a very good president, our best since Ronald Reagan in my opinion. But along with doing some very good things, he has said some very dumb things. Today’s statement, published on his web site, is a case in point: If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 or ‘24. It is »

Terry McAuliffe squirms

Featured image The most tasty political race this year takes place in Virginia, where Democrat Terry McAuliffe seeks a return to the governor’s mansion. His opponent is Glenn Youngkin. McAuliffe is one of the great rogues of American politics. He’s an old school Democratic pol, which makes him preferable to the new, more rigidly ideological kind, though not by much. All politicians like power, but McAuliffe likes it more than most. How »

The Terrors of “Justice,” In Re: J. Eastman

Featured image As I survey the current scene, I’m inclined to take the long view, which goes all the way back to Watergate. One of the ignored subtexts of Watergate is that a part of the fury behind the drive to get Nixon is that Nixon had made clear after his 1972 landslide his determination to challenge directly the power of the permanent bureaucracy, and thereby the power base of the Democratic »

Tough on Russia? Not Joe Biden.

Featured image It’s common, and correct, for conservatives to call the non-stop attacks on Donald Trump for allegedly colluding with Russia a hoax. To me, though, it was worse — a double hoax. The first part of the hoax was the knowingly false allegation of collusion — the claim that, in exchange for Russian help in winning the election, Trump agreed, at a minimum, to eschew the tough-on-Russia policies required by American »

Trump aids Stacey Abrams in Georgia

Featured image At a rally in Georgia, Donald Trump said that having Stacey Abrams as governor of that state “might well be better” than having Republican incumbent Brian Kemp in that position. (See the end of this post for the full context.) For Trump, Kemp’s refusal to go all-in on unsubstantiated claims of outcome-determinative election fraud counts for more in deciding who should govern Georgia than Abrams’ beyond-the-pale leftism. As always, Donald »

Slain troops’ family members who shunned Biden take comfort from Trump

Featured image When George Bush was president, parents of armed service members killed in Iraq received special attention from the media if they denounced the war and criticized Bush. Cindy Sheehan gained a huge profile for bitterly attacking Bush after her son was killed. Eventually, she became a fringe figure, to put it as politely as I can, but this was only after Barack Obama succeeded Bush. Before then, the mantra on »

The Taliban forms a pro-al Qaeda government

Featured image The Taliban has announced the formation of the government that will rule Afghanistan. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Taliban gave no positions of power to other political forces, religious minorities, or women. And it pledged to implement strict Islamic rule. Of course it did. That’s what the Taliban is all about. Did the Taliban at least exclude al Qaeda-linked elements from its government? No, it did not. The »

Covid deaths in the U.S. are higher than last year at same time

Featured image At this time last year, the Wuhan coronavirus was claiming around 1,000 American lives per day. It seemed to me that, absent a sudden and sharp decline in that number, Joe Biden would be our next president. It must have seemed that way to Biden and his top advisers, as well. During presidential debates that occurred a little less than a year ago, Biden ripped Trump for his handling of »

When you’ve lost the New York Times (5)

Featured image John has spotted one noteworthy Afghanistan-related piece in today’s Sunday New York Times, a column by Kori Schake that tries to blame the fiasco on Donald Trump. Trump’s deal was garbage, but the Taliban didn’t live up to its conditions, so Joe Biden wasn’t obligated to follow it. Indeed, there’s little reason to assume that Trump himself would have adhered to the deal, and less to believe that, if he »

Joe Biden passes the buck

Featured image Caroline Glick’s column about the Afghanistan debacle is worth reading in full. I want to focus this post on Glick’s discussion of Joe Biden’s attempt to place the blame for the fiasco on (1) Donald Trump and (2) the Afghans. Of Trump, Glick writes: Biden’s accusation that the Trump administration is responsible for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is wrong on several counts. As former president Donald Trump and his »

“Common good capitalism” vs. the free market kind

Featured image Earlier today, I wrote about an alleged ideological division in the Democratic party between the far left and the establishment. Now, I want to consider an ideological split in the Republican party about which Eliana Johnson filed this report. That gap is related to, but not the same as, the division between hardcore Trump supporters and Republicans who would like to see the Party move on from the ex-president. It’s »

Ashli Babbitt and George Floyd, compare and contrast

Featured image The Washington Post doesn’t like the fact that Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by a police officer inside the Capitol on January 6 of this year, is being viewed by some as a martyr. The Post’s story, by anti-Trumper Josh Dawsey and Paul Schwartzman, drips with contempt for the notion that Babbitt could be a martyr. I don’t recall the Post ever questioning the view that George Floyd »

Trump’s obsession, and Pelosi’s

Featured image Notes taken by a high-ranking Trump administration DOJ official in late 2020 record Trump urging him to “just say the election was corrupt [and] leave the rest to me.” Washington Post anti-Trumpers Devlin Barrett and Josh Dawsey say the notes “illustrate how far the president was willing to go to prevent Joe Biden from taking office.” The notes show no such thing. They raise the question of how far Trump »

In an upset, Trump-endorsed Texas candidate loses congressional race

Featured image Tuesday was election day in a special race to select a successor to Rep. Ron Wright in Texas’ Sixth Congressional District. Wright died from the Wuhan coronavirus. The candidates were Wright’s widow, Susan Wright, and Texas state Rep. Jake Ellzey. Both are conservative Republicans. Susan Wright was the favorite and the leader in polls. She won the most votes in the primary, in which Ellzey barely finished second, just 354 »

What the Hell Happened to Bill Kristol?

Featured image Greetings from Budapest, where I’ll be hanging out a lot at Cafe Roger Scruton at 10 Zoltan Street over the next several days, and giving a lecture for the Danube Institute next Monday evening on the topic, “What Is Going on in America?” If there are any Power Line readers in Budapest, you may still be able to grab a limited seat for the event here. Otherwise you may run »

Trump denounces another of his key appointees

Featured image Donald Trump unloaded on Brett Kavanaugh during an interview with Michael Wolff, an anti-Trump author who has published a book about the final days of Trump’s presidency. Wolff isn’t the most trustworthy reporter around, but Trump’s criticism of Kavanaugh is in keeping with his attacks on other of his nominees and selections. In addition, some of Trump’s criticism of his nominee is valid. According to Wolff, Trump said this about »