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More fake news from the Trump-resisting Washington Post

Featured image The top headline in today’s Washington Post (paper edition) reads: “Trump faces rising anger over mass shootings.” In a sub-headline, the Post says: “Grieving cities spurn his outreach.” This is fake news. The cities of El Paso and Dayton aren’t “spurning” Trump’s outreach. The mayors of both cities say they will greet Trump. El Paso’s mayor said: He’s coming out here on Wednesday, and I want to clarify for the »

Trump condemns bigotry and white supremacy [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

Featured image This morning, President Trump delivered a televised address regarding the two mass shootings that were carried out over the weekend. You can watch it below. The Washington Post provides this account: “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy,” Trump said. “Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart and devours the soul.”. . . Trump condemned the “two evil attacks” and vowed to act “with urgent »

Meet the talking points

Featured image Yesterday on Meet the Press host (and NBC political director) Chuck Todd channeled the Democratic Party talking points of the hour as he sought to attribute blame for the El Paso massacre to President Trump. Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney was on hand to represent the administration. The look on Mulvaney’s face when Todd turned to him said it all (video below). Todd posed a political accusation as something »

Trump’s A$AP Rocky pander

Featured image President Trump stuck a blow against criminal justice when he backed, and thereby caused to be enacted, a “criminal justice reform” bill mandating the early release of many thousands of federal felons (including violent felons), plus shorter sentences for future federal felons. Given sky-high recidivism rates, the measure is certain to generate significantly more crime than would otherwise have been committed. Trump’s decision to back legislation that makes Americans less »

In One Respect, Trump Is a Lot Like Obama

Featured image For the first two years of President Trump’s administration, Democratic Party press outlets would recite, ritualistically, that he was a historically unpopular president. We haven’t seen much of that lately. In fact, for most of his first term Trump has been as popular as Barack Obama was during his first term. You can see that graphically in this Rasmussen Reports chart: During Obama’s first term, his approval rating was usually »

Rats! It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

Featured image The controversy about rat-infested cities provokes a strong sense of deja vu, as a proposed federal rat eradication program was perhaps the turning point against LBJ’s “Great Society” back in 1967. A little background and the climax to this story from the first volume of my Age of Reagan: Many poor urban neighborhoods have yet to recover [from the rise in crime], for it was precisely the poor, and largely »

Bernie Sanders’s “racist” remarks about West Baltimore

Featured image Leading Democrats and their followers in the mainstream media are attacking President Trump for his comments about conditions in Rep. Elijah Cummings’s congressional district. Trump described the district as “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess” that “ranks last in almost every major category.” Democrats are saying — what else? — that these remarks are racist. I don’t think the U.S. President should bad mouth portions of America the way »

Did Trump “choke” when he nominated Kavanaugh?

Featured image During the Republican presidential debates in 2015-16, Donald Trump attacked Ted Cruz for strongly backing the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Cruz responded that Roberts was not his preferred nominee — Michael Luttig was — but that he did support the nomination once President Bush tapped Roberts. Given Trump’s attack on Cruz, and on George W. Bush, it’s fair to ask how Trump’s two nominees — Justices »

Conspiracy theory

Featured image To the limited extent that news of Ilhan Omar’s curious marital arrangements seeped into the national press last week, it was disparaged as a “conspiracy theory,” as in Will Sommer’s Daily Beast article (I wrote about it here) and in Yamiche Alcindor’s tweet (below). I don’t even know what that would mean in Omar’s case and they don’t bother to explain. It is idiotic. As President Trump readies to speak »

The Washington Post does it again

Featured image How much mileage did the Democrats get out of President Trump’s unpresidential tweet suggesting that four ultra-radical, America-bashing congresswomen leave the country? I’m not sure, but I know they didn’t get as much as they wanted. Now, however, the Democrats and their media backers have a new card to play. At a Trump rally in North Carolina, some in the crowd responded to the president’s reference to the rads by »

House beats back impeachment resolution, Democrats divide

Featured image Yesterday, Rep. Al Green, a left-wing Democrat from Texas, filed articles of impeachment against President Trump. He based his filing on Trump’s suggestion that four radical, America-bashing congresswomen leave the country. Green’s filing stated: Donald John Trump has, by his statements, brought the high office of the President of the United States in contempt, ridicule, disgrace and disrepute, has sown discord among the people of the United States, has demonstrated »

An astounding op-ed by George Conway

Featured image Yesterday, I discussed briefly George Conway’s Washington Post op-ed, in which he claimed that President Trump is a racist. The op-ed was long on biographical information about Conway, but devoid of argumentation. That’s fitting, because Conway’s biography is his calling card when it comes to getting op-eds published by the mainstream media. From the Post’s perspective, he’s a two-fer — a Republican and the spouse of one of Trump’s most »

Trump: What’s This About Ilhan Omar and Her Brother?

Featured image Reporters were throwing questions at President Trump on the White House lawn as, I believe, he was about to board a helicopter. One was about Ilhan Omar. Trump noted that “There’s a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother,” while disclaiming any knowledge of the scandal. The funny part is when he said “I’m sure that somebody would be looking at that.” The press, »

Washington Post blames Trump for Democrats’ leftism

Featured image There’s good news, bad news, and fake news in this Washington Post article by Michael Scherer. In fact, they all appear in this sentence: [Trump’s combustible formula of white identity politics] has pushed Democratic presidential candidates sharply to the left on issues such as immigration and civil rights, as they respond to the liberal backlash against him. The good news is that the Post has been forced by events to »

(Don’t) leave it to Cleaver

Featured image Roll Call has a good account of what happened on the House floor yesterday as Nancy Pelosi violated House rules for the all-important purpose of calling President Trump racist. FOX News has a fuller story here. When Rep. Doug Collins challenged the propriety of Pelosi’s remarks, Pelosi asserted that she had cleared them with the House parliamentarian. This appears to have been a lie. Roll Call reports: Collins set off »

An accusation in search of an argument

Featured image We’ve commented before on the shoddy and hyper-partisan writing of Margaret Sullivan, a media critic for the Washington Post. Among other shortcomings, Sullivan seems incapable of making anything resembling an argument. Today, Sullivan defends the practice in news stories of labeling President Trump’s utterances “racist.” She calls this a “service to the truth” (quotation from headline in paper edition). But one searches Sullivan’s column in vain for an argument in »

The Washington Post pounces, mindlessly

Featured image This is how the lead story in today’s Washington Post begins: President Trump on Monday defended his racist remarks about four minority lawmakers by alleging that they “hate our country” and should leave if they if they are unhappy. . . . Trump’s remarks about the four were misinformed and unseemly, coming from a president, but they are not racist. Trump didn’t suggest that the four congressional rads leave America »