2024 Election

Quotations from Chairman Joe

Featured image In the video below Chairman Joe hobbles over to respond to a reporter who asks him about the Democrats’ discontent with him. He’s defensive and angry in his familiar fashion about the question and the discontent — “Read the polls, Jack” — but reassured by the Democrats’ support for him versus Trump. Biden could have noted that, if the reporter thinks Democrats might prefer another nominee to him, he seems »

When Bill Threw Down a Monster Dunk

Featured image In the wake of his passing on Monday, Bill Walton’s basketball exploits have been extolled far and wide. But check out the UCLA and NBA great last year throwing down on San Diego mayor Todd Gloria, “a liar and a fraud” and the “worst mayor” in the city’s history. What Bill had to say about San Diego may apply in your city, your state, or the entire country. This video »

Exit Hackneyed Driver

Featured image Yesterday during closing arguments in the Trump trial, the Biden campaign presented actor Robert De Niro for an unhinged rant against he who must be named. De Niro’s performance took place outside the Manhattan courthouse in which the Democrats’ lawfare against Trump is in full swing, in a more unhinged form than De Niro’s rant. Speaking for the average show-business American, De Niro portrayed Trump as a dire threat to »

Dump Biden?

Featured image Speculation that the Democrats would dump Joe Biden from their 2024 ticket has been rife for a long time. For quite a while, I thought it was almost inevitable. Rasmussen finds that currently, most Democrats wouldn’t mind seeing Joe go: In February, 48% of Democratic voters said they would approve of their party finding another candidate to replace Biden, but that number has now risen to 54%, including 25% of »

Hackneyed driver

Featured image The Biden campaign staged a pre-celebratory event outside the Trump trial in Manhattan this morning. They publicized it in an announcement intended to attract the attention of their supporters in the press. The press conference was strategically located outside the courthouse where Trump is on trial. The Biden campaign is holding a press conference soon outside of the Manhattan courthouse, where Trump’s defense team is set to give closing arguments. »

Doddering On

Featured image Here is Joe Biden, talking about…something, it is hard to say what. Mostly he seems to be trying to stay awake: BIDEN (slurring incoherently): "Jill and I are honored to have you here and we're representing, including many members of the Africa diaspora. One just left — Barack…" 😬 pic.twitter.com/3IACMFQDXj — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 24, 2024 Joe Biden is visibly, obviously senile. I don’t think the question is so »

Barry Goes Begging for Biden

Featured image Hoop fans who miss games can Google “NBA Scores” and find box scores, player statistics and YouTube summaries with all the key plays. In brief commercials on these videos, Biden and Obama have been asking for support. Following the Dallas Mavericks victory over Minnesota on May 24, it was Obama alone urging contributions to Joe Biden’s campaign. Viewers might think his handlers consider Biden unfit to make the plea himself, »

Ready to celebrate

Featured image President Biden is preparing to celebrate the conviction of Donald Trump in the New York State front of the lawfare campaign against him. That’s what can be gleaned from the NBC News story on the prospect. The NBC reporters call it “a shift to a new, more aggressive posture” about the proceedings. One might think that the participation of Matthew Colangelo, a former senior Department of Justice official as a »

Kamala: “Speaking Without Thinking”

Featured image One clear sign that the Democrat-Hollywood Axis is in panic mode about Biden’s re-election is that the reliably left Daily Show has produced this devastating takedown of Kamala Harris, because even the dim bulbs among Democrats know that Harris would fare even worse against Trump in November if Biden somehow drops out. So the ground needs to be prepared for a completely new ticket. Check it out. As several commentators »

The worst commencement speech

Featured image The White House has posted two May 19 transcripts of “remarks by President Biden at a campaign event” (here, at CRED Café, and here, at Huntington Bank Convention Center). The White House should have listed a third — Remarks by President Biden at the Morehouse College Class of 2024 Commencement Address. In view of Biden’s office as President and his audience of black college graduates, it may be the worst »

Better off than you were four years ago?

Featured image Students of ancient history recall the classic question Ronald Reagan posed in his only debate with Jimmy Carter before the 1980 presidential election: Are you better off than you were four years ago? Students of ancient history also understand that the 2024 presidential election reframes that question, Grover Cleveland style. In the Monday edition of Bubba News, Bubba Atkinson posts “one heck of a chart,” as he calls it. It »

Trump comes to town: The video

Featured image I commented on President Trump’s remarks to the Minnesota GOP’s sold-out Lincoln Reagan dinner in St. Paul on Friday night in “Trump comes to town.” I assessed that Trump was in good form. Below are a few video highlights via X. I stand by my assessment. NEW: Donald Trump’s Minnesota rally practically turns into a stand up comedy skit as he ditches the teleprompter. Amazing. Trump even used props including »

Trump comes to town

Featured image Digging into our archives I find a previous comment on Rochelle Olson: “Rochelle Olson is a pitiful excuse of a reporter for the Star Tribune. Back in 2006, I called her out as ‘reckless and feckless,’ a judgment I stand by today.” If you run into me around town and have an hour or two to spare, ask me why. Olson covered President Trump’s appearance as the featured speaker at »

From Jack Ryan to Ruben Gallego

Featured image In the 2004 Illinois Senate race that launched Barack Obama on the path to political prosperity, only Republican candidate Jack Ryan stood in his way. Ryan appeared to be a formidable candidate. George Will wrote a memorable column — I remember it, anyway — asking whether Ryan was “too good to be true.” He thought Ryan was an impressive and formidable candidate. Once Ryan secured the Republican nomination to oppose »

America’s Next Vice President?

Featured image I spent the last few days in Bismarck, North Dakota, attending the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. It was a remarkable event, with more than 2,400 attending from five countries. Attenders included luminaries like Harold Hamm, but the conference’s most eagerly awaited appearance came this morning, when Governor Doug Burgum addressed the group. Burgum spoke without podium or notes, effortlessly citing energy facts and statistics. He knows energy better than any »

An Alpha News Trump exclusive

Featured image President Trump gave our own Liz Collin of Alpha News six minutes of his time for an interview before court this morning. I have posted the video below. The related Alpha News story is posted here. President Trump will be dropping into the Twin Cities tomorrow night to be the featured speaker at our impecunious state party’s Lincoln Reagan dinner. According to the current KSTP-TV/SurveyUSA poll, Biden leads Trump 44-42, »

Why the debates are on (if they are on)

Featured image Donald Trump challenged Joe Biden to debate a while ago. Biden has now seized the initiative and offered to debate Trump. Biden challenged Trump by means of a video that obnoxiously alludes to the lawfare against Trump, as though Biden is an innocent bystander. Biden is a real tough guy. “Make my day, pal,” Biden says on what must be the tenth take of the line spliced into the final »