2024 Election

Gruesome Newsom Watch

Featured image As I commented previously, the political figure secretly most disappointed that the GOP red wave didn’t occur in the mid-term is Gavin Newsom. If a red wave had taken out Michigan’s Wretched Witmer, Minnesota’s Tim Walz, Colorado’s Jared Polis, or New York’s Kathy Hochul, Newsom could point to his landslide re-election in California as evidence that he’s the strongest person to run for president in 2024 in place of the »

Will Trump Be a Factor in 2024?

Featured image 2024 is a long way off, and much may happen between now and then. For one thing, Donald Trump may have been indicted and may have served some kind of sentence by then. But putting such possible drama aside, I have seen commentators suggest that Trump could be hard to beat. Even if he only draws, say, 35% of the vote in the early primaries, he could win them if »

Reader Poll: Looking Ahead to 2024

Featured image A disproportionate number of the comments on our recent posts critical of Trump’s role in the mid-term election, and his responses in the last few days, have disagreed sharply with us. So I think it is time to hear from a wider cross-section of our readership—from the 99 percent of our readers who seldom or never comment here, on the question. Not a long poll—just two short questions. (Be sure »

The Daily Chart: DeSantis’s Breadth

Featured image A couple days ago I posted this chart showing the partisan split by education, which liberals like to talk about—see, Republicans are stupid and Democrats are smart, because we went to kollege!  Especially people with advanced degrees in gender studies and such: Well have a look at the NBC News exit poll from Florida, which shows Ron DeSantis got a majority of advanced-degree holders: Chaser, from Michael Barone: DeSantis carried »

Wot Happened?

Featured image There is no way to sugarcoat this pitiful Republican showing. What went wrong? For much of this year I had in the back of my mind the possibility that this mid-term could be a rerun of the 1978 midterm, when Republicans also underperformed in a very favorable political climate. Between Jimmy Carter’s sagging approval, rising inflation, and the flood tide of the tax revolt in the wake of Proposition 13 in »

Election Day at Last

Featured image So here it is. I’m down with the prediction that the GOP will net 26-35 House seats, and at least two in the Senate. Henry Olsen, a guest last week on our podcast, is out with his final predictions at the Washington Post. For those who aren’t subscribers, here are a couple highlights of his bullish predictions: Inflation, crime, progressive attempts at overreach and a general sense that President Biden »

Oh Nooo….He’s Back!

Featured image The GOP is on the brink, I think, of an epic sweep of the 2022 midterm elections. I expect both the House and the Senate to be in Republican hands in January. So, is there a fly in the ointment? There is indeed: Donald Trump is preparing to announce for the 2024 presidential nomination: Former President Donald Trump plans to formally announce his long-teased third run for the White House »

What If Biden Is the Best They’ve Got?

Featured image Like most sensible people, I stopped watching Saturday Night Live a long time ago. So I missed last Saturday’s set piece, the Democratic Party’s presidential field for 2024 set as a horror movie trailer. Worth a watch, not just for the general story line, but for the cameo mentions of Kamala, Bernie, Mayor Pete, and . . . Hillary. I especially enjoyed “the twisted minds of ‘Morning Joe’.” It ends »

Dems’ “Dump Biden” Campaign Is Back *On* Again

Featured image Facing an electoral wipeout next week, but seeing the White House circling the wagons already with reasons why the election disaster can’t be blamed on President Biden, the coordinated campaign to force Biden to step aside in 2024 mooted here several months ago appears to be getting an early re-start a week ahead of the election. Behold the New York Times tonight, channeling Power Line: MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — President »

Hillary’s Paranoid Delusion

Featured image I was on Sky News television in Australia a few minutes ago, and one of the things we talked about was Hillary Clinton’s latest outburst: “Right-wing extremists” have a plan already in place to “literally steal the next presidential election, and they’re not making a secret of it,” Hillary Clinton says in a video recently posted to Twitter. In the video, posted by the progressive group Indivisible, the former first »

In a zone

Featured image Is President Biden running for reelection? “I have not made that formal decision but it’s my intention . . . to run again and we’ll have time to make that decision,” Biden told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart in an “exclusive interview” that must have been premised on an agreement not to ask difficult questions. “Dr. Biden is for it?” Capehart asked. Patrick Reilly observes in his New York Post story — “Earth to »

Hillary 2024?

Featured image Dick Morris says that Hillary Clinton is preparing for another presidential run in 2024: ​Morris, a former aide to President Bill Clinton, said Hillary is setting herself up to enter the race as a “moderate” choice for Democrats in two years for what would be her third shot at the White House. “I see more and more signs that Hillary’s going to run,” Morris told John Catsimatidis on his WABC »

Joe Biden Is Toast

Featured image I have been saying all along that Joe Biden’s job approval numbers are inflated. There is no way that anything like 40 percent of voters observe what has happened over the last two years and say, “Great job, Joe!” I think his approval numbers are buoyed by Democrats who know he is a lousy president, but stick up for their party when a pollster calls. This ABC News/Washington Post poll »

Man(chin) down

Featured image Yesterday we noted how West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has played the fool for the Democrats’ tax, climate, and spending bonanza in the absurdly named Inflation Reduction Act. You can’t help but get the feeling that the Democrats are conducting a social science experiment. They are testing voters to ascertain if they’re paying attention. West Virginia voters appear to be paying attention. Drawing on a recent Triton poll, RedState’s Mr. »

Wilkes-Barre Has Spoken

Featured image Donald Trump and Joe Biden held rallies in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania last week. How did they go? These videos tell the story: Donald Trump and Joe Biden Both held rallies in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania this week. Here is what they looked like back to back. Incredible. pic.twitter.com/Xe7cWQzrQO — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) September 4, 2022 The level of public enthusiasm for Dork Brandon is near zero. But don’t be overconfident, because 81millionLOL Joe »

Behind the Biden Bump

Featured image The stock market’s relief rally (at least before Powell’s remarks this morning) has been matched by a relief rally in the mainstream media, which has suddenly ceased the parade of “dump Biden” stories and is now posting “news” stores with the message, “Biden’s Back Baby!” The sense of relief in the media is palpable: Biden and the Democrats got something done, Republicans have underperformed in recent primary contests, and hence »

Trump From Here: “A Nation in Decline”

Featured image Even before the hapless Biden Administration decided to make a yuuuge in-kind contribution to the Trump 2024 campaign by raiding his Florida home in search of . . . classified documents?! (yeah, right), everything I have been hearing from people who have spoken with Trump or been close to Trumpworld all say the same thing: he’s running again. Perhaps it is only a coincidence, but the day after the raid, »