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Media Alert

Featured image I will be on Howie Carr’s radio show at 4:30 Eastern, talking about the State of the Union and the latest Elizabeth Warren fiasco. Then, at 6:45 Eastern, I will be on The Evening Edit with Liz MacDonald on Fox Business, talking about President Trump’s discussion of socialism and Venezuela in the SOTU, and the Democrats’ responses thereto. It should be fun, please tune in! You should be able to »

SOTU Was a Hit

Featured image President Trump is a highly effective public speaker–one of several skills for which he does not get the credit he deserves. Unusually for a politician, he excels at both impromptu stump speeches and set pieces like the State of the Union. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that viewers who watched last night’s speech liked it. Snap polls taken immediately after the SOTU by CNN and CBS both found 76% »

Democrats Embarrass Themselves

Featured image So President Trump is about to give the State of the Union speech, and Democratic women are infesting the House chamber, dressed in white. As I understand it, they are impersonating suffragettes. So, today’s liberals can’t vote? Hmm, don’t think that is exactly right. Democracy Dies In Darkness!! No, actually, democracy dies in stupidity. Much more to come. »

Nancy Pelosi’s Theological Illiteracy

Featured image Nancy Pelosi claims to be a Catholic. Charitably interpreted, that means her grandparents were Catholics; possibly even one or both of her parents. But Pelosi has not even a nodding acquaintance with Christian doctrine. The latest example, via PJ Media, is revealing. Remarkably, Pelosi was addressing an audience of Christian college and university presidents and administrators. Is “chutzpah” a Catholic term of art? After a brief, self-deprecating introduction, Speaker Pelosi »

Ilhan Omar: Terrorist Attacks Are Our Fault!

Featured image That headline might overstate the case, but only slightly. In 2013, left-wing activist (now Congresswoman) Ilhan Omar was interviewed by Ahmed Tharwat, who–for some reason–had a television show on public television in Minnesota. What sort of a guy is Tharwat? His Facebook page includes this delusional headline: “Winston Churchill killed as many as the worst genocidal dictators of the 20th Century, says Indian politician.” So that’s the context. Omar’s interview »

Literary Outrages, With Pushback From the Sane

Featured image Here in Minnesota, we are witnessing two instances of the collapse of our educational institutions, both having to do with “controversial” literature. One year ago in Duluth, the public school administration banned both Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird–two indisputably great American novels–from the classroom. Now, sixteen brave Duluth teachers have protested the administration’s decision. My colleague Tom Steward has the story. The teachers’ letter is here. The letter »

Woke Bowl?

Featured image Rumor has it that we’ll see anti-American kneeling during the halftime show of today’s Super Bowl. My guess is we will also see obnoxiously liberal, “social justice”-oriented ads aired throughout the game. Football isn’t what it used to be! But why should we be surprised? America isn’t what it used to be. Corporate human resources and marketing departments are almost monolithically liberal, and the bigger the company, the more likely »

Northam, the Video

Featured image As Scott noted earlier, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has changed his mind. He wasn’t one of the guys in the famous photo after all. Northam says that he never saw the picture until yesterday. He didn’t buy a copy of his medical school yearbook and doesn’t know how the photo (not of him) got onto his page. At the same time, Northam is full of apologies. He is sorry for »

Is Bill Maher a Racist?

Featured image These days we hear about racism–more often than not, it seems, fictitious racism–on a daily basis. One of the many current controversies is about Bill Maher, who was interviewing a black Republican Congressman, Will Hurd, and made a “joke” about Popeye’s Chicken. The joke is a bit of a mystery, although a bigger question is why a Republican Congressman would go on Maher’s show. Here is the very brief clip: »


Featured image Ralph Northam’s troubles are not over. A liberal on Twitter found one of Governor Northam’s college yearbooks. Apparently one of his nicknames was “Coonman.” Which perhaps fits with the photo that is part of his medical school yearbook: “coonman” — b-boy bouiebaisse (@jbouie) February 2, 2019 I have no idea what “Coonman” means; maybe there is an innocent explanation. But of course, we all know what would happen if »

McClatchy Circling the Drain?

Featured image Things are looking bleak for McClatchy Company: This morning, Craig Forman, CEO of McClatchy Company, emailed all staff to say about 10 percent of the newspaper chain’s employees would be offered voluntary buyouts. *** McClatchy publishes newspapers across the nation, including the Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, Idaho Statesman, Fresno Bee, and Charlotte Observer. Last August, the company cut about 3.5 percent of the staff, nearly 140 employees. The slow »

Why “Green” Energy Is Futile, In One Lesson

Featured image Here in Minnesota, we are enduring a brutal stretch of weather. The temperature hasn’t gotten above zero in the last three days, with lows approaching -30. And that is in the Twin Cities, in the southern part of the state. Yesterday central Minnesota experienced a natural gas “brownout,” as Xcel Energy advised customers to turn thermostats down to 60 degrees and avoid using hot water. Xcel put up some customers »

Amazingly, Economy Didn’t Care About “Shutdown”

Featured image I never did notice the extremely-partial government “shutdown,” but some people thought it was a big deal. Not private employers, apparently: Private payrolls grew in January at a much faster pace than expected as the labor market shrugged off the longest U.S. government shutdown in history, according to data released Wednesday by ADP and Moody’s Analytics. “Shrugged off”? I don’t know, maybe they welcomed it. Companies added 213,000 jobs this »

It Isn’t Only Omar

Featured image Ilhan Omar is in the news again. Yesterday, in an interview with Zainab Salbi of Yahoo News, Omar said that she “almost chuckles” at the idea that Israel is a democracy. Instead, she equates Israel to Iran. Israel is a Jewish state, Iran is an Islamic state, what’s the difference? For what it is worth, I think Omar may actually be that stupid. Here is the relevant portion of the »

It’s Too Cold For the Post Office [Updated]

Featured image When I was a kid, everyone knew the unofficial motto of the U.S. Postal Service, which was inscribed on the principal New York City post office: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” I think it was true, once, too. But not any more: Wednesday mail delivery canceled: The U.S. Postal Service announced late Tuesday afternoon »

The Left Strikes Where It Hurts–Debate

Featured image I had a misspent youth. Not primarily because I haunted South Dakota pool halls, although I did some of that, but because I devoted most of my energies to high school and college debate. Paul did, too: we became friends as members of the Dartmouth debate team. Competitive debating had its faults, but there was never any doubt that facts, evidence and logical argument were all that counted. So this »

The Disaster That Is Venezuela, on Fox Business

Featured image Fox Business has posted this video of my appearance tonight on the Evening Edit show with host Elizabeth MacDonald, along with Lt. Col. Allen West. It is brief, edited down from the two segments that we did. Still, I think it is worth watching: »