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Renaming Places, Revising History

Featured image The Left is out to rewrite American history, as part of its plan to control America’s future. That is what the New York Times’s infamous 1619 Project, to take just one example, is all about. Skirmishes in the Left’s war are often fought over names of places and buildings. Here in Minnesota, we have had a series of naming/history controversies, about which Katherine Kersten writes in the current issue of »

The Squad Feels the Bern

Featured image Multiple sources say that the Democratic House “Squad” is set to endorse Bernie Sanders for president. Or, at least, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar will. I haven’t seen anything about Ayanna Pressley. This is good news, I think. I have believed that Elizabeth Warren is a prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination because she has inherited the socialist mantle from Sanders. Sanders is yesterday’s news (or the last »

Biden In Decline

Featured image I never thought Joe Biden had a serious shot at the Democratic nomination. Even when he was in his prime, he wasn’t up to the task. And that was a long time ago. But it is the Ukraine scandal that is putting Biden’s candidacy to a perhaps-premature end. James Freeman describes the news media’s almost comical efforts to protect Biden: When President Trump turned to the Bidens and Ukraine in »

Lebron James, Useful Idiot, Part 2 [Updated]

Featured image Paul wrote earlier today about Lebron James’s ill-informed and self-interested comments on Chinese oppression of the residents of Hong Kong, and Daryl Morey’s free speech rights. One of my kids noted this lampooning of James by Barstool Sports, on Instagram. Barstool pulls no punches: “In honor of Lebron denouncing freedom of speech…” When you’re being criticized by sources as disparate as Power Line and Barstool Sports, it is probably time »

Dairy Cows: Tangled Up In the Green New Deal [with comment by Steve]

Featured image The Green New Deal, and similar environmental initiatives, have little to do with the environment and much to do with the Left’s desire to control every aspect of our lives. Because everything we do, beginning with breathing, involves emission of carbon dioxide or other “greenhouse gases.” AOC’s Green New Deal specifically proposed, among other things, that all air travel be banned and that all cows be done away with because »

Resistance: Buy It!

Featured image Kim Strassel’s new book, Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America, officially goes on sale tomorrow. Rarely has a book been so timely; I recommend that you buy it. I wrote a week ago about the terrific job that Kim did as a speaker at Center of the American Experiment’s Fall Briefing. After that post appeared, two organizations in other states contacted us to ask how they »

NBA Censors Pro-Hong Kong Sign

Featured image Americans may be ill-informed about many things, but they know a lot about sports. So, ironically, it could be the NBA’s enforcement of Red China’s strictures on unapproved speech that, more than anything else, educates Americans on the nature of the Chinese regime. This happened on Wednesday, but I just saw it via InstaPundit. At an exhibition game between the Washington Wizards and the Guangzhou Long Lions at Capital One »

Flight-Shaming Catching On In Europe

Featured image There are a number of things that climate activists don’t want the rest of us to do, like eating meat and flying on airplanes. They seem to have decided that discouraging flying is a better bet than compulsory vegetarianism, so several European countries are moving in that direction. In Sweden, the government “is considering making it mandatory for travel companies to declare the climate impact of their long-haul trips.” The »

Trump Bounces Back

Featured image I wrote here and here that, although the Democrats’ impeachment claims are frivolous, they have hurt President Trump in the polls. Trump’s history is that he tends to rise in the polls until a negative news cycle hits–which happens often–and then he will drop back down. In the latter post, I noted that before the impeachment frenzy struck, Trump had been rising in the Rasmussen survey. He was at 53% »

Trade Deal With China Is a Blockbuster

Featured image What the Democrats fear most is happening: President Trump and his negotiating team are reaching wide-ranging agreements with China that will be a huge boon to the United States. In an Oval Office press conference yesterday, President Trump and China’s Vice Premier announced a Phase 1 set of agreements that will be documented over the next several weeks. The video of the press conference is embedded below; Trump’s performance was »

Last Night, We Saw Fascism In the Streets [Updated]

Featured image Last night President Trump conducted a fabulously successful rally at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. Scott had a great experience that included meeting the President and hearing his reporting praised repeatedly by President Trump. The 20,000 who were lucky enough to get into the Target Center had a wonderful time; by all accounts it was one of Trump’s best rallies. But outside the arena, things were quite different. Thousands »

A Sensible Take on Syria

Featured image Liberals’ foreign policy views are inconsistent, but entirely predictable: whatever a Republican president does, they oppose. Thus, Democrats applauded when President Obama prematurely withdrew American troops from Iraq, enabling the rise of ISIS. But when President Trump pulled a few hundred out of Syria, it was: OMG! The Kurds! James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation and the Institute of World Politics gave an interview to the Daily Signal that gives »

A Shout-Out From President Trump [With Multiple Updates]

Featured image President Trump is conducting a rally at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis tonight. I wasn’t able to watch, as I was tied up at a dinner event. But my phone blew up with texts telling me that Trump mentioned Scott and Power Line several times in connection with Ilhan Omar, who represents Minneapolis and some nearby suburbs. Target Center reportedly was packed, with many more outside, for one of »

Farewell, Tomahawk Chop!

Featured image The Daily Caller reports on the latest victory for political correctness: “Braves Axe ‘Tomahawk Chop’ During Game Five After Complaint From Cardinal With Cherokee Heritage.” The Atlanta Braves made a major concession Wednesday before beginning game five of the National League Division Series against the St. Louis Cardinals — they agreed to abandon their normal “Tomahawk Chop” rallying cry. Cardinals rookie pitcher Ryan Helsley, who is of Cherokee descent, had »

Apology and Suggestion

Featured image Posting has been light today because Paul and Scott are observing Yom Kippur, while Steve is cruising in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, I worked a full day and then wended my way to a remote location in Wisconsin where I will be attending an event for the next couple of days. Here is some content though: I was on Seth Leibsohn’s radio show last night, talking about impeachment and more. Seth »

NBA vs. China

Featured image CNN reports on the turmoil in the NBA’s relationship with China. The problems, per CNN, are all Daryl Morey’s fault: A simple image consisting of seven words might be the most troublesome tweet in corporate America this year. Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey caused substantial damage with the NBA’s growing relationship with China after he voiced his support for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protestors. China currently accounts for 10% of »

Illegal Alien? What’s That?

Featured image At Liberty Unyielding, Jerome Woehrle points out an astonishing instance of journalistic ignorance: The Chicago Tribune falsely reported on October 4 that the term “illegal alien” isn’t used in laws or legal circles. It has since failed to fix the error even though lawyers pointed out its error on Twitter and in correction requests. The Chicago Tribune made an error on October 4 that it seemingly refuses to fix, out »