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We’ve Gone Through the Looking Glass

Featured image It is almost unbelievable that the Democrats and their media adjunct are trying to deny that the Obama administration spied on the Trump presidential campaign. Are they unaware of the multiple FISA warrants obtained to spy on Carter Page? Do they not know that the fake Fusion “dossier” was the basis for those FISA warrants, thus eliminating any question about whether the point was to spy on the Trump campaign? »

It’s All About the Backlash

Featured image We wrote here about the fact that Rep. Ilhan Omar was scheduled to give a speech in Woodland Hills, California, for CAIR, the terrorist-supporting unindicted co-conspirator of the Holy Land Foundation prosecution. Sure enough, Omar’s CAIR speech made news. Why? She described the September 11 attacks as “some people did something” so that “all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” It’s all about “us,” although »

Comforting Words From Ocasio-Cortez [Updated]

Featured image We have endured a horrific winter here in Minnesota. Temperatures plunging below -20 F, the snowiest February on record, a winter that wouldn’t end–and still hasn’t. We are in the midst of an 8 to 12 inch late-season snow storm. I took this photo off my front steps this morning and posted it on Instagram: The picture actually understates the case: I always post pretty photos on Instagram. Missing are »

Fascism In Israel? Not Exactly

Featured image Israeli politics are more complicated and sometimes more entertaining than ours. Take the case of Ayelet Shaked, who is, or was last I knew, the Minister of Justice in Netanyahu’s government. Shaked is a software engineer, an IDF special forces veteran, and a solid conservative. She left the Jewish Home party at the end of 2018 and was one of a small group who formed the New Right party. I »

Nunes v. McClatchy

Featured image Devin Nunes has sued The McClatchy Company and Liz Mair in state court in Virginia, alleging defamation and requesting $150 million in damages. The Complaint, which is embedded below, is fun to read. For example, footnote 1: McClatchy is well-known for publishing false stories meant to advance the false narrative that associates of Donald J. Trump colluded with Russia to hack the 2016 presidential election. McClatchy’s outrageous lies about Cleta »

Today, President Trump Tweeted a Video Of Me

Featured image Earlier today, President Trump tweeted this video, which recalls some of his administration’s successes so far and looks forward to another victory in 2020. It is reasonably entertaining and not very long. See if you can spot the high point of the video: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 9, 2019 My eagle-eyed wife realized that a short sequence comes from Turning Point USA’s Young »

Candace Owens Nukes the Democrats [Updated]

Featured image House Democrats held a hearing today on white nationalism and hate crimes. Trying to wrench the narrative back after the stunning demise of the Mueller investigation, I suppose. Candace Owens was called as a witness, presumably by the Republicans. Check out her opening statement, in which she let the Democratic Party have it with both barrels. It is one of the most righteous performances you are ever likely to see: »

Trump Rising

Featured image I’ve been waiting for President Trump’s approval rating to rise in the wake of the collapse of the Mueller investigation. That now seems to be happening, as Rasmussen Reports finds him at 53% approval, 45% disapproval, for a healthy +8 margin. It is also noteworthy that Trump’s “strong approval” now exceeds his “strong disapproval” by one point, something that rarely happened with Barack Obama. Trump’s rising approval may also be »

We Really Don’t Know Clouds At All

Featured image Global warming hysteria is not based on observation–the Earth’s atmosphere is not warming significantly–but, rather, on computer models. Of course, a computer model will do more or less what its designer tells it to, and the fact that the alarmists’ models do not predict global temperatures accurately has somehow failed to dent the religious faith of those who believe in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. The Science and Environmental Policy Project’s »

UPS Won’t Go

Featured image American liberals aspire to be Sweden, so conditions in that country are perennially of interest here and elsewhere in the West. Sweden is actually less liberal than most people think–its tax system, for example, is better and more conservative than ours–but it is true that it has gone all in on refugees. Importing an extraordinary number of Middle Easterners has caused many problems, but reporting on them is controversial. The »

Voters: On Illegal Immigration, the Democrats Are Nuts

Featured image Do you think illegal immigration is a serious problem? If you are like 67 percent of likely voters, you do. If you think illegal immigration is a very serious problem, you have plenty of company–47 percent of voters. Of course, if you are running for president as a Democrat, you don’t think illegal immigration is a problem at all. Eight percent of likely voters agree with you. Not only do »

Annals of Government Medicine

Featured image The Rolling Stones are still touring after all these years. But a week ago, they announced a postponement of their upcoming North American concert series because of a heart condition suffered by Mick Jagger. Then, only days later, it was announced that Jagger had undergone a successful transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedure. Jagger tweeted his thanks to hospital personnel: Thank you everyone for all your messages of support, I’m feeling »

Google Swings Left Again

Featured image Google has done away with its Artificial Intelligence Ethics Board, apparently because leftists at the company objected to inclusion of Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James on the board: [E]mployees immediately claimed that James’s position on transgender identity involved advocating violence against them. An employee leaked an internal discussion on the issue, and the comments proved terrifying. *** Some employees defended James’s addition to the board in the name of »

The Left’s Most Serious Attack on Federalism [Updated]

Featured image Much of the Left’s current wish list–the Green New Deal, reparations–is fantasy. Those proposals are purely for political effect, and aren’t going anywhere. But there is an important exception: there is a serious risk that the Left will succeed in effectively abolishing the Electoral College. That will never be done via constitutional amendment, of course. The small states, a majority, won’t vote for it. But liberals are promoting an Agreement »

Reparations? Please!

Featured image The Democratic presidential candidates are parading in front of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, and the topic of the day is reparations: Beto O’Rourke had just finished speaking about racial injustice to the National Action Network when the Rev. Al Sharpton, its president, pushed him to say a little more. “Your fellow Texan, Sheila Jackson Lee, has proposed a commission to study reparations,” Sharpton said. “If that passes, and you »

Mueller and Trump, Part 2

Featured image Scott wrote last week about Byron York’s revealing podcast with John Dowd, who represented President Trump during a substantial portion of Trump’s dealings with special counsel Robert Mueller. Byron has now posted, on Ricochet, the second installment of his interview with Dowd. He writes about it here. An excerpt: In our earlier talk, Dowd stressed that the Trump White House fully cooperated with Mueller’s investigation, and that on more than »

All In Favor of Infanticide Say “Aye!”

Featured image The Democrats have become extreme across a broad range of issues–socialism and the economy, immigration, energy and the environment, and abortion, to name a few. The Democrats’ enthusiasm for abortion has now led the party to embrace infanticide, something that would have been unthinkable not long ago. Republicans are trying to secure a House vote on the Born Alive Survivors’ Protection Act, which would ban infanticide in the context of »