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A Political Mystery

Featured image Generally I think I understand liberals pretty well. They like wealth and power, and they favor policies that give them more wealth and power. But some issues are puzzling, like their insistence on little children being indoctrinated in transgender ideology. This is a hill that Democrats seem willing to die on, but why? I don’t see that it brings them wealth or power, nor does it advance their cause politically. »

Up Next: Green Starvation

Featured image As has often been noted, environmentalism is, for many, a religion. It now appears that it is a religion that demands human sacrifice. Agricultural productivity depends on fertilizers. The world cannot be fed without them. Yet, when it comes to a tradeoff between carbon dioxide and mass starvation, the “green” left is OK with starvation. Reuters reports: The European Union is divided on how to help poorer nations fight a »

The European Disaster Yet to Come

Featured image Germany has long led the “green” parade, touting its alleged transition to wind and solar energy and encouraging other nations to follow in its footsteps. The “green” pretense has always been exaggerated if not downright fraudulent, as Germany has never managed to meet more than a small percentage of its energy needs with wind and solar. But now, the chickens are coming home to roost, as German manufacturers are seeing »

The Bright Side of Cannabis?

Featured image In my opinion, of all the policy disasters to which the Left has subjected us in recent years, the legalization of marijuana is near the top of the list. This is one area where I part company with doctrinaire libertarians. Wherever cannabis has been legalized, the results have been bad, and are getting worse. People are beginning to notice–in this case, the London Times, on California: “The dark side of »

More Violence From the Left

Featured image Despite Joe Biden’s absurd search for “white supremacist” criminality, the reality is that virtually all political violence comes from the left. The latest case in point occurred on Thursday at the University of New Mexico, where Turning Point USA sponsored a speech by Tomi Lahren. Far-left students, determined not to allow speech they disagree with, created an ugly and dangerous scene (via Breitbart): BREAKING: State police called at TPUSA event »

Young People Shouldn’t Be Vaccinated…

Featured image …or, at a minimum, they shouldn’t be boosted. I am not an anti-vaxxer, although my mind has been opened by recent events. But for now, let’s stay with the case at hand: covid 19 vaccines and boosters, which millions of young people are being required to take, whether they like it or not. College students can’t enroll without getting shots, soldiers are kicked out of the Army if they don’t »

An Honest Man Tells It Like It Is

Featured image I have been surprised at how Democrats have responded to Ron DeSantis’s master stroke of sharing a handful of illegal aliens with the rich liberals on Martha’s Vineyard. “All are welcome here”? Not exactly, and the Vineyard turned out not to be much of a sanctuary, either. Yet Dems like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“crimes against humanity”), Elizabeth Warren (“repulsive and cruel”) and, of course, Joe Biden (“unAmerican”) have doubled down. Is »

A Huge Win for Free Speech [Updated]

Featured image This is seismic: a panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld Texas’s new law banning viewpoint discrimination by the major social media platforms. The case is NetChoice v. Paxton, and the opinion is by Judge Andrew Oldham. Oldham is a brilliant guy with a gilt-edged pedigree. He also was once the General Counsel to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The Texas law is similar to the one I »

Biden Demands White Supremacy

Featured image FBI whistleblowers–in this case, the term is probably warranted–have come forward to say that the Bureau is pressuring them to come up with “white supremacists” to investigate, in order to advance the Biden administration’s agenda: Current and former FBI agents have come forward saying the Biden administration is deliberately exaggerating the danger posed by white supremacists. They claimed that high-ranking FBI officials were pressuring field agents to fabricate domestic terrorism »

Migrants, We Hardly Knew Ye

Featured image Well, that was quick. A mere 50 illegal immigrants threw Martha’s Vineyard into a tizzy, revealing the shallowness of liberals’ humanitarianism. At least one Vineyard resident called on the Obamas to open up their $12 million mansion to the illegals, and there were social media exchanges like this one: I’m in a couple Martha’s Vineyard Facebook groups and they’re all turning on each other. Calling out their friends for not »

Fraud Pays

Featured image It is no secret that our federal, state and local governments waste enormous amounts of money. Neither is it a secret that outright fraud accounts for a significant part of that waste. My organization, which conducts quarterly polling in Minnesota, has twice asked the question, “What is your best estimate of the percentage of state spending that is wasted?” The results were identical: the first time, the median answer was »

Migrants In the Vineyard [Updated]

Featured image The strategy of Greg Abbott and others to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities around the country was a stroke of genius. Not that it was original: for at least the last five or six years, a friend has been emailing me to the effect that illegals should be sent to Marin County, Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco mansion, and, above all, Martha’s Vineyard. That, he said, would bring the open »

“Green” Energy Will Bankrupt Us

Featured image It is remarkable that, with the example of Europe before us, and with blackouts in California and Texas in the immediate past, our masters are plunging ahead with plans to do away with fossil fuels in favor of solar and wind energy. I have written many times about what folly this is, and won’t repeat those arguments here. Instead, something new. Minnesota’s far-left Governor Tim Walz has proposed to make »

Biden’s Personal Gestapo

Featured image The FBI appears content with its role as the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, somewhat like–although, so far, not as bad as–the role the Ku Klux Klan played years ago. The Mar-a-Lago raid was a low point, but the FBI has followed up with more intimidation tactics. Subpoenas reportedly have been served on dozens of Republicans, apparently fishing for some evidence of a connection to the almost entirely peaceful »

I’ve Seen Gaslighting and I’ve Seen the Stock Market Tank

Featured image The Dow was down 1,276 points today, or 4%. Why? The August inflation number came in worse than expected: The new data showed the consumer-price index rose 8.3% in August from the same month a year ago. That was down from 8.5% in July and 9.1% in June—the highest inflation rate in four decades. But on a month-to-month basis, the figures showed inflation accelerating in August, dashing investors’ hopes that »

Who’s Extreme?

Featured image Like me, you probably have been flabbergasted by Joe Biden’s attempt to paint Republicans as violent extremists. Biden’s attacks reflect an alternate reality that seems to come from some other universe. This video (via InstaPundit) does an excellent job of exposing the insanity of Biden’s worldview: Who ever did this video. Freaking awesome. — 🇺🇲Patriot Knights Of America, AZ,NM 3%✝️ (@knights_america) September 9, 2022 Sadly, I note that a »

Stelter Goes to Harvard

Featured image Brian Stelter was fired by CNN as part of the network’s effort to shift its image away from far left commentary and toward mainstream news coverage. While at CNN, Stelter used his platform to aggressively promote Democratic Party themes, and in particular to make war on CNN’s more successful rival, Fox News. But Stelter has landed on his feet: he is going to Harvard. Stelter broke the news on social »