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A Covid Coda

Featured image Anthony Fauci testified today before the House Oversight Committee. If any significant news emerged, I haven’t seen it. In the part I watched, the most disgraceful moments were furnished by the ranking Democrat, Jamie Raskin, who said the Republicans were attacking Fauci to distract attention from the failures of Joe Biden’s predecessor, whose mishandling of the virus caused 400,000 needless deaths. Thus redefining chutzpah. On the Republican side, Marjorie Taylor »

A Win For the People

Featured image Mary Moriarty is the pro-crime County Attorney for Hennepin County, Minnesota. We have written about her a number of times, including her prosecution of State Trooper Ryan Londregan (here, here and here.) The linked posts contain more detailed accounts of the facts, but briefly, Trooper Londregan and his partner tried to execute an arrest warrant on a career criminal named Ricky Cobb. Cobb, knowing he was in trouble as a »

The Trial and Its Aftermath

Featured image Last night, I was on the Outsiders program on Sky News Australia, talking about the Trump trial, the verdict, the likely sentence, and the aftermath. It is a quick, six minute segment that I think is worth your time. At the end, I expressed the conviction that our country is in far deeper trouble than is commonly recognized. Much more on that topic in days to come: »

The Faithful Are Faithful

Featured image Donald Trump is a long-time fan of mixed martial arts, and a good friend of Dana White, the proprietor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Trump has often attended UFC events as White’s guest. He did that again last night, in one of his first public appearances (maybe the first) since the absurd Manhattan verdict. Check out the crowd’s reaction when he entered the arena: Donald Trump gets a standing ovation »

A Prediction

Featured image I probably should have given up prognosticating after the 2016 election, when I predicted that Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton. I have hardly gotten one right since. But a little while ago, on Sky News Australia, I offered a prediction that I will repeat here. The question was, what do I think Judge Merchan’s sentence will be? I prefaced my answer with the observation that Merchan will do whatever »

Slow Joe Comments

Featured image Well, he doesn’t actually, unless you count the smile. Reporters ask Biden to comment on Donald Trump’s claim that he is a political prisoner and Biden is responsible: Oh he's fine. This is fine. Doing good. — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) May 31, 2024 It is hard to say whether Biden’s silence reflects a considered decision to say nothing about the travesty in Manhattan, or he is simply unable »

Another Officer Down

Featured image A week ago, I wrote an op-ed in the New York Post on the condition of Minneapolis, four years after the death of George Floyd. My assessment was not very positive. It included this, on crime: Crime spiked throughout Minneapolis beginning with the [2020] riots. While violent crime has declined somewhat since 2021, it remains elevated far above pre-George Floyd levels. This is due largely to the fact that the »

Where Do We Go From Here?

Featured image For the second time in their ignoble history, the Democrats have fired on Fort Sumter. Now the question is, what are we going to do about it? I wrote my initial thoughts on the Trump verdict yesterday afternoon. I want to add to them here. If Joe Biden is re-elected following this outrage, he will be an illegitimate president. What does that mean? It means, I think, that no one »

Guilty [Updated]

Featured image A grotesquely biased jury of Trump-haters, led by a judge who put service to his party above his judicial responsibilities, has returned guilty verdicts against Donald Trump on all 34 counts with which he was–absurdly–charged. What this shows is that the most important variable in any case is who decides it. Here, the Democrats knew that they could impanel a rabidly anti-Trump jury in Manhattan, so they did so. It »

As We Await the Verdict

Featured image The jury is out in the Democratic Party’s New York prosecution of Donald Trump. We should have a verdict by the weekend. In the meantime, here are some thoughts. This prosecution is a political act, intended to disable Donald Trump and help win the 2024 election for Joe Biden. It is not even in the ballpark of being legitimate law enforcement. I think that most pundits who have commented on »

Texas Turns Right

Featured image There are a number of states that we think of as conservative, and that are dominated politically by Republicans, but that are not, in policy terms, as much to the right as one might expect. For quite a while, Texas has been on that list. It has been effectively governed by a handful of political insiders who are not, for the most part, particularly conservative. But that appears to be »

Hurray for Haley

Featured image I am not as big a fan of Nikki Haley as a lot of Republicans, but this was well done: Nikki Haley wrote “finish them!” on the side of a fresh Israeli artillery shell during a visit to Israel. *** Despite other politicians from both sides denouncing the country’s aggressive offensive in Gaza, including democrat and fellow Israel supporter Chuck Schumer, Ms Haley has repeatedly rushed to Israel’s defence. On »

Historians Need Not Apply

Featured image Well-educated but barely employable: that description, which once would have seemed paradoxical, describes an increasing number of Americans. One of them is David Walsh, who has a PhD in history but apparently can’t get a tenure-track job. Until now, Walsh was best known as a far-left flamer on Twitter. But, in a cri de cœur, he let the cat out of the bag–how he really feels about DEI. Walsh explained »

Dump Biden?

Featured image Speculation that the Democrats would dump Joe Biden from their 2024 ticket has been rife for a long time. For quite a while, I thought it was almost inevitable. Rasmussen finds that currently, most Democrats wouldn’t mind seeing Joe go: In February, 48% of Democratic voters said they would approve of their party finding another candidate to replace Biden, but that number has now risen to 54%, including 25% of »

China Cracks Down

Featured image China’s Xi Jinping is building on the covid surveillance state to tighten the Communist Party’s control on the Chinese people. The New York Times reports: The wall in the police station was covered in sheets of paper, one for every building in the sprawling Beijing apartment complex. Each sheet was further broken down by unit, with names, phone numbers and other information on the residents. Perhaps the most important detail, »

Get the Inside Scoop From Israel [Updated]

Featured image It’s not too late: American Experiment is hosting Naftali Bennett, the former (and likely future) Prime Minister of Israel as the speaker at our Annual Dinner on June 6. Follow the link for information and to buy tickets, which I highly recommend if you live in reasonable proximity to Minnesota. The Annual Dinner is a fundraiser, so tickets are intentionally not cheap. On the other hand, going out to dinner »

Anti-Semites Stage a Walkout

Featured image The Wing Luke Museum is an art and history museum in Seattle that focuses on the culture, art and history of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. It recently staged an exhibit on “hate,” which was too much for its staff, half of whom walked off the job in protest: Nearly 30 Seattle museum staffers have shut down the art center in protest of its new “Confronting Hate Together” »