The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Formulaic Edition

Featured image Is it any wonder that a nation currently run by infants would run short of baby formula? There is something fitting about this shortage. One wonders whether Biden is diverting supplies to his van so he can cruise nurseries or something. I hear that bare shelves are perfect places to affix your “I did that!” stickers since most gasoline pumps are well covered by this point. Meanwhile, to employ a »

The Week in Pictures: Ultra-Maga Edition

Featured image You mean MAGA comes in pints?! Hooray. Thanks Joe. Now I have a whole new level to aim for. If it means a return of 2 percent inflation, $2 diesel, and the government recognizing “women” again, then I’m down for it.   Headlines of the week: Okay nerds and geeks, get ready, because here they come (an extra large helping this week) . . . And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Protest Everything Edition

Featured image I’ve got a great new business opportunity for someone: reversible protest signs. One side reads, “Down with Elon Musk!” The other side reads, “Down with the Supreme Court!” Call the enterprise “Sustainable Protest Supplies,” but make sure you use recycled paperboard. Incidentally, one of Stan Evans’s old Monday Club jokes ran: “Bob Dole has come out for reversing Roe v. Wade. He wants it to be Wade v. Roe.” A »

The Week in Pictures: Kleptocracy Edition

Featured image Look, let’s not be too hard on Biden. I’m sure it’s hard for any Democrat to pronounce “kleptocracy.” It could have happened to Elizabeth Warren. Meanwhile, Musk’s Twitter gambit is having surprising staying power, with its meme half-life, measured in WSMU (Will Smith Meme Units) coming in at a solid four. Some prototypes of Biden’s “modernized” military: Headlines of the week:   And finally. . . »

The Geek in Pictures: Wages of Wokery Edition

Featured image • Let’s start with some Pew data on changes in public trust for some of our institutions. You’ll see the two parties switch places on most institutions during precisely the time period so many institutions (such as banks and tech companies) decided to jump on the woke bandwagon. Not sure this will end well for liberals, though: Data on auto theft trends in Washington state after a change in the »

The Week in Pictures: Maskless Edition

Featured image Free at last! Free at last! Thank God (and Trump judges), we’re free at last! Or at least until a bunch of Obama appeals court judges reverse the district court. Which would be the worst political move ever for the Biden White House (though there is stiff competition for that designation, to be sure). In any case, the number of mask wearers will soon shrink to about the level of »

The Week in Pictures: Pooped President Edition

Featured image It took Jimmy Carter three years for his popularity among the wildlife community to sink to the point that a hissing swamp rabbit defied the Secret Service cordon and assailed Carter, but here we are, not yet 18 months into Biden’s reign, and pigeons are pooping on him. Though probably not near as much as voters will in November. Well at least he hasn’t lost a battleship (yet), unlike that »

The Geek in Pictures: Defund Edition

Featured image • I missed this Pew Survey from last fall that demonstrates that the “defund the police” and “soft on crime” attitudes are the position predominantly of while liberals. Minority support for more police spending went up in the second half of 2020 and 2021—gee, I wonder why? From “Growing Share of Americans Want More Police Spending in Their Area“: Related: • Some facts and figures about Russia’s oil and natural »

The Week in Pictures: Scent of Musk Edition

Featured image This was the week the smug Twitter twits experienced pucker factor that went to eleven. I think their real objection is that an African-American has become Twitter’s largest shareholder (heh), and given the projection-mode of the left, who can say it isn’t true? Maybe Musk can get Biden kicked off Twitter as payback for the Trump ban, but who would notice? Has Biden ever tweeted out anything interesting or memorable? »

The Geek in Pictures: Catch Up Edition

Featured image Time to catch up with things. Starting with the fact that inflation in the U.S. is running conspicuously higher than other industrialized nations. • Don’t look now, but the housing market may be heading into some difficulty. Here’s the slightly longer cycle: • Energy, starting with the reminder that it was only about 15 years ago that Europe produced more natural gas than Russia exported. Gee—I wonder what happened to »

The Week in Pictures: Slap-Happy Edition

Featured image The Smith-Rock Incident is bidding fair to become The Slap Heard Round the World. I’m surprised the House January 6 Committee hasn’t expanded its jurisdiction to include a review of the videotape like it was the Zapruder film, to see if it was a fix intended to distract attention from Trump. Has Kamala commented yet? Oh, please please make it so. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Oscars Suddenly Relevant Edition

Featured image I guess I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. No, wait—that’s not how it’s supposed to go. I guess I picked the wrong year to give up on the Academy Awards. What are the odds that next year’s Academy Awards will be co-hosted by Will Smith and Chris Rock? Because there’s no way the Motion Picture Academy will try the only other host who could bring back viewers: »

The Week in Pictures: Women’s Question Edition

Featured image What do women want? Men have just been handed a great dodge in the form of the Democratic Party: If you can’t even identify a woman, how can you know what zir wants? The only thing better that the spectacle of Judge Jackson answering this question would be Kamala Harris answering this question.   Headlines of the week: And finally. . . continuing with a theme: »

The Geek in Pictures: Inflated Claims Edition

Featured image • Scott noted the advice of Judge Laurence Silberman that federal judges consciously avoid hiring Yale Law School graduates, and it appears possible that some judges may have already reached this conclusion. Note the drop in Yale clerks from the last few years: Derek Muller of the University of Iowa’s College of Law spotted this trends and notes: It’s worth noting that federal judges do change their hiring preferences, and we »

The Week in Pictures: Putin Us On Edition

Featured image I’m confused. I thought everything was Donald Trump’s fault? But now I hear everything is Vlady Putin’s fault? It’s almost like he’s an international banker or something. Or maybe he’s the new Corn Pop—a “bad dude” if there ever was one. Quick: What did Neil Kinnock say about times like this? Maybe Biden is just Putin us on. As usual. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Biden Degringolade Edition

Featured image Do we really need any more evidence that the Biden Administration is a complete failure? Who you gonna believe—Jen Psaki or the your lying’ eyes looking at the gasoline pump? I’m tempted to wonder whether Biden can even make it to this November, let alone November 2024. And then it hits me—he has the world’s greatest political insurance policy: Kamala Harris. The ghost of Spiro Agnew smiles. Headlines of the »

The Geek in Pictures: Inflated Edition

Featured image With today’s report finding inflation is anything but “transitory,” time to note that it’s not just oil and natural gas that are spiking. Everything is. Except for one thing: Biden’s approval rating. Let’s start with this modification of the famous chart of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow in 1812 that Edward Tufte called the greatest data chart ever conceived: News item: Congress passes new $1.5 trillion spending bill. Inflation? What inflation? »