The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Woke Coke Edition

Featured image Coca-Cola’s new motto was unveiled last week: “Have a Coke and some bile!” Or maybe “It’s the zeal thing!” “Things go better with woke?” 1989’s official slogan can also be modified to fit the times: “The official soft drink of summer (riot season).” And when can we get some Woke Zero?? And what’s all this about Mr. Potato Head going genderless? Mr. Coffee is going to be very upset. Meanwhile, »

The Geek in Pictures: Signals Edition

Featured image So, interest rates keep rising, along with commodity prices. (And gasoline prices.) And yet Democrats want to spend another $4 trillion right away. What could go wrong? Maybe the government will pay for it with gains on GameStop stock. Which is rising again. Heck, this last chart makes me want to get a head start on Saturday: Some data on race and policing, by ideology and race: Some COVID perspectives: »

The Week in Pictures: Post-Impeachment Letdown Edition

Featured image Impeachment—wasn’t that about five years ago? What will the Democrats do for an encore? How many times can you go to this well? Not even a great GameStop hearing can stop their game. The better come up with something—fast—or the media might get bored and start asking questions about Andrew Cuomo. Headlines of the week:   And finally. . . »

The Geek in Pictures: Cold Facts Edition

Featured image So this week seems like a great time to talk about global warming. Except that we can see now why the climatistas decided to change the name to climate change a while ago: no one would buy the idea right this week, with 80 percent of the country below freezing and all those magical windmills seizing up. Of course, there’s no helping some people: Do you have heat and electricity? »

The Week in Pictures: Impeachment Sequel Edition

Featured image Is it merely a coincidence that the Annual Trump Impeachment nearly coincided with Groundhog Day? This really is becoming as regular and tedious as Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. What’s that? Oh. Well, at least he’s a Trump supporter, which makes sense doesn’t it? Doesn’t everyone who has a supermodel trophy wife support Trump? I think I read that in Trophy Wife Aficionado magazine. (Or is that “MAGA-zine”?)   Headlines of »

The Geek in Pictures: Peak Super Bowl Edition

Featured image • Is the Super Bowl slowly losing its audience, and if so, why? (I have a guess. . .) Gee, that downward kink in the viewership line coincides with the beginning of The Great Kaepernick Wokekneeling. Here’s more detail: This might have deeper roots: The great Roger Pielke Jr. has more here. Chaser (though the x-axis could use the years instead of raw numbers): And about those halftime shows. . »

The Week in Pictures: Circleback Edition

Featured image The catchphrase for the Obama Administration was “leading from behind,” which was easy to confuse with “leading with our behinds” if you just looked at their policies. And already we have our catch phrase for the Biden Administration: “Circle back.” Perfect really, since the Biden Administration is circling back to Obama policies, and then doubling down on them in an effort to encircle American freedom. And then there’s the Lincoln »

The Geek in Pictures: A Little Climate, A Little COVID

Featured image Let’s see what’s in the charts and graphs pile for this week. First up, let’s look at some climate and energy-related pics: Still think we should cut back on fracking Mr. Biden: Don’t worry—Biden is going to fix this real fast. . . You know how we keep hearing of the risk of death from climate change? Well, never mind. . . And climate crisis you say? From the looks »

The Week in Pictures: Reddit Hood Edition

Featured image This is the week that Reddit became a greater menace to the modern world than Donald Trump’s defunct Twitter feed. Or at least that’s what the major media trying to hold on to their three readers would have you think. Hasn’t President Biden come up with an executive order that will make everyone come out even, and deliver cute free puppies while we’re at it? If only GameStop made solar »

The Week in Pictures Extra: Special GameStop Edition

Featured image Good grief, the Biden era is providing an embarrassment of riches in the TWiP department, and as tomorrow’s gallery is already groaning at the gills, this is one of those times when a special edition is justified, even on a Friday afternoon, because the GameStop escapade just won’t quit. Old and busted: Wall Street banks are too big to fail! New hotness: Wall Street hedge funds are too big to »

The Geek in Pictures: No Energy in the Executive Edition

Featured image Time to grok some graphics. . . • The Biden-Harris Administration is determined to be anti-energy, the opposite of Alexander Hamilton’s hopes for “energy in the executive.” They want to start by ending fossil fuel subsidies. This first chart is hard to make out (you may be able to enlarge it), but it shows that “renewables” receive ten times the amount of subsidies as fossil fuels. Roy Spencer comments: But federal »

The Week in Bernie Memes

Featured image Okay, it’s official: The Bernie Sanders Lawn Chair Memes have taken over the world. They’ve rocketed to the top of the socialist charts, the best showing since 1917. This is the first time in recorded history that socialism has ever produced anything in abundance (except misery of course). Chris Christie’s beach chair escapade has been eclipsed, and needless to say, eclipsing Christie is no simple task! So this calls for »

The Week in Pictures: Bernie’s Mittens Edition

Featured image Joe Biden was the supposed “moderate” in the Democratic field, but 72 hours in, is there anything Pres. Biden has done so far that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have done just as fast? Perhaps it is more than symbolic that the leading image that emerged from the inauguration is Bernie sitting alone in a folding chair with his mittens like the wizard-figure he’s become in the Democratic Party, even though he’s »

The Geek in Pictures: Biden Baseline Edition

Featured image Time for another periodic nerdgasm. • It’s a miracle! Biden becomes president and COVID hospitalizations begin to decline! • This chart explains all you need to know about why our elites love the lockdowns. Think of them maybe as “Baby Zoomers.” • Consumer sentiment still stinks. But notice in the second one that Democrat consumers are suddenly ebullient, probably because they’ve already made plans to spend their $2000 Biden Bucks. »

The Geek in Pictures: Pre-Crash Edition

Featured image • With near-President Biden proposing to spend $1.9 trillion out of the gate in what will likely be just a down payment on the next wave of the liberal agenda, worth thinking about what could possibly go wrong. Well, maybe inflation, or a crash (or both). Right now we aren’t seeing much inflation, even though the Federal Reserve is goosing the money supply like it’s 2009 on steroids. That’s the »

The Week in Pictures: Trumpeachment Edition

Featured image MIGA! Make impeachment great again! Like any other Democratic policy initiative these days, it is going to be a complete fiasco. I’ll bet the website——works about as well as the launch of the Obamacare websites in 2013. I’m sure incoming Senate Majority Leader Schumer will be delighted to get the article of impeachment sent over from the House. And if Speaker Pelosi doesn’t send it, Republican Senators should demand every »

The Geek in Pictures: From Climate to Modern Love

Featured image Another periodic installment of a look at the world through charts and graphs. • We keep hearing that “the world is on fire,” but a recent study shows a slightly declining trend in carbon emissions from wildfires over the last 20 years: While we’re on the subject. . . • Modern love—the chart version: Good to see that bars and restaurants are stepping up their game. • More in the »