Podcast: The 3WHH, on What’s In the News Today, Oh Boy!

Featured image We decided to just do a recap of the remarkable news of the week, because we learned that there is a reason we’ll miss Jen Psaki at the White House (plus a shout out to the forgotten Dee Dee Myers, who looks pretty good in retrospect); that the Anthony Scaramucci duration-in-office scale remains useful for marking the tenure in office of Nina Jankowitz (who nonetheless lasted longer than CNN+); that »

Bill Maher Crosses the Line?

Featured imageBill Maher must have overdosed on red pills this week, because his closing rant last night took on the holiest of left-wing holies—the transgender movement. One thing to note if you watch all the way through is the severe disapproving look on the face of Democratic Party factotum Donna Brazile. She is clearly not happy that Maher is “going there.” This is one issue about which the left will tolerate »

They call him Mister Putz!

Featured imageWhen the Minnesota Department of Human Rights filed its 72-page charge of discrimination against the beleaguered and undermanned Minneapolis Police Department, I submitted a Data Practices Act request with the department for public inspection of the 480,000 pages of documents underlying the charge. I do not take the department’s charge at face value for reasons I suggested in “Who will speak for the MPD?” On May 10 I heard back »

Watergate in the balance

Featured imageWith perfect timing Christopher Caldwell reviews what we have learned about Watergate in the past 50 years. Caldwell’s First Things essay is titled “Regime change, American style.” The occasion of Caldwell’s essay is the publication of Garrett Graff’s Watergate: A New History. Caldwell’s essay usefully reminds us that, 50 years later, we still have no idea what the Watergate burglars were looking for. Whatever it was, however, they came away »

The Week in Pictures: Formulaic Edition

Featured imageIs it any wonder that a nation currently run by infants would run short of baby formula? There is something fitting about this shortage. One wonders whether Biden is diverting supplies to his van so he can cruise nurseries or something. I hear that bare shelves are perfect places to affix your “I did that!” stickers since most gasoline pumps are well covered by this point. Meanwhile, to employ a »

Chavez, Maduro, Biden and Newsom

Featured imageIn a banana republic, what do you do when your citizens don’t have enough money because of your socialist economic policies? Simple: print more money! There was a time when we thought American politics were above such insanity, but those days are gone. The Biden administration’s multi-trillion dollar money-printing spree has launched the worst inflation since the Carter administration and the longest collapse of the Dow since 1932. Nice going, »


Featured imageA woman has made a hearsay allegation against Elon Musk, claiming that on a company airplane in 2016, he exposed himself to and propositioned a flight attendant. The woman who made the claim says she is a friend of the flight attendant. It is alleged that Space-X paid the flight attendant $250,000 when she left the company. Funny how that works: no one needed to know any of this until »

Friday Morning Coming Down

Featured imageIt was some time in the 9th grade when I heard my first Genesis song, “Firth of Fifth” (from Selling England by the Pound) either on KROQ or KMET, one of the two legendary “alternative rock” stations in LA back in the glory days of radio. (Aside: the day KMET abruptly changed format to some kind of smooth rock format in 1986 ranks next to the breakup of The Beatles »

Quote of the day

Featured imageGlenn Reynolds’s New York Post column on the left’s hatred of Elon Musk has just rotated off our Picks. In case you missed it, I designate this paragraph the quote of the day: Musk is our greatest tycoon, and while NASA can’t seem to get a spaceship into orbit reliably, he’s been launching rockets and satellites and astronauts at a pace that no mere nation-state can achieve. And he’s doing »

Over the rainbow

Featured imageI infer that Dr. Oz is going to emerge as the winner of the Pennsylvania when the initial tally is completed. With 99 percent of the votes counted as of Thursday evening, he led David McCormick by 1,100 votes or 0.1 percent. His lead has narrowed from about 2,600 votes or 0.2 percent as of late Tuesday evening. The final tally will land in automatic recount territory, but the recount »

Is The New Deal Unconstitutional?

Featured imageWell, duh—the obvious answer is YES. But that hasn’t been a winning argument in the Supreme Court since 1935 unfortunately. In the aftermath of the leaked Dobbs opinion, the left has been in a panic about what other “rights” the Supreme Court might take away, like the right to same sex marriage, inter-racial marriage, contraception, and watching European soccer in the middle of the night. The left lacks imagination, and apparently »

Coming Soon

Featured imageWhat is a woman? The question that stumped a Supreme Court nominee now resonates through our culture. And, in a rare coup of timing, the movie What Is a Woman?, produced by the Daily Wire, starring Matt Walsh and directed by my friend Justin Folk, will be released on June 1. Matt and Justin traveled around the world, searching for the answer to a simple question that suddenly has become »

At the Bradley Prizes

Featured imageThe Bradley Foundation held its annual Bradley Prizes award ceremony this week in Washington on May 17. Moderated by the Wall Street Journal’s own former Bradley Prize-winning Kim Strassel, the event honored 2022 recipients Wilfred McClay, Glenn Loury, and Chen Guangcheng. Having been sent a link to view the ceremony via live stream, my wife and I watched at our kitchen table. When the great Bill McClay finished speaking, my »

Dem Midterm Wipeout Watch (6)*

Featured image• The latest Quinnipiac Poll is out, and it shows further erosion for Biden and Democrats. Biden’s general approval rating has slumped to 35 percent (down from 38 percent in the last Quinnipiac Poll). Most startling is the fact that Biden fares worst with hispanic voters on the question of job approval, with only 26 percent approving (down from over 50 percent last year) and significantly lower than white voters: »

That which cannot be said

Featured imageThe Senate Interior Committee held a hearing yesterday to examine the Biden administration’s fiscal year 2023 budget request for the Department of the Interior. The committee has posted video of the hearing here. The hearing presented an opportune moment for Interior Secretary Deborah Haaland to let her light shine and she did not disappoint. In the clip below Secretary Haaland avoids answering the question whether gas prices are too high. »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageSteve and I have both weighed in on the six-month search for a bad spin on MAGA. Now it’s Ammo Grrrll’s turn to explore the PROCESS behind the marketing genius that produced Ultra MAGA. She has somehow obtained a transcript of the focus group assembled to do the work as she takes us deep inside the SIX MONTHS OF “RESEARCH” to BESMIRCH. She writes: A crack team of “researchers” assembled »

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty?

Featured imageThe long-awaited trial of Democratic Party fixer Michael Sussman is under way. Sussman is charged with one count of lying to the FBI, the lie being that when he came to the Bureau with fake information about Donald Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank, he was acting as a public-spirited citizen and not on behalf of any client. Today former FBI general counsel James Baker testified that Sussman told him that »