2020 Presidential Election

Voting rights, lies, and videotape

Featured image President Biden and most Senate Democrats want to make “voting rights” a hill to die on. They want to “carve out” the Senate filibuster rules to ram their current bill through. Biden is headed to Atlanta today to perform in support of the Senate version of the bill. In its Senate incarnation it is titled the “Freedom to Vote Act.” Posing a question about the bill to Rep. James Clyburn »

January 6 in Pictures: Dem-Media Overreach Edition

Featured image As a footnote to yesterday’s leftist jamboree about January 6, let’s note the signs and symbols that the left is waaaayyy overreaching with this. I hope they keep up with this narrative, as it is certain to alienate more and more Americans, even ones with little or no sympathy for Trump. (There are several surveys, in fact, finding a majority of the public regards the events of last January 6 »

Who Are the “Insurrectionists”?

Featured image Something called the Chicago Project on Security and Threats at the University of Chicago yesterday published a fascinating report on the “American Face of Insurrection” that looks closely at the demographics of the more than 700 individuals who were arrested for the dire events at the capitol a year ago. While the report is couched in the conventional media language of how the January 6 “insurrection” was “an act of »

Polls: Dems are less accepting than Republicans of election defeat

Featured image Democrats and their mainstream media allies express dismay, if not alarm, over a poll that shows 58 percent of Republicans don’t believe Joe Biden was elected legitimately. However, Byron York points out that in the Fall of 2017, the same pollster found that 67 percent of Democrats said Trump was not legitimately elected. Given the drumbeat of unfounded claims by mainstream media outlets of Russian collusion in the election of »

Shapes of things: Laptop from hell edition

Featured image New York Post columnist Miranda Devine has committed the story of the laptop from hell to book form. Published on November 30, the book is Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide. The story is familiar to Power Line readers, yet in Devine’s telling it comes infuriatingly to life — an almost unbelievable story of censorship and suppression in the land »

Dems investigate funder of election protest rally

Featured image Julie Fancelli, the subject of a Washington Post drive-by attack, has contributed millions of dollars to charity through a family foundation. She also contributes generously to conservative political candidates. In late December of last year, she made substantial contributions to groups sponsoring and promoting the January 6 protest rally in Washington, D.C. The money apparently was used to pay travel and hotel expenses for some of the pro-Trump protesters. Fancelli »

Did Chris Christie deliver?

Featured image Earlier this week, I wrote about how Chris Christie ripped his former ally Donald Trump for not delivering on key agenda items as president. I agreed generally with Christie’s complaint, but noted that, as Trump’s term went on and he replaced some of his early appointees, the delivery improved. I suggested several possible explanations for why Trump got off to a slow start, but omitted an important one — Chris »

Trump’s litmus test

Featured image Yesterday, I observed that Sen. Mark Kelly is “underwater” in Arizona. Polls show that more Arizonans disapprove of his performance in the Senate than approve of it. And Kelly is up for reelection (or defeat) in less than a year. In passing, I noted that early polling among Republicans puts Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich well out in front of other GOP Senate hopefuls in the state. He is the »

Russia hoax whitewash era begins

Featured image The Clinton presidential campaign’s fabrication of the Russia hoax is the dirtiest trick in American political history. Beginning with Glenn Simpson/Fusion GPS and the Perkins Coie law firm, it enlisted co-conspirators in the Obama Department of Justice, the FBI, and the mainstream media. The principals are not only still at large, they have achieved high office, wealth, riches, and Pulitzer Prizes. They will never be brought to justice. They won’t »

John Durham works in mysterious ways

Featured image But at least he is working. Federal authorities today arrested Igor Danchenko, an “analyst” who in 2016 gathered leads about possible links between Donald Trump and Russia for Democratic-funded opposition research. Danchenko was what Christopher Steele, who put the phony dossier together, has described as his “primary sub-source.” Gathering leads for opposition research can be a nasty business but, without more, it’s not a crime. However, lying to federal authorities »

The case of Hunter Biden

Featured image The alliance of the Democratic Party with the mainstream media and Big Tech serves to suppress politically inconvenient news and promote fake news such as the Shamala space video. What is Hunter Biden good for? The story of Hunter Biden and his laptop can serve as a useful case study. His story certainly makes for his highest and best use (not that there is a lot of competition in that »

John Eastman: A comment on the Federalist Society [with comment by Paul]

Featured image I take it that Paul Mirengoff has been given to understand that this morning’s Claremont Institute statement errs insofar as it bears on the Federalist Society’s treatment of John Eastman. Paul comments at the bottom of my post incorporating Claremont’s statement that “earlier this year, Eastman did speak at a [Federalist Society] chapter event at Arizona State University — this despite pressure from the administration there not to allow him »

The Claremont statement [with comment by Paul]

Featured image The Claremont Institute has recently come under attack over the role of John Eastman in events following the presidential election. The institute has just issued issued the statement below signed by President Ryan Williams and Chairman Tom Klingenstein (the links below are in the original). * * * * * The Claremont Institute does not normally comment on the work of its scholars. But a recent combined disinformation, de-platforming, and »

Bar complaints, the left’s latest tactic for silencing opponents

Featured image Steve has mentioned the bar complaint filed against John Eastman for the legal advice he provided in support of Donald Trump’s effort to stop Joe Biden from becoming president. Christian Adams has written what I consider a powerful takedown of this attempt to punish Eastman for providing legal advice that anti-Trumpers disagree with on a subject they are passionate about. A similar thing is happening to Jeff Clark, the former »

The Terrors of “Justice,” In Re: J. Eastman

Featured image As I survey the current scene, I’m inclined to take the long view, which goes all the way back to Watergate. One of the ignored subtexts of Watergate is that a part of the fury behind the drive to get Nixon is that Nixon had made clear after his 1972 landslide his determination to challenge directly the power of the permanent bureaucracy, and thereby the power base of the Democratic »

Andrew Yang, former Democrat

Featured image Of the Democratic presidential contenders in 2019-20 who made it past the early days of the campaign, I thought Andrew Yang was the most interesting and the only one with any appeal. Pete Buttigieg seemed interesting for a minute. Then I realized that he’s just a standard leftist who happens to prefer having sex with other guys and speaks a lot of languages. Tulsi Gabbard was interesting, especially when she »

With the Claremont Institute

Featured image My friend Bruce Sanborn was chairman of the Claremont Institute for something like 20 years, if not more. That is a wild guess — Bruce is traveling in Croatia or I would have the exact number for you. Bruce recruited Tom Klingenstein to the board and stepped down upon the accession of Tom to the chairmanship a few years back. Over that approximately 20-year period, Bruce and I attended the »