2020 Presidential Election

Tap dancing with Tapper

Featured image CNN’s Jake Tapper recently bragged on a New York Times podcast that he has refused to book Republicans who harbor doubts that the 2020 election was entirely on the square. I read about it in Politico’s Playbook this past Friday and took the statement at face value. However, Byron York documents the pushback of Republicans invited to appear on Tapper’s show since the election who have declined the honor. These »

Does Trump think he will be reinstated as president? [With Comment by John]

Featured image I don’ credit anything the mainstream media writes about Donald Trump. In most cases, I don’t assume what organs like the New York Times and the Washington Post say about the former is president is false — i.e., that it is “fake news.” But neither do I assume it’s true. The mainstream media is now reporting that Trump still thinks he can overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential race. »

Trump lashes out

Featured image On Saturday, Donald Trump spoke to a Republican National Committee event at Mar-a-Lago. From reports by some in attendance, it looks like the former president, in true Trumpian fashion, aired grievances and bitterly attacked former allies. Most notably, Trump went after Mitch McConnell. Reportedly, he called the Minority Leader a “dumb son of a bitch” and claimed that Chuck Schumer would never have allowed the 2020 presidential results to be »

Shapes of things (29)

Featured image Our friend John Eastman is the former law clerk to Clarence Thomas and former Chapman University law professor. John was in the news this past January in connection with election related advice he rendered in the Oval Office to President Trump and Vice President Pence. John recently sat for an interview on issues of election fraud with Spectator Washington editor Amber Athey. The Spectator’s pseudonymous Cockburn now reports that YouTube »

Sidney’s Powell doctrine

Featured image I began my exit from President Trump train asserting that the election was “stolen” from him with a viewing of the Trump legal team’s 90-minute press conference of November 19, 2020. Linking to videos of the press conference, I commented in “A conspiracy so immense” and in “Exit Sidney Powell.” I didn’t understand President Trump’s endgame and failed to complete my exit until January 6 in “A shameful day.” Among »

Trump’s coronavirus response

Featured image Byron York reassesses Donald Trump’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus. His points will be familiar to faithful readers of Power Line. Indeed, his reassessment is essentially the same as our initial assessment. There are two aspects to Trump’s response. They are: (1) attempts to limit the virus’ spread, pre-vaccine and (2) attempts to develop and deploy vaccines. Clearly, Trump deserves very high marks on the latter aspect. As Byron writes: »

CRB: The continuing crisis

Featured image Michael Anton wrote “The Flight 93 election” on the then upcoming 2016 presidential election under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus. Published by the Claremont Review of Books on September 5, it proved to be the most consequential essay on the election because Rush Limbaugh took it up and read from it on his September 7 show that year. When Anton returned in 2020 with The Stakes and the American Mind »

CRB: “You’re fired!”

Featured image We continue our preview of the new (Winter) issue of the Claremont Review of Books with the third of four essays on the outcome of the election (on Friday we will have a fifth, on the Electoral College). Today we turn to the contribution of CRB senior editor William Voegeli. Bill’s contribution to the issue’s essays on the election is “You’re fired!” Subhead: “Understanding Trump’s defeat.” Here is his opening »

CRB: Why Trump lost

Featured image We continue our preview of the new (Winter) issue of the Claremont Review of Books with the key essay on the outcome of the election by Andrew Busch: “Why Trump lost.” Subhead: “…but almost won.” Here is the opening of Professor Busch’s essay: In the wake of the presidential election half of our divided nation asked, incredulously: how did Donald Trump lose? Equally incredulously, the other half asked: how could »

CRB: After January 6th

Featured image The Claremont Review of Books has just published its new (Winter) issue. I reviewed the issue in galley to pick out pieces to roll out for Power Line readers this week (subscribe here for $19.95 and get online access thrown in for free). I have looked to our friends at the CRB for their assessment of the presidential election and President Trump’s performance in its aftermath. I have therefore selected »

Thoughts on the Lincoln Project

Featured image The Lincoln Project was a fraud from its inception. I explained why in a post last summer that included this quote from David Harsanyi: If The Lincoln Project was exclusively campaigning against Donald Trump, one might be tempted to believe it wasn’t merely an arm of the Democratic Party. If one of its co-founders, John Weaver, hadn’t been registered as a foreign agent lobbying for a Russia-owned nuclear-energy company against »

Will Trump be able to make the arguments he wants on impeachment?

Featured image Over the weekend, the legal team that was to represent Donald Trump at the impeachment trial resigned. According to this report, the lawyers on that team did not want to argue that Trump won the election. Instead, they wanted to focus on arguing that impeaching a president who has already left office is unconstitutional. To me, such a focus would be bad lawyering. Good lawyering would be to argue in »

What Chris Stirewalt has learned

Featured image One of the notable media sidebars to election night was the FOX News call of Arizona for Biden with 800,000 votes outstanding. At the time FOX had yet to call Florida, although just about all the votes to be counted were up in the Panhandle. The Trump campaign was not happy. FOX News called on Arnon Mishkin — the consultant crunching the numbers on its so-called Decision Desk — to »

Shapes of things (15)

Featured image You may have heard that “Amazon is seeking reconsideration of a ruling by an NLRB Hearing Officer that 6000 workers at an Amazon facility in Alabama will be allowed eight weeks time to vote by mail on whether to unionize the workforce. Amazon — owned by Jeff Bezos, also the owner of the Washington Post — opposes the use of mail-in only balloting in the union election on the basis »

A DOJ coup attempt? No, an honest disagreement about the election.

Featured image The mainstream media has been promoting the story that, in early January, President Donald Trump entertained a plan to replace Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with an Assistant Attorney General who wanted to pursue claims of voter fraud. The Assistant in question is Jeff Clark whom I got to know, and like, when Democrats were blocking his nomination. The story, which first appeared in the New York Times, is that »

Shapes of things (14)

Featured image Victor Davis Hanson takes up the theme of this series in the American Greatness column “River of forgetfulness.” Among other things, he observes: Serious Big Brother was never coming to America kicking and screaming in a suit and in a mile-long tie, but rather eagerly welcomed in with jeans and sneakers without socks. The First Amendment could always survive a crude, inebriated Joe McCarthy, but not so easily a social »

Voting By Mail: How Other Countries Do It

Featured image On the podcast this week we discussed John Lott’s statistical analysis of voting anomalies in several key swing states, in which he concluded there were likely around 290,000 fraudulent votes. The difficulty is that the analysis depends on sophisticated regression techniques that are beyond the grasp of most laypeople, and indeed there is a serious critique of Lott’s paper that argues that Lott’s result is largely an artifact of the »