2020 Presidential Election

The Radical Joe Biden

Featured image The conventional wisdom right now is that Joe Biden is semi-senile, and that his choice of a vice president is all-important as it is likely this person (almost certainly a black female) will become president at some early point in the next few years if Biden wins in November. This conventional wisdom may be narrowly accurate, but ultimately wrong. Why? First, there is an imperceptible difference between a senile Biden »

Report: Trump is tired of Jared’s woke sh*t

Featured image Jonathan Swan reports that President Trump has told people he regrets following some of Jared Kushner’s political advice — including supporting criminal justice reform — and will stick closer to his own instincts from now on. Swann cites three people who allegedly possess “direct knowledge of the president’s thinking.” I don’t know whether Trump is, in fact, tired of Kushner’s “woke sh*t,” as one source put it. I know I »

Joe Biden’s plan to abolish the suburbs

Featured image Stanley Kurtz writes: President Trump had a great riff at his rally the other day in Phoenix. It was all about “abolish,” about how the Left wants to abolish the police, ICE, bail, even borders. Trump’s riff is effective because it is true. The Left has gone off the deep end, and they’re taking the Democrats with them. Well, there’s another “abolish” the president can add to his list, and »

The State of the Race

Featured image At the present time the polls look bad for President Trump. How bad? Credible polls show him 10 points behind Biden, and struggling in key swing states as well as what should be easy states, like Georgia. His campaign seems listless at the moment, lacking a clear message or strategy for turning around his bad poll numbers. There’s a story up on Fox News wondering whether Trump might drop out »

Trump Is Right

Featured image Not on everything, presumably. But on the key issues of our time, he is right on the money. I didn’t know about this interview on Friday until I saw it linked on InstaPundit this evening, and I haven’t seen a complete transcript. But The Federalist is a good source, so here we go: In a wide-ranging interview in the Oval Office Friday, President Donald J. Trump said that the country »

Keisha Lance Bottoms emerges as possible Biden running mate

Featured image I very much doubt that Joe Biden’s selection of a running mate will affect the outcome of this year’s election. However, the selection is important because (1) Biden has a pretty good chance of winning the election, in my opinion and (2) considering his age and diminished capacity, there’s a fair chance that, if elected, Biden won’t serve four years. By deciding to select a woman, Biden has already restricted »

Poll: Americans are concerned that criticism of police will reduce safety

Featured image If you follow the news as presented by the mainstream media, you might well infer that America has lost its mind, at least insofar as policing is concerned. As depicted by the media, the current debate is between those who want to abolish the police and those who merely want to hamstring it. However, a new Rasmusssen poll indicates that, combined, these two positions — abolish and hamstring — have »

Biden’s Mental Capacity: The Emerging Issue

Featured image Everyone who pays attention has known for a while that Joe Biden, never an intelligent man, is in a state of cognitive decline. This is why the Democrats have been happy to keep him out of sight in his basement for the last several months. Most voters are barely aware of Biden’s condition, if at all. But that inevitably will change. A pro-Trump PAC has taken on the issue of »

“What are we talking about?”

Featured image Barack Obama was the star attraction at Joe Biden’s virtual fundraiser yesterday. In financial terms, the event was highly successful. More than 175,000 people donated a total of $7.6 million, according to the Biden campaign. In the daily Wall Street Journal Washington bureau email this morning, Ken Thomas adds that a separate component of the event for high-dollar donors raised $3.4 million for an overall haul of $11 million for »

Trump’s Tulsa rally draws smaller crowd than expected [With Comment by John]

Featured image President Trump’s plan to proceed with an indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma didn’t strike me as a good idea. Daily Wuhan coronavirus infections have been increasing in Tulsa County. Earlier this week, they reached a new daily high of 71. Today, they reached 136, according to the Washington Post. To make matters worse, six of Trump’s campaign staffers in Tulsa tested positive for COVID-19. Moreover, it wasn’t clear to me »

Klobuchar bows out to make room for “woman of color”

Featured image Amy Klobuchar says she called Joe Biden on Wednesday to tell him that “this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket.” Woman of color. Does that include pale Elizabeth Warren who has a tiny drop (apparently less than that of the average American) of Indian blood? Biden has already decided to discriminate on the basis of gender in selecting his running mate. Now Klobuchar is »

Trump to proceed with rally in Tulsa this weekend

Featured image President Trump will hold an indoor rally on Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to Trump’s campaign manager, more than 1 million people have requested free tickets for the event at a venue that holds around 19,000 people. Those requesting free tickets had to sign a waiver agreeing that the campaign and other parties associated with the event cannot be held liable for exposure to the coronavirus. However, the waiver applies »

The Landslide of 2020?

Featured image Today I got in the mail a new book by our friend David Horowitz: I haven’t had time to read it yet, of course, but David is one of the most perceptive observers of the current scene. You can order Blitz from Amazon. Politico is on the other side of the aisle and is much less friendly to the president. So it was a little surprising to see this headline: »

Does America Want Submissive Leaders?

Featured image In the wake of the George Floyd riots, Democratic Party leaders have assumed extraordinarily submissive postures, apparently on the theory that they are guilty in Floyd’s death. They said it, I didn’t. Here, the Democratic Congressional delegation (or a significant part of it) knelt for eight minutes and 43 seconds in honor of George Floyd, the armed robber, while wearing black separatist garb. I think that is Nancy Pelosi front »

Rioters for Trump? (2)

Featured image John took issue with my hypothesis here yesterday that the rioting under way could redound to Trump’s advantage, and his case is perfectly reasonable: Trump has been deprived of the main trump (heh) cards of incumbency, which are peace and prosperity. I agree that things look very tough for Trump right now, but one thing we know about him for certain by now is that he is a tough, relentless »

Rioters for Trump? [With Comment by John]

Featured image There was a popular cliche early in the Trump presidency in response to each hysterical leftist bleating about the supposed dark night of fascism Trump represented, which went: “Do you want more Trump?  Because this is how you get more Trump.” And I have a distinct memory of walking onto Sproul Plaza on the Berkeley campus the morning after the Milo riot in February 2017, where a large knot of »

Slow Joe Does It Again

Featured image You may have already seen Joe Biden confusing D-Day with Pearl Harbor. He’s wrong about the item of Delaware history he cites, as well: Sure, everyone slips up once in a while when speaking. But two things about Biden: 1) he can hardly get through the most softball of interviews without bungling, and 2) even when he isn’t garbling his facts, he comes across as a goofball. Why? Because he »