2020 Presidential Election

Quotations from Dementia Joe

Featured image I still have my old copy of Quotations From Chairman LBJ. The book was inspired by Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (“the little red book”). Compiled by Jack Shepherd and Christopher Wren and published by Schuster in the annus horribilis of 1968, the book consisted of supposedly laughable quotes uttered by President Johnson. It was popular enough to go through multiple printings. My copy derives from the third printing. Despite »

When they Ducklo

Featured image By my estimate, Joe Biden has a half a mind to be president. We took a look at his call to “move it up here” for the teleprompter to answer a scripted question at a virtual event on Labor Day. Biden holds out the prospect of virtual presidency as well. Asked by Bret Baier yesterday about Biden’s (obvious) dependence on a teleprompter to answer the question, Biden national press secretary »

Kyle Smith meets Tokyo Joe

Featured image National Review has posted Kyle Smith’s article “Wrong-Way Biden” behind its premium paywall. The article is published in the magazine’s September 21 issue and it is excellent. I appreciated the first-person opening of Smith’s article in which he meets “Tokyo Joe” coming through on “a mischievous enemy radio station.” Smith writes: In January of 1991, I was a second lieutenant in the 178th Personnel Service Company, an administrative appendix to »

The Biden media adjunct

Featured image The Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz has compiled another SUPERcuts video, this one to document the media’s in-kind contribution to the Biden presidential campaign. The Beacon has posted the video under the headline “Media take it easy on Biden,” though that doesn’t quite capture the self-abasement of the “reporters” involved. Rutz comments: “Even in their limited access to Joe Biden in the 2020 campaign cycle, mainstream journalists have taken to »

Is Joe Biden another Tom Dewey?

Featured image Joe Biden and Thomas Dewey don’t seem similar. When Dewey ran for president in 1948 (his second attempt as the Republican nominee), he was 46 years old. He had been a brilliant prosecutor and was the successful governor of New York, then the nation’s largest state. Biden is 77 years old. He’s been in politics longer than Dewey had been alive when he ran in 1948. He didn’t distinguish himself »

The Bolton denial

Featured image Jeffrey Goldberg’s well-timed hit on President Trump in the Atlantic depended on unnamed sources. Given his present adversity to Trump, former National Security Advisor John Bolton would support Goldberg’s hit if true. Notwithstanding the “confirmation” of aspects of Goldberg’s story by unnamed sources in other reports — in the clip below Martha MacCallum alludes to Jennifer Griffin’s on Twitter — Bolton’s denial that Trump’s comments went down as reported by »

Crash at the Four-Way Intersectionality

Featured image Michael Anton remarked in our podcast last Saturday that he hasn’t seen any hispanics in the videos of protests and riots going on around the country, and I’ve been remarking that out here in California, we’re hearing nothing but crickets from the hispanic community about the whole “Defund the Police” and Black Lives Matter protests. It’s almost as though hispanics may be wondering why Democrats are talking exclusively about black »

Joe Biden: “Move it up here”

Featured image Joe Biden visibly depends on the teleprompter to get through speeches, questions and answers, and interviews. The editors of the New York Post comment in “Why is Joe Biden addicted to reading his handlers’ scripts?” Biden has a half a mind to read his lines, as soon as they scroll up before him. Biden is enough with it to look for the answer to a scripted question on a teleprompter »

PL Podcast: The Three Whisky Happy Hour, Percentages Edition

Featured image This week’s three whisky happy hour centers around three percentage numbers: 99, 93, and 100. In looking at the latest craziness from higher education, Lucretia and I conclude scientifically that 99 percent of all college professors give the other 1 percent a bad name; the “93 percent of protests are peaceful” sounds about as meaningful as “the Japanese flyover of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 was ‘mostly peaceful’ except »

Why the drumbeat about Trump and the military?

Featured image The lead story in today’s Washington Post is called (in the paper edition) “Trump has history of disparaging military.” If you read the story — and I’m not recommending that you do — you won’t find much alleged disparagement. For example, Trump didn’t disparage the military when he said he was lucky to get a high number in the lottery that determined who would be drafted during the Vietnam War »

Videos for a Holiday Weekend

Featured image As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve resisted starting a regular “Videos of the Week” feature for a variety of reasons, but as this is a holiday weekend, and there’s no NFL football on today like there’s supposed to be, we’ll offer up an ad hoc video gallery. It does have a few uniting themes. First, one of my variables for predicting who will win an election is which campaign is having »

Shades of Dan Rather in Jeffrey Goldberg’s anti-Trump hit piece

Featured image Should we believe the story, reported by the Atlantic’s editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg, that President Trump made disparaging comments about American soldiers who died in Normandy? I don’t. Trump has a very nasty side, but I doubt he made the nasty comments Goldberg’s attributes to him. For one thing, it’s not Trump’s practice to disparage people who haven’t disparaged him. Sure, he expressed a lack of respect for John McCain’s war »

For Trump on Lake Minnetonka [More Updates]

Featured image As Scott noted earlier, boaters across the country turned out yesterday in parades to show support for President Trump. Hundreds of boats paraded on Lake Minnetonka, West of the Twin Cities. This video captures some of the action: More: This one shows more of the action on the St. Croix: Given the number of lakes here in Minnesota, and the strong support for President Trump in the areas that are »

For Trump on the St. Croix River

Featured image We’re in Washington, D.C. this weekend for a happy family event. Taking a walk yesterday afternoon, I got a call from friends in Minneapolis who were on the St. Croix River. The magnificent river divides Minnesota from Wisconsin about 30 miles east of St. Paul. My friend happily reported that she and her husband had happened onto the Trump boat rally taking place in front of her as she spoke. »

Why the Nonsense About Trump Refusing to Leave Office?

Featured image One of the Democrats’ more lunatic themes is their insistence that if President Trump loses the election, he likely will refuse to leave office, in effect staging a coup. Most recently the claim was made by Bernie Sanders. Politico headlined: “Sanders: America must be prepared for when Trump refuses to leave office.” To some extent, this may be projection. The Democrats themselves have been staging a slow-motion coup for nearly »

Joe Biden’s America

Featured image This Trump campaign ad does a great job of linking Black Lives Matter, Antifa, rioters, arsonists and Democratic Party politicians who cheer them on. It is nuclear. I assume this ad and others like it will be seen by tens of millions of voters by Election Day: The Democrats have no answer. »

The Power Line Show, Ep 210: “The Stakes,” with Michael Anton

Featured image Well I’m finally finished with my jury service on a grueling four-week criminal trial (perhaps I’ll write about it later—it was quite something), so I’m back with our regular long-form interviews. And look for another Three Whisky Happy Hour, Special Labor Day edition on Monday. Today is the 4th anniversary of the appearance of one of the most memorable political essays in American history, “The Flight 93 Election,” written by »