2020 Presidential Election

The Melber foresight

Featured image MSNBC hosts will remain free to reveal themselves as fools and tools on Twitter, but Ari Melber is exercised about the threat posed by Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform. Melber explains: “If you own all of Twitter or Facebook or what have you, you don’t have to explain yourself, you don’t even have to be transparent, you could secretly ban one party’s candidate or all of its candidates, all »

A funny thing happened

Featured image Special Counsel John Durham’s false statement charge against former Perkins Coie attorney Michael Sussman is scheduled to go to trial next month. Durham has subpoenaed documents from Fusion GPS, the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign in connection with the trial. A funny thing happened on the way to the courthouse. Everyone involved has asserted attorney-client privilege to withhold documents. Perkins Coie of course served as a cutout in »

Disinformation, American style (6)

Featured image This post is a footnote to the adjacent post on Daniel Schmidt’s close encounter with Anne Applebaum last week. Reading Anne Applebaum’s 2020 Atlantic essay on the Hunter Biden controversy, I infer that the “reporter” whom Schmidt credits with breaking the “Hunter Biden Files” is Matthew Tyrmand. Applebaum links to Laura Ingraham tweets touting Tyrmand at the top of her essay. I called author and Biden family business expert Peter »

Disinformation, American style (5)

Featured image Daniel Schmidt is a University of Chicago freshman and senior editor at the Chicago Thinker. He is one of the Alinskyite gadflies who turned up at the Institute of Politics/Atlantic Disinformation Conference last week. Schmidt posed a good question to Anne Applebaum that turned the theme of the conference back on itself (tweet below). Schmidt now recounts his story in the Compact column “The question Anne Applebaum refused to answer.” »

Disinformation, American style (4)

Featured image Chicago Thinker editors Audrey Unverferth and Evita Duffy take a look back at the Thinker’s subversion of the nauseating University of Chicago Institute of Politics/Atlantic Disinformation Conference last week. They give their after-action review the headline “The Chicago Thinker Staged a Media Regime Takedown This Week—Here’s How We Did It.” They write: This week, the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics (IOP) and The Atlantic magazine hosted a “Disinformation and »

Disinformation, American style (3)

Featured image In its lead editorial this morning the Wall Street Journal turns its attention to President Obama’s performance at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics/Atlantic Disinformation Conference this week. The editorial is headlined “Barack Obama rewrites his Russia history.” It opens this way: “As somebody who grappled with the incursion into Crimea and the eastern portions of Ukraine, I have been encouraged by the European reaction [this time],” Mr. Obama »

Disinformation, American style

Featured image Peter Van Buren looks back at the question of “disinformation” that was floated by 51 former intelligence officials to suppress the news extracted by the New York Post from Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election. Van Buren’s Spectator column notes in the subhead “The only disinformation op in 2020 was run against American voters by their own intelligence community” (the Spectator has taken the column out from behind its »

How fake can you get?

Featured image You might call the Washington Post’s attention to the riches inside the Hunter Biden laptop a day late and a dollar short, but it does not do justice to the facts. It is a considerable understatement, akin to the Black Knight’s “Tis but a scratch” and a “It’s just a flesh wound” to describe his dismemberment in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Indeed, it’s worse than that. Reading the »

The O’Keefe Project: Not all is well

Featured image Project Veritas attorney Paul Calli has emailed me his reply to the government memorandum that I posted here early this morning in the case of Ashley Biden’s diary. I have embedded Calli’s reply below for readers who are interested in following the case along with me. I think the case warrants our ongoing attention. I find it chilling. On the surface, the case does not appear to be the stuff »

The O’Keefe Project: All is in order edition

Featured image We only learned this week that the FBI and Southern District prosecutors have had James O’Keefe and Project under surveillance in the case of Ashley Biden’s diary roughly since President Biden was sworn in. I wrote about the related court orders here (March 22) and here (March 23). This surveillance was in addition to the raids executed by the FBI this past November and subsequently leaked to the friends of »

Down memory lane with the Times

Featured image The New York Times supports the efforts of the government to get James O’Keefe and Project Veritas in the case of Ashley Biden’s diary. Reporters including Michael Schmidt and Adam Goldman are working as the public relations arm of the Biden administration and the national security establishment to nail them. It turns out that the FBI and SDNY prosecutors have been working the case for a long time. They have »

The O’Keefe Project: Surveillance edition, Times style

Featured image They are out to get James O’Keefe and Project Veritas in the case of Ashley Biden’s diary. “They” are the Biden administration and the national security establishment, for whom Michael Schmidt and Adam Goldman are serving as the public relations arm. Yesterday we learned that the FBI first undertook surveillance on Project Veritas in November 2020, within two weeks of the election. The surveillance began in earnest with a series »

The O’Keefe Project: The Times still on the case

Featured image The New York Times is still working the case of Ashley Biden’s diary with what I take is a little help from its friends in the national security establishment. Michael Schmidt and Adam Goldman report the story “Ashley Biden’s Diary Was Shown at Trump Fund-Raiser. Weeks Later, Project Veritas Called Her.” Subhead: “The right-wing group’s deceptive call to the president’s daughter a month before Election Day is among the new »

Miranda Devine computes this

Featured image Miranda Devine is one of the New York Post journalists who covered the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020, just before the presidential election. Her excellent October 20 column “Media avoiding The Post’s Hunter Biden stories as much as Joe”, for example, called out then candidate Biden and his collaborators in the press for their suppression and disparagement of the Post’s scoops. She returned to the story in »

Let us compute together

Featured image The New York Post has apparently given up on the angles it might pursue to promote the vindication of its Hunter Biden laptop scoops and to humiliate those who defamed and disparaged its reporting. Today’s Post story — “Republicans demand new probe into Hunter Biden laptop, coverup” — is low-octane stuff. Who cares what Dr. Oz has to say about it? By contrast, Breitbart’s John Nolte contributes a worthy addition »

The Post computes this, take 2

Featured image Yesterday I suggested that the New York Post continue to hammer the validation of its suppressed Biden laptop reporting by taking up the role played by the intelligence community in collaboration with Politico. I suggested that the Post persist with a cover, an editorial, and a Michael Goodwin column. The Post must have been working on just such a package as I wrote yesterday morning. Today the Post follows up »

The Post computes this

Featured image The New York Post has been on a roll with its covers, but today’s is something special. The Post righteously rubs in the New York Times’s vindication its use of Hunter Biden’s laptop for its reporting in the runup to the 2020 presidential election. Then it wasn’t fit to print. Now it is. Something happened. The cover flags Michael Goodwin’s column “The New York Times hates to say The Post »