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My Daughter Made the Drudge Report

Featured image As everyone knows, things are very bad on college campuses these days. So bad that my youngest daughter has made the Drudge Report. The link is Conservative students say “violently threatened.” It is an outrageous situation that is being handled with remarkable grace by conservative students. »

Middlebury Agonistes

Featured image Princeton’s Robbie George and his lefty sparring partner Cornel West have put out a splendid statement unequivocally condemning the shameful events at Middlebury. Excerpt: All of us should seek respectfully to engage with people who challenge our views. And we should oppose efforts to silence those with whom we disagree—especially on college and university campuses. As John Stuart Mill taught, a recognition of the possibility that we may be in »

The Rich Are the Party of the Left

Featured image I’ve argued here now and then that the Democratic Party (and liberalism) is now the natural home for the left. Kevin Williamson writes about corporate leftism at National Review this week, though as far back as the Reagan years conservatives began to perceive that big business is not our friend. (It was blowback from several Fortune 500 CEOs that kept Reagan from reversing the JFK-LBJ era executive order that gave »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: The Real Resistance on Campus

Featured image The left is abuzz with talk of how they represent “The Resistance” to Trump, which I suppose is a successor to “The Movement” in the 1960s. Of course, what happened to “The Movement”? More immediately, for the campus-based Resistors, what do they do when the students aren’t buying what they’re selling? Two articles from the “scholarly journals” of the identity-politics fever swamps reveal the faculty frustration with students. The first »

Switching Places on Free Speech

Featured image Further to my observations about the status of free speech in higher education today, this week’s Economist offers the following questions arising from the Middlebury disgrace: Mr. Murray is left to worry about academic freedom and to note that many of his assailants resembled figures from “a film of brownshirt rallies.” Middlebury’s agitators might ask themselves how a man whose work they regard as racist acquired the right to compare »

Liberal Bullying On Campus: A Case Study

Featured image Not all liberals are bullies, but a great many are. Where liberals are in the majority, the bullies among them try to make life miserable for those who fail to conform. Almost every college campus is in this category. A case in point, one of many, is St. Olaf College, where my youngest daughter is a sophomore. The college newspaper has a commendably balanced story on the intolerance that prevails »

Free Speech Is Not Enough

Featured image Not sure my next book will be Free Speech Is Not Enough, but I’m thinking about it. Can the world really be ready for a “Not Enough” series? Or should this idea be Left Behind? (Classical reference there. . .) Conservatives are making a big strategic mistake to repair behind the principle of free speech in response to the kind of suppression of speech we’ve seen like Charles Murray at »

The Meaning of Murray at Middlebury

Featured image The shameful episode involving Charles Murray at Middlebury sends me back to several things. First, The Bell Curve itself, which virtually none of Murray’s critics have bothered to read—certainly not the six-figure-salary hacks at the direct-mail-hysteria-dependent Southern Poverty Law Center who call Charles a “white nationalist,” ignorant that he is the father of mixed-race children, which rather disqualifies him for the white supremacy club I should think. Charles answered the »

More Campus Violence: Where Are The Cops?

Featured image A shocking incident at Middlebury, where left-wing students assaulted and injured a professor Middlebury College Professor Allison Stanger was injured by protesters Thursday evening as she was escorting a controversial speaker from campus. She was treated at Porter Hospital and released. Charles Murray, a political scientist who has been criticized for his views on race and intelligence, was invited to speak on campus by a student group. He was greeted »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: It’s Whitey’s Fault—Again

Featured image One of the main argument of a certain new book that you may have heard about is that the idea of statesmanship has been abandoned in favor of “leadership studies,” which tend to be content-free when not downright stupid. Needless to say, there is an academic journal simply titled Leadership that describes its purpose thus: Leadership is an international, peer-reviewed journal designed to provide an ongoing forum for academic researchers to »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: “Designated Unfunniness”?

Featured image I dare you: take in the first sentence of this abstract appearing in the academic journal Comedy Studies (because of course there is such a journal) and just try to keep a straight face: Pretty funny: Manifesting a normatively sexy female comic body Hannah Ballou Abstract This article proposes that the heteronormatively sexy female comic body can derive or enhance its comic proposal via the incongruity of its designated unfunniness. Performances »

Is Slavery Bad? That All Depends

Featured image From Rod Dreher comes the story of a left-wing Georgetown University professor who defends slavery. This may sound shocking, but it shouldn’t be surprising. Liberal academics around the world teach that only American (and perhaps some Caribbean and South American) slavery was really bad. Other slavery–in particular, African and Islamic slavery–was really a pretty good deal for the slaves. These liberal sophists argue that under Anglo-American law, there was no »

Washington Post Humiliates Robert Reich

Featured image Robert Reich went on TV a few nights back and suggested that he’d “heard rumors” that the Berkeley rioters were actually thugs paid by Milo Yiannopoulos himself to cause the scene and set the stage for a Trump plot to defund American universities. He doubled down with this preposterous thesis in Newsweek: Which raises the possibility that Yiannopoulos and Brietbart were in cahoots with the agitators, in order to lay »

Today and Tomorrow at UC Berkeley (Updated)

Featured image Today is Milo day at UC Berkeley. Yup, Milo Yiannopoulos is speaking tonight for the College Republicans at a sold out event, and the professional left is planning a huge protest this afternoon in an attempt to shut Milo down. There is rain in the forecast, though, so we’ll see whether the left here is a fair-weather left. In any case, barricades are going up near Sproul Plaza, as the »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: It’s All About Us

Featured image Courtesy of the good people at Real Peer Review, herewith a dissertation from the University of Utah that you won’t want to miss: “Wow, that bitch is crazy!”: Exploring gendered performances in leisure spaces surrounding reality television by Spencer, Callie Cross, Ph.D., THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH, 2014, 202 pages Abstract In Reality Bites Back, Jennifer L. Pozner states, “Women are bitches. Women are stupid. Women are incompetent at work and failures at home. Women »

Video of the Day: How to Shut Down a Silly Protest

Featured image A reader passes along this 18-second video of a bunch of campus chuckleheads offering a protest chant in the library at the University of Washington. And you won’t believe what happens next! (Seriously: that’s not just click bait doggerel for once.) »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Fat Tail Distribution of Nonsense

Featured image The idea of refraining from “fat shaming” is not entirely without sense, and obesity as a public health problem is likewise not trivial or unserious. What is unserious is what happens to obesity when postmodern academics get their hands on it. There is—wait for it—naturally an academic journal called Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society. Now, if you thought ‘interdisciplinary” meant that the journal included a »