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Professor watching

Featured image Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a conservative organization made up of high school and college students, has compiled a website database of more than 200 professors at universities across the nation who, in the view of the organization, “discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.” The website is called Professor Watchlist. This has outraged the left which, inevitably, complains of “McCarthyism” by TPUSA. Annabel Scott at the »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Say What?

Featured image Now that the dust is finally settling on the election (except for the Jill Stein recount dustup), we can get back to our regular Monday spotlight on random acts of academic absurdity. Like the following article from the journal Human Relations, which seems designed to make any intelligible relation between a human reader and the text impossible: Gender as multiplicity: Desire, displacement, difference and dispersion Stephen Linstead, University of York, »

One More Thanksgiving Cartoon

Featured image Before the holiday completely passes by, here is one more Thanksgiving-themed cartoon by Michael Ramirez. I think it’s pretty funny, but seriously, I suspect this might actually work for the turkey, what with its being an oppressed species and all. Click to enlarge: »

How Students and Professors Respond to Real Adversity

Featured image The reaction of colleges and universities to Trump’s election reveal them to be fundamentally unserious. You want to see how serious scholars behave under actual adversity? Power Line friend Herbert Meyer directs our attention to this passage from from Harrison Salisbury’s book 900 Days about the siege of Leningrad in World War II: By the end of spring [1942] he [A. A. Ukhtomsky, a 66-year old distinguished physiologist] was still »

Voting for Trump as a “hate crime”

Featured image Watching excerpts from various anti-Trump demonstrations, I saw this sign: “Your vote was a hate crime.” “Hate crime” is not a figure of speech. The concept has made it into the criminal law, and would be more prevalent there if the left had its way. Thus, those who view a vote for Trump as a hate crime must want to criminalize voting for a candidate whose views offend them greatly. »

Will Jefferson’s University Disavow Jefferson?

Featured image You would think that after the Rolling Stone rape hoax fiasco, the University of Virginia, which Thomas Jefferson founded, would be wary of beclowning itself further. And you would be wrong. From the Cavalier Daily: Several groups on Grounds collaborated to write a letter to University President Teresa Sullivan against the inclusion of a Thomas Jefferson quote in her post-election email Nov. 9. In the email, Sullivan encouraged students to »

Freakout at Cornell

Featured image The college craziness continues to mount. At Cornell, students held a “cry in” following Trump’s election: Devastated Cornellians ‘Mourn’ Election of Donald Trump at Cry In. Over 50 Cornellians gathered on Ho Plaza this afternoon for a cry in to “mourn” in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s shocking presidential victory. Braving the cold, wind and occasional rain, Cornellians sat in a circle to share stories and console each other, organizers »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Cynthia McKinney, PhD??

Featured image Political junkies will recall with a giggle the less than distinguished career of Cynthia McKinney, the six-term congressperson from Georgia who was an embarrassment even to far lefties who are usually immune to embarrassment. (In fact, when she returned to the House in 2005 after having been defeated for re-election in the Democratic primary in 2002, the Democratic House leadership refused to restore her committee seniority. She was defeated again »

Standing up to the Campus Left

Featured image Perhaps you’ve heard of Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto who has attracted the ire of the screaming campus crybullies for the sin of refusing to submit to the new regime of using the prescribed Heinz 57 list of indeterminate pronouns. For this he faces the usual outrage of bigotry and such, and, given the scene in Canada, which has fewer protections for free speech, »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Another Bank Bailout?

Featured image I know a lot of people remain very upset about bank failures and bank bailouts, but wait till the populist pitchfork crowd get word of this new bank scandal, reported in Women’s Studies International Forum: The golden cage of sperm banking industry Ya’arit Bokek-Cohen, Department of Sociology, Ariel University, Israel Synopsis: The present article aims at exploring whether, if at all, women can achieve any degree of procreative liberty by shopping »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Who’s Against Science Again?

Featured image Next time you hear someone repeat the thoughtless cliche that conservatives are “anti-science,” direct them to the YouTube video below, which has been making the rounds the last few days and has had nearly 600,000 views as of this afternoon. Here you will take in a typically politicized student, at South Africa’s University of Cape Town, arguing that “Science as a whole is a product of western modernity, and the whole »

Racism at the Yale Bowl? Hardly

Featured image Dartmouth and Yale have been playing football against one another for a long time. Last Saturday, when they played at the Yale Bowl, was the 100th meeting of the teams. (Yale broke a four-game losing streak with a 21-13 victory.) Given that long history, someone at Yale thought it would be fun to produce a program that featured a collection of vintage programs from past years. This is what it »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: The Pinnacle of Human Nature Denialism

Featured image It’s Monday, so it can only mean one thing: time to dive once again into the leading academic journals, this week NORA: The Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research. Now for a while it has been clear that at the heart of the postmodern left is the denial of human nature, because once you admit that human beings have a nature, you have to admit to limits on human »

On Free Speech at the University of Minnesota: Not So Fast!

Featured image I wrote yesterday about a controversy at the University of Minnesota, where college Republicans (along with dozens of other organizations) painted panels on a bridge at the university. One said “Trump/Pence 2016,” while another said “Build the Wall.” These panels were defaced by liberals who wrote “Stop white supremacy” across them. I praised University President Eric Kaler for releasing a statement on the episode that upheld free speech, but got »

Three Cheers for Cultural Appropriation

Featured image From academia, another disgusting story: Opera Aida canceled amid race row over “cultural appropriation.” [A] student production of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera [Aida] was cancelled amid a row over suggestions of “cultural appropriation”. A theatre at the University of Bristol said yesterday it had cancelled all showings after a revolt by students. Universities should rarely do anything in response to “revolting” students even when they are numerous, as I suspect these »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Skorting the Truth?

Featured image Back when the abomination of “Casual Friday” was degrading the professional workplace, I remember there was lively debate about whether “skorts” (would you believe there’s no Wikipedia entry for “skorts”?) met the guidelines for acceptable casual wear. Never fear, academia is here, 20 years late, offering this gem of analysis appearing in the journal Cultural Studies: Sporting a Skort: The Biopolitics of Materiality M. Katie Flanagan, Florida State University Abstract This »

Elect This Kid Class President King

Featured image Most of our colleges and universities seem determined to make fools of themselves, thereby eroding their support from taxpayers, in the case of public schools, and alumni and parents, in the case of private ones. One common cause of unintended hilarity is the insistence on allowing each student to choose his or her pronoun. No, wait–I shouldn’t say “his” or “her.” In today’s world, that is assuming way too much. »