The Democrats’ Global Warming All-Nighter, Explained [with comment by Paul]

Featured image A group of Senate Democrats pulled an all-nighter last night, talking about global warming. As always, however, they displayed ambivalence toward the issue: none of the vulnerable Democrats who are up for re-election in the fall (Landrieu, Begich, Pryor, Hagan, Walsh) participated. Also, if you seriously want to call attention to an issue, the middle of the night is not necessarily the best time to do it. But this is »

Dueling Studies at NASA, and Other Warmist News

Featured image A group of 25 retired NASA scientists has released a report (PDF file) throwing lots of cold water on catastrophic global warming scenarios, and it’s probably important that emphasize that they are “retired” NASA scientists, because if they were still active in the agency they might be getting stern looks, and assigned to smaller offices, by the higher ups in space command.  From the summary: We have concluded that, at »

Latest News on the Climate Change Collapse

Featured image James Q. Wilson used to like to tell social scientists, “Stop trying to predict the future; you can’t even predict the past!”  A slightly more refined version of this axiom, which I first heard explained by John DiIulio—one of Wilson’s protégés, is that our social science methodology has gotten very good at explaining 150 percent of the variance of many social phenomena. This insight probably applies to climate science as »

Warren Buffett, Climate Skeptic?

Featured image A couple days ago Apple’s Tim Cook said climate skeptics shouldn’t own Apple stock (though note that he didn’t keep going and say climate skeptics shouldn’t buy Apple products, too), but this morning Warren Buffett appeared on CNBC and not only endorsed the Keystone pipeline, but also aligned himself with climate skeptics.  (Good thing he doesn’t own any Apple stock, or his now-mandatory sale of his position might crash the »

The Climate Desperados

Featured image Just when you think the Climatistas can’t get any more desperate, they get their freak on to a whole new level.  The latest claim to add to The Warmlist of things caused by global warming is . . . a higher crime rate—100 years from now. I love the precision of this forecast, which matches the faux-precision of temperature forecasts 100 years out: Should global warming (or climate change, or »

Environmentalists: Carbon Bigfoots?

Featured image Our friend Rob Bradley, founder of the indispensable Institute for Energy Research, has a brilliant post up on IER’s MasterResource blog today about how the all-important “carbon footprint” of the environmental movement is almost certainly positive (that is, their policies have led to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions). Rob’s authority for this heterodox proposition is none other than the grand vizier of climate alarmism, the manic depressive James »

Mark Steyn Strikes Back Against the Empire

Featured image As all the world knows, climate buffoon Michael Mann is suing Mark Steyn, National Review and others for disagreeing with him about global warming–not just disagreeing, but doing so in colorful language. As happens so often on the Left, Mann found himself losing the debate on a public issue of great importance. Rather than admit that he was wrong about the hockey stick–one of the most notorious errors, or frauds, »

Rational Ignorance in Action: Ice Age Presidents Edition

Featured image Just yesterday I was reviewing with one of my classes the concept of “rational ignorance,” which is long-established political science jargon for what is popularly called a “low-information voter” today.  In a sentence, it means the median voter makes a rational tradeoff against spending the time and energy to be informed about politics because the marginal payoff of their vote to them is seemingly so small. Needless to say, Power »

Kerry On, Dude

Featured image I see Scott has already commented on this story, but here’s my 2 cents’ worth, too: Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: Secretary of State John Kerry, owner of five multi-million dollar mansions along with a luxury yacht, has seen fit to lecture Indonesians (average income in 2012: $3,420) about why global warming climate change is “perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.” “Because of climate change, »

Jakarta japes

Featured image For those who lack a rooting interest in the United States, American foreign policy has become a joke. We are fools who appear to lack the most elementary ability to distinguish friend from enemy. Functionally speaking, we’ve gone over to the other side — “the other side” being the side of our enemies. Those who wish us ill — both at home and abroad — have a friend in John »

The Headless Crown Awaiting the UK

Featured image I’ve always been a dedicated republican; yes, yes, a Republican, too, but it this case I do mean the old lower-case-r republican who dislikes monarchies on principle. And I’ve never had much use for the British royal family, especially the heir-head-apparent Prince Charles, who stands as a cautionary tale against generations of inbreeding among European royalty. So it is with great delight that I read Lord Monckton’s throwdown to Prince »

Lindzen Bares the Real Inconvenient Truth

Featured image Telegraph columnist James Delingpole has a column up today covering the appearance of MIT’s Richard Lindzen before a special committee of the House of Commons—Holy Climate Inquisition would be a more accurate description—over in the UK recently, where Lindzen spoke candidly about the real scandal of the politicized world of climate scientists: it’s filled mostly with second-rate scientists: Lindzen was asked what he thought of the “consensus” – at which »

Annals of layering and nullity

Featured image An observant friend draws my attention to the classic New York Times article by Philip Lutz: “Art meets environmental activism in ‘The Crossroads Project.’” Lutz reports on a performance piece that is to have its New York debut next month, and he’s pretty excited about it: This month’s blast of arctic air may have roused climate-change skeptics. But the composer Laura Kaminsky and the painter Rebecca Allan were unfazed. Holed »

When Did Global Warming Begin?

Featured image That excellent question is posed at Watts Up With That. The significance of any story depends largely on when you decide to begin it. Warmists like to talk about the last 100 years or less, but the Earth’s climate has–needless to say–a much longer history than that. This chart, based on ice cores, shows temperatures over the last 450,000 years. It reminds us that we are lucky to be living »

Climate Desperadoes, Part 2

Featured image Speaking of “climate desperadoes,” did you catch the latest about John Beale (who we discussed here and here), the top EPA climate policy expert who bilked the government out of more than a million dollars by claiming for nearly a decade to have been a CIA agent? You may not heave heard the latest, because the media have lost interest, naturally.  Our friends Travis Fisher and Alex Fitzsimmons at the »

Climate Desperadoes

Featured image I wonder if New York Times house editorials are written by actual human beings, or whether they long ago recognized cost savings by farming out the job to the same folks who came up with the Thomas Friedman Op/Ed Generator?  If anything, the Times’ house editorials are more predictably lazy, yet more boring.  Apparently the sole writing test to be a Times editorial writer or monkey grinder is mastery of »

Health Care and Climate Update

Featured image Last week I took note of the similarities between the epic collapse of Obamacare and the epic collapse of European climate policy, with the suggestion that the two be merged under the banner “ClimateCare.”  You can guess what happened next: Hi, I work for a company called ClimateCare. We are based in the UK and Nairobi, but operate worldwide, funding projects that both cut carbon and improve people’s lives. Having »