Federal Budget

Barack Obama’s Misplaced Priorities [Updated]

Featured image I noted earlier tonight that today’s votes in the House on partial funding of government operations were political theater. But that doesn’t put them on the same degraded plane as the Obama administration’s barricading of national monuments to keep veterans from visiting them. Glenn Reynolds has the links. A group of veterans from Mississippi knocked down barriers around the World War II memorial that the administration erected to dramatize that »

Democrats’ Hypocrisy Exposed, But Does It Matter? [Updated]

Featured image Tonight House Republicans offered a series of measures to restore funding to the national parks, District of Columbia operations and veterans’ services. But House Democrats voted against all three measures, sending them down to defeat. So the Democrats’ hypocrisy is revealed: they wring their hands over those poor Americans who want to visit the parks, but when they have the opportunity to fund the parks, they turn it down. Of »

Defunding Obamacare: A Better Idea [Updated]

Featured image Over the last few days, a number of people have suggested a different approach that House Republicans might have taken, and might still take, toward the spending impasse. That is, to break discretionary spending down into a number of separate packages, perhaps corresponding to the various federal agencies, and pass them independently. The House might have begun, for example, by passing a continuing resolution that would fund the Defense Department »

It Looks Like a Long Night

Featured image The House has passed its latest government funding proposal, which would also delay Obamacare’s individual mandate by one year, and cancel taxpayer subsidies for health insurance for Congressmen and their staffs and senior political appointees in the executive branch. This latest measure passed on a 228-201 vote. For what it’s worth, the Republicans are now picking up a few more Democratic votes. Nine Democrats voted with the majority this time. »

How the Other Side Sees the Shutdown Battle

Featured image I’ve been getting inundated with fundraising emails from the Democrats over the last few days, each one more hysterical than the last. This one ostensibly came from Barack Obama, on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: From: Barack Obama Subject: This has gone too far John – This has gone too far. House Republicans are threatening to shut down the government — and potentially default on our bills for »

A Boehner Blunder?

Featured image I’m afraid so. Yesterday the House passed a continuing resolution to fund the federal government for the next few months, with multiple riders: a one-year delay in Obamacare, repeal of the medical device tax, protection of servicemen’s salaries, and postponement of Obamacare’s requirement that employers pay for their employees’ birth control. The House package violates the most basic principle of negotiation: you should bargain for something that 1) you want, »

Today’s Senate Votes, and What Lies Ahead

Featured image Today’s votes in the Senate were rather anticlimactic. Harry Reid pursued his announced strategy of bringing the House’s continuing resolution, which defunds Obamacare, up for a vote. The cloture motion passed 79-19, a disappointment to some conservatives who had hoped for more “no” votes. (A Senate staffer told me today that cloture opponents had hoped for 25 “no” votes.) The senators who voted “No” were Mike Crapo (Idaho), Ted Cruz »

The Eve of Obstruction

Featured image I’ll have more to say about the looming budget showdown later, but in the meantime faithful Power Line reader Richard Samuelson and I have collaborated on a re-write of the famous Barry Maguire protest tune from the 1960s, “Eve of Destruction.”  So with apologies to Maguire, and blame planted firmly with Norm Ornstein, herewith the “Eve of Obstruction”: The Beltway world, it is explodin’ Words a-flarin’, budgets loadin’ You’re old »

Is the United States the Brokest Nation on Earth?

Featured image One of the problems with an administration as comprehensively awful as Barack Obama’s is that people can’t keep track of all the crises. His foreign policy has collapsed, the economy is on life support, unemployment and poverty are at record-breaking levels, scandals pile one upon another. And–oh yes, don’t forget–the country is $17 trillion in debt. Mark Steyn refers to the U.S. as the brokest nation in history, and in »

Democrats Surrender on Sequestration

Featured image The Democrats proposed sequestration as part of a package to secure an increase in the debt ceiling, but they never expected it to go into effect. When it did, they felt double-crossed, apparently because they thought Republicans owed it to them to fold like a cheap suit, as usual. When the Republicans figured out that sticking with the sequester was a pretty good outcome–it represented a modest, but real, restraint »

Humor About the President’s Budget, Intentional and Unintentional

Featured image One of these days I will get around to writing about President Obama’s proposed budget; Paul has already done so here. In the meantime, here is a humorous video produced by the Free Enterprise Alliance titled “You May Already Be a Loser.” I think that if people really understood what the federal government is doing to them, there would be a run on tar and feathers: Now for the unintentional »

Dems Say: Balanced Budget? We Were Just Kidding!

Featured image The Senate continues to debate the Democrats’ budget, which features massive deficits as far as the eye can see. Tonight Jeff Sessions moved to recommit the budget in order to produce a budget that balances sometime in the next ten years. This is the language of Sessions’ motion: Mr. Sessions moves to commit S. Con. Res. 8 back to the Committee on the Budget with instructions to report back no »

The Democrats’ Job-Destroying, Wealth-Destroying Budget

Featured image Today the Senate passed a mammoth spending bill that will fund the federal government until September, and that locks in the Republicans’ sequestration victory. The Senate also debated the Democrats’ budget–the first they have proposed after four long years. We have written extensively about the Democrats’ budget proposal. It would increase taxes by $1.5 trillion, accelerate federal spending and add $7 trillion to the federal deficit. It is, in other »

Senate Democrats Block Welfare Reform

Featured image We have written several times about the extravagant budget offered by Patty Murray and Senate Democrats, and will return to that topic in the days to come. For the moment, one significant point that has received hardly any publicity relates to welfare. With welfare now the biggest item in the federal budget, one would think that any sane budget would look for ways to control burgeoning welfare costs. But no: »

Do We Have a Debt Crisis?

Featured image After four years, Congressional Democrats have finally produced a budget. The process has proved revealing: the Democrats’ budget never balances, increases spending by 62% over ten years, and adds $7 trillion to the national debt despite raising taxes by $1.5 trillion. So Senate Democrats must agree with President Obama that the nation does not face a debt crisis. In an interview yesterday on ABC, Obama repeatedly expressed this conviction: [W]e »

Senate Democrats Finally Unveil Budget

Featured image After four long years, the Senate Democrats finally produced a budget this afternoon. They put it off as long as possible, but finally had to make the document public. What is striking about the budget is that it contains absolutely nothing that is new. It calls for more spending, higher taxes, more debt. It never comes close to balancing. It reforms nothing and changes nothing. It simply demands more money »

Barry and the Beanstalk

Featured image There are a couple of topics on which I still intend to do substantial posts, but the one just below on the Second Amendment and sugary drinks burned up much of my evening. Not only that, the second episode of Vikings awaits on my iPad. The first episode wasn’t great, in my opinion, maybe 55 on a 100-point scale, but the Vikings are my forebears so I’m not giving up »