Dartmouth rejects academic boycott Israel

Featured image An outfit called the American Studies Association (ASA) has called for a boycott of Israel’s academic institutions. You can read its boycott resolution here. The ASA consists of approximately 5,000 members. 1,265 of them voted on the resolution, with 66 percent of them supporting it. If the ASA’s resolution doesn’t tell us all we need to know about this organization, the title of its upcoming annual meeting does. It’s called »

Justice takes a back seat in Israel thanks to John Kerry

Featured image I wrote here about Israel’s decisions (1) to release convicted terrorists as part of the renewed “peace process” that John Kerry is pushing but (2) to announce that it will proceed with new construction beyond the “green line” even though Kerry clearly does not want Israel to engage in such building. I suggested that the second decision is an attempt to make the first decision — a major concession — »

Analyze this

Featured image President Obama has shown remarkable sympathy for the mentality of the mullahs ruling Iran, most recently in this past Friday’s year-end press conference from which I quoted in “Sympathy for the mullahs.” The mullahs are not shy about making their views known. The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has documented the mullahs’ attitude toward Israel and Jews since 2008. Last year it published a supplement covering 2009-2012. This year IDF »

Meanwhile, in the Holy Land

Featured image It seems appropriate, before Christmas Day comes to an end, to summarize the latest news from the Holy Land. The first item for consideration is that there has been an uptick in terrorist activity by Palestinians against Israel. For example, an Israeli civilian working for the Defense Ministry was shot and killed on Tuesday by Palestinian sniper fire while working to fix damages caused to the Israeli-Gaza border fence. Other »

Merry Christmas from Jerusalem

Featured image Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extends Christmas greetings from Jerusalem to Israel’s Christian friends: “We celebrate Christmas with you, we know the importance you attach to our common heritage, to the State of Israel and to the city of Jerusalem, where so much of our common history was forged. From the city of peace, Jerusalem, I extend the warmest Christmas greetings to all of you. Merry Christmas!” »

The betrayals of Israel

Featured image We have always thought that Israel served as the canary in the coal mine with respect to Islam’s war agains the West. From the first days of the Obama administration it has also been the canary in the coal mine for Obama’s betrayal of America’s friends in the service of America’s enemies, or so it seems to me considering Caroline Glick’s report on the doings inside the current so-called peace »

Bibi shoots back

Featured image Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the Brookings Institution Saban Conference this morning via satellite. He responded to the substance of President Obama’s inane remarks at the forum yesterday. Netanyahu engages in the obligatory praise of President Obama and Secretary Kerry that is laughable under the circumstances, and he necessarily restates the express points of agreement between the public positions of the United States and Israel. His remarks are framed in diplomatic »

George Will’s false choice on Iran

Featured image George Will is a national treasure. But that doesn’t mean his columns are always persuasive. His latest column is not. The column is called (in the print edition) “A deal with Iran or war?” Will seems to assume that without a deal, there would be a war — or, at a minimum, that President Obama’s deal significantly reduces the likelihood of war. But Will does not back this assumption up, »

A Day In the Life, In Jerusalem

Featured image One of the problems that many Israeli Jews deal with on a daily basis is Arab terrorists who throw rocks at their cars, hoping to injure or kill the occupants. That is not unheard of; American liberals have been known to do it, too. For example, during the 2008 Republican convention in St. Paul, liberal protesters dropped cement blocks off highway overpasses onto random cars driving below. But that was »

How Israel Sees The Geneva Deal

Featured image Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words about the deal President Obama has negotiated with Iran. The Israeli Prime Minister declared it “a historic mistake”. He added: “Today the world has become much more dangerous because the most dangerous regime in the world took a significant step to getting the most dangerous weapon in the world”. Netanyahu explained that for the first time, the leading powers of the world have agreed »

From Duluth with love

Featured image For our own uses on Power Line I check the Daily Alert aggregator prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs for the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. If there is a high quality story or essay of interest to supporters of Israel, it shows up on the site. Today’s Daily Alert is overflowing with stories related to the Obama administration’s compulsion to sell out to Iran. »

Iran’s leader predicts the annihilation of Israel

Featured image Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khameni has assured his militiamen that Israel is “doomed to failure and annihilation.” In the same speech, which was broadcast live on State television, Khameni added that “Zionist leaders cannot be called humans.” Have you seen this reported by our mainstream media? I haven’t. It came to my attention via French television. Common sense suggests that a nuclear arms deal with a nation whose top leader »

Behind the latest Obama-Netanyahu clash

Featured image President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu are at odds these days. Nothing new about that. But this time, as Robert Satloff of the Washington Institue for Near East Policy says, the fight is serious. When Obama tries to bully Netanyahu into making concessions to the Palestinian Authority, it’s disturbing but not alarming. Netanyahu knows how to maintain control over the process and can count on Palestinian intransigence to bail him »

Francois Hollande, the toast of Tel Aviv

Featured image French President Francois Hollande is visiting Israel and receiving the red carpet treatment. That’s a far cry from the treatment he’s receiving back home where he is an object of ridicule and possessor of the lowest approval rating of any French president since 1958. Hollande’s welcome in Israel is, of course, the result of French opposition to a deal with Iran that Israelis believe, correctly in my view, would have »

Kerry to Congress: Don’t believe those lying Israelis

Featured image John Kerry appeared before the Senate Banking Committee yesterday to argue against further sanctions on Iran. The session was closed, but Republican members weren’t bashful about publicly expressing their dismay over Kerry’s performance. BuzzFeed has the details. Sen. Bob Corker said he was “very disappointed.” Kerry, he said, made “an emotional appeal,” devoid of specificity. Sen. Mark Kirk described Kerry’s pitch as “very unconvincing” and “fairly anti-Israel.” According to Kirk, »

Why did Israel say “Lo”?

Featured image Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement following his briefing by John Kerry on the then pending deal with Iran this past week was remarkable. Netanyahu was obviously pushing back against the United States for agreeing to a deal that left Iran with imminent breakout nuclear capacity and relaxed sanctions. Netanyahu objected to a sellout that, contrary to previous assurances, jeopardized the security of America’s regional allies if not of the United States »

Why did France say “non”?

Featured image It fell to France to nix the terrible deal that John Kerry worked out with Iran — a deal that would have signaled the demise of sanctions without setting back the Iranian quest for nuclear weapons. But why did France pull the trigger? Upon hearing the news, I said that France’s veto stemmed mainly from “a robust sense of reality [about] the Middle East,” something that the Obama administration doesn’t »