If You Think Bush Is Unpopular…

…check out Hillary Clinton, who scores only a 38% favorable rating in the latest Rasmussen poll. 47% view her unfavorably. Further, only 27% say they will definitely vote for Hillary if she runs in ’08, while 43% say “no way.”
As I recall, 43% is right around where John Kerry’s “unfavorable” rating wound up on Election Day, so Hillary starts out viewed with the same level of suspicion that it took an entire Presidential campaign for Kerry to achieve. I also think that some of the people who say they would consider voting for Hillary will think twice when it sinks in that this means returning Bill Clinton to the White House in some undefined “first husband” role–a thought that should make just about everyone queasy.
More bad news for the Dems: 59% of respondents say it’s either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” that Hillary will be their candidate in ’08. So the party is weighed down by a presumptive candidate who pretty much can’t win.
The Democrats have pursued what may turn out to be a “mutual assured destruction” policy of non-stop, indiscriminate attacks on President Bush. They’ve succeeded in driving down the President’s popularity, but at what cost? Their own standing is even worse.


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