Pass the plate and dump in your 401(k) money

As I noted in this post, Jeremiah Wright isn’t the only religious figure from whom Barack Obama draws inspiration. Obama also has ties with Rev. Michael Pfleger, the Catholic pastor at St. Sabina on the south side of Chicago. Like Wright, Pfleger is is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan.

Post below is video of Rev. Pfleger preaching at Obama’s church. Pfleger argues that whites must give up their 401(k) money in order to have any hope of atoning for the sins of their ancestors. He also maintains that Hillary Clinton’s unhappiness over losing out to Obama is specifically related to his race. In other words, Clinton would have been less distraught had, say, John Edwards bested her. In this account, of course, Clinton is a racist.

Here’s the video, which I think needs to be seen to be believed:

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