Jeb Bush’s speech

Jeb Bush has paid brief tribute to his brother and has politely ripped President Obama for blaming his predecessor for the current woes. After nearly four years, says the former Florida governor, a real leader would accept responsibility for the failure of his policies.

Now Bush has turned to his favorite issue — education, the soft underbelly of the Democrats’ fake claim that their Party puts people first. He’s making a forceful case for school choice, with the help of a young African-American from Miami who took advantage of Bush’s school choice program to escape from a failing school to get a first rate education.

The Dems simply have no good answer on this set of issues. They are too beholden to teachers’ unions.

As Stanley Kurtz has shown, Obama’s education policy is quietly focused on giving the federal government control over what students are taught, on a nationwide basis. I will have more to say about this soon.


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