Rick Santorum’s speech

I’ll say it again: No politician ties conservative positions on social issues to the economy better than Santorum. The connection is indisputable and should not be neglected by Republicans.

Santorum earned his place as a prime time speaker, and he used it very well on behalf of his causes and his Party.

The speech was light on favorable references to Mitt Romney. In fact, they were basically non-existent until the end. But plenty of other speakers will vouch for Romney. Santorum’s role was a different one. In that context, the endorsement at the end of the speech was enough.

STEVE adds: John Podhoretz vehemently disagrees–thinks Santorum’s speech was “disastrous.”  John tends to be a harsh critic of many things, as readers of his movie reviews know.  I only saw a little of Santorum’s speech and don’t have a considered judgment.  I’ll offer some general thoughts on convention rhetoric later.  We report–you decide.


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