A pro-American Egyptian military wouldn’t look so bad now, and it never did

The chief of Egypt’s military, Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, warned of the possible “collapse of the state” following a fourth night of street fighting in Cairo and other major cities. In that event, the military might very well intervene in an effort to restore stability.

Unfortunately, as we pointed out in August of last year, Sissi’s sympathies lie with the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, this report by the Washington Post, though it suggests that the military itself is “fundamentally neutral,” acknowledges that “Sissi is far more loyal to the Islamist regime than the previous generals would have been.”

Ah, those “previous generals.” Weren’t they the pro-American crew that had its legs cut off by President Obama and Hillary Clinton when, in the aftermath of the election of President Morsi, they tried to act as a counterweight to his impending Islamist regime?

We have noted that Obama seems to view the Muslim Brotherhood as the wave of the future in the Middle East. The Egyptian street may beg to differ, but Obama has done his best to make his terrible prophecy a self-fulfilling one.


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