Are Mask Mandates Crumbling?

Featured image For quite a few months now, my family has been living a normal life, unimpeded by covid hysteria. Sure, it’s not perfect: the restaurants are open again, but we do have to wear masks for a few seconds while walking to our table. Also during the few moments while we walk indoors to our offices, and in grocery stores, etc. Given that I think the science is clear, and masks »

Assessing Andrew Cuomo

Featured image It says a lot that Andrew Cuomo became a media darling even as his policies caused thousands of deaths in New York nursing homes, but now, suddenly, is the subject of impeachment talk because three women have accused him of mild or borderline sexual harassment. What it suggests to me is that our priorities are skewed and that our culture is becoming frivolous. The allegations of sexual harassment show Cuomo »

Trump’s coronavirus response

Featured image Byron York reassesses Donald Trump’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus. His points will be familiar to faithful readers of Power Line. Indeed, his reassessment is essentially the same as our initial assessment. There are two aspects to Trump’s response. They are: (1) attempts to limit the virus’ spread, pre-vaccine and (2) attempts to develop and deploy vaccines. Clearly, Trump deserves very high marks on the latter aspect. As Byron writes: »

Uncle Joe stares into the future

Featured image The gentleman from Madame Tussauds emerged from storage yesterday to read remarks celebrating 50 million COVID-19 vaccinations. Whoever prepared the text is seeking to exploit the ignorance of Biden supporters and others who may devote 23 minutes of their lives to taking it in (text here, video below). The lords of Amazon have put me in mind of Joseph Stalin this morning. I see Biden in this light. He is »

Coronavirus in one state (155)

Featured image In the words of John Lennon, war is over (if you want it) — the war in this case being the war on COVID-19. The public health emergency is over and yet governors such as Minnesota’s egregious Tim Walz continue to control the “dials” of our lives, as the authorities here refer to them. They have us fighting on like Japanese soldiers who haven’t heard that the Emperor surrendered. Kevin »

Dr. Fauci’s baffling advice

Featured image Dr. Anthony Fauci says “there are things, even if you’re vaccinated, that you’re not going to be able to do in society.” What things? “For example, indoor dining, theaters, places where people congregate.” Why? “Because of the safety of society.” This makes no sense to me, and I don’t intend to follow Fauci’s advice (or whatever it is). First, there is no evidence that folks who have been vaccinated pose »

Discrimination In Vaccine Distribution

Featured image Scott has chronicled the COVID fiasco here in Minnesota in his “Coronavirus In One State” series. Now that the focus has shifted to getting at-risk people vaccinated, our state government is finding new ways to drop the ball, or worse. I got an email today from a guy who said that he had started to fill out the Minnesota Department of Health’s online vaccine sign-up form, but discontinued the effort »

Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever!

Featured image A friend who is a superb doctor sent along this communication from Fairview/University of Minnesota Health Services: Got that? Vaccination changes nothing! Wear masks, wash your hands frequently, socially distance and–above all–stay home! “Until it’s gone,” which is never. My friend comments: From an experienced medical facility, I expect better. It will never be gone, we will have it like every other coronavirus, like every other flu. Unlike smallpox, it »

Is Covid Almost Over?

Featured image As Paul noted earlier, new coronavirus cases are plummeting in the U.S. This chart from the CDC shows the trend graphically: Could cases spike again? The only real limit on the spread of covid is herd immunity (or, in the more politically correct formula, “population immunity”). When a majority (maybe a large majority) of the population has acquired immunity either by contracting the disease or by being vaccinated, the virus »

New coronavirus cases plummet in U.S. and the UK

Featured image The number of new coronavirus cases is in steep decline, both in the U.S. and the UK. Here at home, the number of new reported cases per day is below 100,000 — down from almost three times that many early in the year. The daily number of new cases is about what it was in mid-to-late October, before the weather got cold. (All numbers cited are from Worldometer.) Unfortunately, the »

Report: Andrew Cuomo under federal investigation

Featured image The other day, I suggested that Andrew Cuomo and/or members of his staff may have violated up to three federal criminal statutes in connection with a Justice Department request for information about nursing home deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus in New York. Now comes word that the FBI and the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York have opened an investigation into Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes and »

Vaccination priority for teachers or medical marijuana workers?

Featured image The Los Angeles Times reports that California’s updated coronavirus vaccine guidelines place medical marijuana workers ahead of some teachers, bus drivers, and food and agricultural workers. Leaders in the cannabis industry had lobbied Gov. Newsom to include their employees in Phase 1B, Tier 1 of the state’s vaccine plan, which includes food and agriculture workers, law enforcement, teachers and other essential workers. Instead: [T]he California Department of Health inexplicably went »

How gone is he?

Featured image President Biden claimed during his CNN town hall in Wisconsin on Tuesday that his administration came into office with no coronavirus vaccines available. Zachary Evans gives this helpful straight news account for NR (also published here at Yahoo! News): Biden received his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on December 21, and the second dose in January. While discussing the issue of vaccine supply during the town hall, Biden initially »

COVID vs the Flu

Featured image Seasonal influenza has been with us more or less forever, and in the U.S., tens of thousands of people die from it every year. That has never been considered a major problem, and we have not shut down our economy or our schools, or stayed in our basements or worn masks, to minimize damage from the flu. Covid, on the other hand, has been treated as an epic “pandemic” second »

Kamala Harris’ pathetic dodge on school reopenings

Featured image There were two problems with trotting out Kamala Harris to defend the Biden administration’s record on school “reopening.” First, Biden’s record is indefensible. Second, Harris isn’t very intelligent. Katie Pavlich has a good summary of Biden’s record. First, Biden promised. . .to open [the majority of] schools “within 100 days” of taking office. Once in office, the White House changed the narrative to re-opening schools “safely” if the $1.9 trillion »

Coronavirus in one state (154)

Featured image In the questions I submitted to the Minnesota Department of Health last week, I sought to learn why one of our internist readers was unable to get his prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin filled by a major pharmaceutical chain for his patients’ off-label use. In their responses MDH professed not to know. They referred me to the Board of Pharmacy. I called the executive director of the Board of Pharmacy. »

Cuomo continues

Featured image I took a whack at Governor Cuomo last week in “Blame it on the Donald.” An update is warranted. At another of his press conferences yesterday he dispersed the blame for his own shoddy performance across an incredibly broad landscape. Victor Davis Hanson took up Governor Cuomo in his February 14 American Greatness column “The wages of Trump hatred.” Here is a handy summary of events leading to yesterday’s presser: »