Down Go the Greens

Featured image As Steve noted earlier, today’s elections to the European Parliament were a disaster for the Left and a triumph for the Right (the “far right” in European parlance). And as Steve said, the Greens were hardest hit. The consequences could be far-reaching. This article in the Telegraph preceded but predicted the conservative victory. It focuses on the consequences for Europe’s climate policies: “Rise of the Right threatens EU net zero »

From the EU to Eurovision

Featured image Along with Victor Davis Hanson and Andrew Roberts, Dominic Green is one of my favorite living historians. A fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Dominic investigated the evidence bearing on Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage to her brother in the June 2019 Spectator column “Ilhan Omar lawyer: Two marriages hard to explain” (the column is attributed to the Spectator’s pseudonymous Cockburn). The Daily Mail republished Dominic’s column under the headline »

Eurovision Winds Up Happily

Featured image The giant Eurovision pop music competition came to a climax with the finals this evening in Malmo, Sweden. Pretty much all of the news surrounding the event related to Israel’s participation. Israel’s representative, Eden Golan, all of 20 years old, was booed during rehearsals. Thousands of anti-Israel demonstrators turned out Thursday for the semifinal rounds, and again tonight during the final round of competition: Thousands of people protested in Malmo »

Eurovision, Take 2 [Updated Again]

Featured image I wrote here about how Israel’s presence has roiled Eurovision, the big European pop music competition. Each country is represented by an artist, either an individual or a group. After two semifinals, the lineup for the final evening is now set. Somewhat remarkably, the Israeli contestant passed through the semifinal round and will compete in the finals. The result is predictable; the London Times reports: “Thousands protest over Gaza as »

A Sign of the Times

Featured image Eurovision is the annual European (and beyond) popular music contest that has become a giant cultural event. Each country is represented by a single singer or group, and the competition is intense. This year’s contest will begin on Tuesday in Malmo, Sweden. Israel has won the competition four times, most recently in 2018. This year it is represented by a 20-year-old woman named Eden Golan. But the contest will not »

A Human Right To Be Cool

Featured image The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Switzerland is liable to its citizens for its alleged failure to do enough about “climate change”: A group of 2,000 Swiss women have won a climate change case against Switzerland at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in a ruling hailed as “monumental” by experts. The court agreed with the KlimaSeniorinnen, or Senior Women for Climate Protection, that the Swiss »

It Can’t Happen Here?

Featured image Some time ago, a house in my neighborhood started flying a gay/trans flag. In response, I suspect, two nearby houses started flying American flags. But recently, there was a change: the gay/trans flag was replaced by the Scottish flag: If you remember Scotland as a country of highland clans, conservative Presbyterians and fearsome warriors, that may seem strange to you. But actually, it makes perfect sense: Scotland is being transformed »

The Farmers Win

Featured image Farm revolts have spread across Europe, most recently in France where farmers blocked roads leading into Paris. Local grievances vary somewhat, but fundamentally farmers have been rebelling against the environmental insanity that afflicts the EU even more than it does the U.S. So farmers have been rebelling on behalf of the rest of us, since left-wing environmental policies are designed to make food (especially meat) vastly more expensive, so as »

War Drums In Europe

Featured image Suddenly, there is talk everywhere of war in Europe. On Monday, I wrote about warnings from Germany and Sweden of a possible Russian invasion. The drumbeat continues. The London Times lays out a scenario for a Russian attack: A few years after a break in the fighting for Ukraine, the Kremlin seizes its moment and strikes at the Baltic states. While Nato forces clog up overstretched roads and railways across »

War In Europe?

Featured image The war in Ukraine seems to have settled into a stalemate, and one would think that the Russian army’s mediocre performance in that conflict would dampen any Kremlin aspirations to widen the war. But military leaders in Western Europe are nevertheless sounding an alarm. Thus, Bild magazine has published documents from Germany’s Ministry of Defense about the possibility of a Russian attack. It isn’t clear from the linked story whether »

Europe’s “Hard Right” Uprising

Featured image Across Western Europe, the right is rising. This strikes fear into the hearts of Brussels bureaucrats, as the London Times reports, with this headline: “‘Hormonal’ voters could hand hard-right victory, EU chief fears.” Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign policy, warns that migration fears could send political shockwaves across Europe. Borrell, 76, a Spanish Socialist and former foreign minister, was referring to the fact that illegal immigration has »

Attack on Cologne Cathedral Foiled

Featured image The Christmas/New Year season is one of heightened terrorism alert in Europe. Today, German authorities announced that they had stopped an intended Islamic attack on Cologne’s (Koln’s) historic cathedral: German police have arrested three people suspected of planning a New Year’s Eve terrorist attack on Cologne Cathedral, which was reportedly to be carried out in a car loaded with explosives. Officers had first been informed of an attack planned for »

Globalize the Jihad!

Featured image That is one of the mantras recited by Hamas supporters across the Western world. And, as usual, we should assume that terrorists mean what they say. The Telegraph reports: “Hamas plot to attack Jews across Europe is foiled by police.” A Hamas plot to kill Jews in Europe was foiled by German and Danish police who uncovered the terrorist group’s alarming change of tactics. Three people were arrested in Germany, »

Down and Out In Paris and London

Featured image Actually, of course, we were anything but down and out. Rather, on vacation. Our plan was to spend a week in Paris, where we had never been, followed by a week in London, where we go pretty often. It didn’t quite turn out that way. Here are a few observations for those who might be interested: * We saw absolutely no political activity–no pro-Hamas demonstrations, in particular. On the contrary, »

Ireland Goes Fascist

Featured image An Irish author has just won the Booker prize: Irish author Paul Lynch won the Booker Prize on Sunday. His novel, Prophet Song, imagines an Ireland that has fallen under Right-wing totalitarian control, and begins with members of the new secret police rapping on the door of a union leader to interrogate him for “sowing discord and unrest” against the government. The reality, of course, is precisely the opposite: The »

Reporting From Paris

Featured image I have been in Paris for the last week, my first visit to this city. This is a fun time of the year to be in Europe, as the Europeans generally make a bigger deal out of Christmas than we do. Before we left, friends warned us against two things: pro-genocide demonstrators, and bedbugs. So far we have seen the same number of each: zero. Yesterday we visited one of »

Notes from Central Europe

Featured image An unusual experience on the train from Salzburg to Munich yesterday. The train stopped at the German border, whereupon eight police officers, well armed and wearing full body armor, boarded the train and asked to see passports. I haven’t had a passport check on a European train in years, and I thought they were obsolete in the era of the Schengen Zone that allows visa-free travel throughout the European Union. »