The Grassley-Johnson experience

Featured image Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have made it a mission to expose the Biden family corruption at whose apex sits President Biden. Their various reports, speeches, and correspondence are all accessible here. Most recently, they summarized the fruits of their research in this letter letter dated October 26, 2022 (“[t]he letter summarizes key elements of the Biden family’s engagements with individuals linked to the Chinese communist party and Chinese »

Nuclear Secrets? Never Mind

Featured image Remember the hysteria over the classified documents that Donald Trump had in his basement at Mar-a-Lago? Remember the claim that the fugitive boxes contained “nuclear secrets” that Trump supposedly might sell to foreign adversaries? That was one of the dumbest theories of recent times, which is saying a lot. But now that the midterms are safely behind us, the Biden administration is leaking a different message: never mind. As usual, »

Wray wriggles

Featured image Students of ancient history may recall that FBI Director Christopher Wray wriggled away from the Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing this past August 4 when he claimed he had a flight to catch. It turned out that the flight was on the Gulfstream jet dedicated to the Director’s use and he was headed off on vacation. Senator Josh Hawley followed up on Wray’s wriggle today at a hearing before the »

Can the FBI Be Saved?

Featured image On Friday, Republican House Judiciary Committee staff released a report titled “FBI WHISTLEBLOWERS: WHAT THEIR DISCLOSURES INDICATE ABOUT THE POLITICIZATION OF THE FBI AND JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.” The report is 50 pages long, but it also includes an appendix of approximately 1,000 pages consisting of letters Judiciary Committee members have written to DOJ and the FBI, requesting information that, I take it, has rarely if ever been forthcoming. The report’s contents »

FBI Offered Bribe to Bring Down Trump

Featured image Scott wrote earlier today about the first day’s testimony in the trial of Igor Danchenko. I want to elaborate on the most significant point that emerged from the testimony of FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian Auten: the FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could come up with evidence to support the wild allegations in his “dossier” on Donald Trump. This at a time when the FBI knew that, »

The dossier revisted

Featured image The FBI filed its first application for a FISA warrant on Carter Page on October 21, 2016. According to the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General review, the application was based in relevant part on the Steele Dossier that it had obtained the previous month. The OIG review determined that the FBI omitted many material facts from the application. In addition to the previously identified omissions, we now learn »

Strangest Story of the Day

Featured image Don’t tell my wife, but I downloaded a dating app today. It is called The Right Stuff and is said to be intended for conservatives. It is new, and now is the subject of a very odd story: “Right-wing dating app users on ‘The Right Stuff’ contacted by FBI.” Users of a right-wing dating app founded by former Trump staffers have reported that they’re receiving calls from the FBI after »

Hunter Heading for the Hoosegow?

Featured image The Washington Post is out this afternoon with news that “federal agents” have sufficient evidence to charge Hunter Biden with “tax crimes” and making false statements related to a gun purchase. There are some telltale oddities to the story. It describes the source or sources as “people familiar with the situation.” People? What kind of people? The story does not specify whether these “familiar people” are with the FBI, IRS, ATF, »

How Corrupt Is the FBI?

Featured image Congressman Jim Jordan tells Fox News that the FBI is purging conservative employees: The FBI is allegedly engaging in a “purge” of employees with conservative viewpoints and retaliating against whistleblowers who have made protected disclosures to Congress by revoking security clearances, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News Digital. Jordan, R-Ohio, said that more than a dozen FBI whistleblowers have come to him »

In free lunch fraud: Analyze this

Featured image I’m scheduled to join Jon Justice on KTLK this morning at about 8:35 to discuss the massive $250 million free lunch fraud. The $250 million represents the payment of federal funds administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. The show can be live streamed here. I want to compile related materials for listeners in this post. United States Attorney Andrew Luger announced charges against 47 defendants in six indictments and »

In free lunch fraud: The press conference

Featured image Alpha News covers United States Attorney Andrew Luger’s press conference announcing the filing of federal charges in the massive free lunch conspiracy in editor Anthony Gockowski’s story “47 charged in alleged $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud scheme.” Supplement Anthony’s story with Bill Glahn’s Center of the American Experiment’s backgrounders here (an invaluable scandal timeline with links) and here (on the related Partners in Nutrition story). The Alpha News story »

In free lunch fraud: The charges

Featured image United States Attorney Andrew Luger called a press conference to announce indictments in the massive Minnesota free lunch fraud that we have covered in the linked series of posts since that date back to this past January. At that time the FBI executed a search warrants and property seizures all over the Twin Cities. The fraud involved hundred of millions of federal tax dollars. It was massive, as I say, »

Biden Demands White Supremacy

Featured image FBI whistleblowers–in this case, the term is probably warranted–have come forward to say that the Bureau is pressuring them to come up with “white supremacists” to investigate, in order to advance the Biden administration’s agenda: Current and former FBI agents have come forward saying the Biden administration is deliberately exaggerating the danger posed by white supremacists. They claimed that high-ranking FBI officials were pressuring field agents to fabricate domestic terrorism »

Laptop from hell revisited

Featured image Brendan O’Neill interviews Miranda Devine on the laptop from hell — as O’Neill notes, Devine wrote the book on it — and related subjects in the terrific Spiked podcast below. Spiked has posted the podcast here with this précis: “Miranda discusses her role in the groundbreaking investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop, the FBI and Big Tech’s attempt to kill the story, and how the cover-up is now falling to pieces.” »

Biden’s Personal Gestapo

Featured image The FBI appears content with its role as the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, somewhat like–although, so far, not as bad as–the role the Ku Klux Klan played years ago. The Mar-a-Lago raid was a low point, but the FBI has followed up with more intimidation tactics. Subpoenas reportedly have been served on dozens of Republicans, apparently fishing for some evidence of a connection to the almost entirely peaceful »

The Thibault statement

Featured image I wrote about the departure of FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office Timothy Thibault here yesterday. According to Miranda Devine’s New York Post column linked in that post, Thibault has been on leave since Senator Chuck Grassley raised inquiries concerning Thibault’s suppression of negative information about Hunter before the 2020 election. After I wrote yesterday, Thibault released a statement (below via Twitter) stating that he »

Timothy Thibault exits FBI

Featured image Citing unnamed whistleblowers, Senator Chuck Grassley specifically called out FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office Timothy Thibault in his letter to Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray dated July 18, 2022. Senator Grassley posted the letter online here. Working the FBI public corruption beat, Thibault himself appears not be an entirely straight shooter. Miranda Devine put it this way at the bottom of her »