Kamala Harris

Get curious with the Shamala video

Featured image The White House response to the exposure of the Shamala space video as starring child actors is unintentionally revealing. The White House points out that Shamala was not the casting director: The White House on Tuesday said it did not select the children, reportedly child actors, who appeared in a YouTube video with Vice President Harris. YouTube confirmed that it had selected the children in the video and reached out »

Shamala: The real thing

Featured image I want to add a few notes to my comments in “Fakin’ it: Shamala edition.” Herewith, as William Buckley might have said, 10 additional notes and queries: • “The most important thing is honesty. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” The quote is attributed to various wits. It gets at an eternal aspect of democratic politics. Kamala cannot fake honesty. She cannot fake sincerity. Her fakery is »

Fakin’ it: Shamala edition

Featured image I took a look at the Biden fakery, most recently, here over the weekend. Vice President Kamala Harris takes fakery to a new level. She is such a synthetic character she might have been created in a laboratory as a joke, perhaps by Dr. Frankenstein high on drugs. You can make this stuff up, but it defies credulity. It turns out that the entire cast of Harris’s weird space video »

Report: Kamala Harris “charmed” child actors in NASA video

Featured image John wrote here about a video in which Kamala Harris welcomed a group of school children to the vice president’s residence, the Naval Observatory in Washington, to talk with them about NASA. John noted that Harris’ affect was “weird and inappropriate.” The word fake came to mind. Now, the Washington Examiner is reporting that the first installment of Harris’ YouTube Originals space series featured child actors who auditioned for their »

Kamala Back In the News

Featured image Kamala Harris is trending on Twitter. She welcomed a group of school children to the vice president’s residence, the Naval Observatory in Washington. Her affect is weird and inappropriate. She talks to the students as though they were four years old, which they are not. We are reminded that Harris, unlike nearly all significant political figures, does not have children. First the videos. Be sure to watch all three, then »

How pathetic is Kamala Harris?

Featured image This pathetic: She can’t even speak to a small group of college students without revealing her anti-Israel views and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. From now on, Harris’ public appearances should be limited to ribbon cuttings (if they still have them). Iran quickly seized on Harris’ statement that the view of Israel as genocidal is one version of the truth. According to Fox News: An Iran state media »

Kamala Harris declines to disagree with claim of “ethnic genocide” by Israel

Featured image Kamala Harris has been out of the news for quite some time, surely the result of a decision (perhaps by Joe Biden’s handlers) to lower her profile. However, Harris appeared at George Mason University in Northern Virginia on Tuesday in a surprise visit to a political science class. She said she was there to promote voter registration and discuss voting rights. During her visit, Harris took questions from students. As »

Who’s whippin’ who

Featured image The left has found a scenario it thinks it can retail to defuse the invasion of the United States by Haitians and hundreds of thousands of others via our former southern border. They want us to believe that overwhelmed immigration enforcement authorities on horseback are whipping Haitians. We went from “whip,” to “whip-like chord,” to “horse reins.” pic.twitter.com/KMNJ9S14YP — Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) September 21, 2021 Kamala Harris emerged from seclusion »

Thanks, Kamala

Featured image Kamala Harris has blood on her hands. Not in connection with Afghanistan–I doubt that she has had any influence on events there–but as a result of her support for violent crime in Minnesota. In the wake of the George Floyd riots, Harris contributed to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and encouraged others to do so as well. She did so on the pretext that the Freedom Fund was bailing out “demonstrators” »

Poll: 52 percent say Biden should resign over Afghanistan

Featured image It’s just one poll and the result may not hold as Afghanistan recedes from our consciousness, but the result is still noteworthy. A Rasmussen survey, conducted on August 30-31 among 1,000 “likely voters,” finds that 52 percent believe Joe Biden should resign because of his Afghanistan policy. 39 percent disagree. Furthermore, if Biden does not resign (and he won’t, of course), 60 percent of those surveyed said he should be »

Cacklin’ Kamala Goes to Singapore [with a comment by Paul]

Featured image Kamala Harris has begun her trip to Asia, and no sooner had she gotten off the airplane than she was asked a question about Afghanistan. I don’t know that the social media criticism of this moment is particularly justified. Harris laughs when she is nervous, a trait that she likely would have grown out of if she had followed a normal political path. But because her rise to power in »

Where’s Kamala?

Featured image To my knowledge, Cacklin’ Kamala Harris hasn’t been seen since the Afghanistan crisis exploded. This silence contrasts with her attitude in April, when she suggested that she shared responsibility for Joe Biden’s Afghan policy, since she was “the last person in the room” when Biden made the decision to withdraw. So, where is Kamala? Preparing to depart on a trip to Singapore and Vietnam: Harris is due in Singapore on »

Where Is Kamala Harris?

Featured image Has Kamala Harris been sent into the federal witness protection program? It seems so. She’s disappeared from view suddenly. No more interviews with network anchors apparently. Think of it as the “Democratic Election Prospects Protection Program.” The Hill reports today: Harris’s bad polls trigger Democratic worries Vice President Harris has some ground to make up in order to be perceived more favorably by the public, a complicating factor for the »

Kamala: Weighed and Found Wanting

Featured image As I have written before, going into the 2020 presidential season I thought Kamala Harris had a good chance to come away with the Democratic nomination. She seemed to check all of that party’s boxes. But, as in the old story about the dog food advertising campaign, the voters just didn’t like her. She was gone from the race before the Iowa caucuses. Continued exposure has not raised Harris in »

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Anti-Vaxxers

Featured image The Biden administration is now colluding with Facebook and, perhaps, other social media platforms–Jen Psaki says that anyone who is banned from one site should be banned from all–to shut down any discussion of the pros and cons of anti-covid vaccination as “misinformation.” Any suggestion that the vaccine might not be for everyone is, according to Joe Biden, “killing people.” How soon they expect us to forget! Just one year »

The trouble with Kinko’s

Featured image At Legal Insurrection Ms. Fuzzy Slippers asks “Why Is Kamala The Last Democrat Still Arguing Against Voter I.D.?” The answer to Ms. Slippers’ question has something to do with Kinko’s. According to Harris, rural voters can’t find a Kinko’s at which to copy their id’s. This is true, but that is because FedEx deep-sixed the Kinko’s name in 2008 with an accompanying $891 million charge-off (“non-cash impairment”). That was 13 »

The real Kamala Harris

Featured image If Kamala Harris didn’t exist, the media would have to invent her. The mainstream media is determined to treat Joe Biden with kid gloves. Gossip about the White House seems largely off-limits and apparently not easy to come by without great effort. But journalists love gossip and drama, so they seek them one level down from the Oval Office. And what’s more dramatic than a woman on track to becoming »