Kamala Harris

Kamala, Back on the Job

Featured image During the last stages of the midterm election campaign and during the holidays it almost seemed as if Vice President Kamala Harris had disappeared into some kind of Democrat Witness Protection Program, as if it finally dawned on Democrat Party leaders that she’s a total nitwit best kept out of public view as much as possible. But she has finally re-emerged and is back on the job, providing endless free »

Found: Kamala’s Speechwriter!

Featured image The Biden White House seems to have muzzled Kamala Harris at last, such that we’ve run out of Kamalaisms for the close of the weekend podcast. And of course she’s had lots and lots of staff turnover—a sure sign of someone who really isn’t up to the job. One institution that is on the job is the Babylon Bee (America’s Premier News SourceTM), and they have at length discovered Kamala’s »

How’s she doing?

Featured image Asked by Jonathan Capehart how Vice President Kamala Harris is doing, President Biden responded: “She’s doing great. First of all, she’s smart as hell.” So you know we are in the land of the whopper. Biden continued his tribute to her: “She has a backbone like a ramrod…there isn’t any public figure that is, you know, 60 percent favorable ratings, I mean, you know, most of, and, but—she’s doing a »

Speaking of disinformation

Featured image The explosion of crime in the Twin Cities is a problem for Democrats running for public office in Minnesota this year. Many of us think they are responsible and should be held to account. Indeed, we are living with the consequences of their nonfeasance in the George Floyd riots. When Kamala Harris came to town yesterday Esme Murphy took the opportunity to let Kamala dissemble about her promotion of the »

There’s This Thing Called . . . Kamala Harris!

Featured image Someday, ages hence, maybe a retired Kamala Harris will do public service announcements for DSAS—Deficient Self-Awareness Syndrome—because the struggle is real, at least for her, and probably most other bubble-encased leftists. Her latest is really a howler (just 30 second long): KAMALA HARRIS: "I'm just gonna state a fact. It's not political, it's not an advertisement, it's just a fact. So, there's this thing in the United States Senate called »

OMG—TV Art Has Imitated Life

Featured image I have never watched a single episode of “Veep” on HBO, though I have heard it is excellent, and moreover that it presaged the banality of our actual vice president, Kamala Harris. And the Daily Show, of all places, has stepped up with “Veep” clips applied to Harris (a sign that Hollywood realizes Harris can’t be elected president). Here’s the Sky News account and excerpt: Here’s how the Daily Show »

On Hurricane Ian

Featured image Hurricane Ian is moving up the Atlantic seaboard and apparently passing into history. It was tremendously destructive as it hit the Gulf coast of Florida, and Democrats didn’t even wait for the hurricane to make landfall before politicizing it. Democrats hope Ian will bring down, or at least put a chink in the armor of, the heretofore invincible Ron DeSantis. But I am confused: didn’t we learn during Katrina that »

Veep thoughts with Kamala Harris

Featured image The point of this series — and I do have one — is to invite the kind of derision of Democrats that the Democrat/media establishment routinely inflicts on their political opponents (though without the justification). Raygun! Bushitler! It’s almost enough to make a sane person doubt the Trump-Hitler hysteria as just a little over the top. By contrast, Joe Biden visibly deteriorates before our eyes. Kamala Harris is a bona »

The GOP Learning How to Fight (Updated)

Featured image When I first saw a NY Times headline yesterday that read “This Jellyfish Can Live Forever,” I thought it was about Republican office holders. But no, it refers to the real ocean-going invertebrates passively borne along by the currents, though it is easy to see how one might be misled, since this oceanographic description applies fully to Beltway Republicans so much of the time. And when I saw the headline that »

Abbott refutes Harris

Featured image FOX News reports: “2 migrant buses arrive outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ Naval Observatory residence in DC.” Subhead: “Between 75 and 100 migrants who were picked up in Eagle Pass, Texas, were sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.” Video is posted with the story. In her Meet the Press interview this past Sunday, Harris asserted twice that “the border is secure.” Governor Abbott has thus refuted Harris. Readers of The »

Bordering on insanity

Featured image The Biden administration’s happy talk on border security is at least equal to it’s happy talk on inflation in its absurd denial of reality. I took a pass at Vice President Harris’s performance in her Meet the Press interview here on Monday. Media Research Center’s Tim Graham did better than I did in his comments on Sean Spicer’s Newsmax show (video below). Graham was joined in the segment by Ben »

“The border is secure”

Featured image You may not have heard recently that “the border is secure.”   It was one of the assertions embedded in the incoherent verbal rambling with which Vice President Kamala Harris responded to the question posed by Chuck Todd in the interview broadcast on Meet the Press yesterday.  NewsBusters has posted the video excerpt below along with its story and the accompanying transcript cruelly documenting the exchange. Harris’s rambling belongs in our »

Is 52 the Magic Number?

Featured image On Meet the Press this morning, Kamala Harris said that if the Democrats pick up two Senate seats in the midterms, they will abolish the filibuster, at least selectively. The two additional seats, plus Harris’s own tie-breaker, will be needed to offset the votes of Senators Manchin and Sinema so as to create a majority in favor of altering Senate rules: Harris said, “In less than two months, we are »

Kamala’s Word-Salad-Shooter Strikes Again

Featured image Listeners of the Saturday podcast will know that we have a competition under way to come up with the best dressing for a Kamala Harris Word Salad. My first cut: A thick tofu-based topping, featuring saccharin-infused molasses, oleomargarine (in place of Olive oil), turmeric, St. John’s wart, and malt vinegar. Meanwhile, Kamala has tossed another classic word salad, this time down at the aborted launch of NASA’s Artemis 1. Scroll to »

Kamala Harris, Space Oddity

Featured image I used to think that the most absurd collected quote book was The Quotable Kofi Annan, which the UN put out in 2003. It contained gems such as, “To make sure that the intergovernmental machinery has the support it deserves, we must also make sure that the United Nations Secretariat is much more nimble and responsive to changing needs.” With profundity like that, we know that we are in the »

Who was that masked woman?

Featured image John posted a video clip of Kamala Harris doing her thing yesterday in “These people are crazy.” Like John, I was mystified by Harris’s description of her attire in addition to her recitation of personal pronouns. Searching (so far unsuccessfully) for the White House text of President Biden’s unblinking remarks to the NOBLE group yesterday, I came across the text of Harris’s remarks here. Harris was observing the anniversary of »

These People Are Crazy

Featured image Kamala Harris hosted some kind of event earlier today. Several mask-wearing (why?) women participated. As is now common in gatherings of liberals, they began the meeting by introducing themselves and stating their pronouns. And, weirdly, by describing themselves–their hair color, the dresses they were wearing, whatever. This might possibly make sense if it were a meeting of blind people, otherwise not. Utterly bizarre. Here is Kamala: VP: "I am Kamala »