Kamala Harris

Harris on the hot seat

Featured image A black minister recently made the following pitch to Kamala Harris. With Purim, a Jewish holiday, in mind, he implored her to follow Queen Esther’s example and rescue low-wage earning Americans by disregarding Senate rules and smuggling a minimum wage hike into pandemic relief legislation. It’s an obscene comparison. Queen Esther rescued Jews from death. A higher minimum wage would help some Blacks make a little more money (and cause »

Kamala Harris and Other Leftists Spring Rapist From Jail

Featured image In the wake of last Summer’s devastating riots in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Hollywood celebrities and left-wing politicians led by Kamala Harris joined forces to bail out violent criminals who committed arson, looting and other felonies. But apparently there were not enough such criminals to go around–not enough who got arrested, anyway–so the Hollywood/D.C. leftists bailed out everyone in sight. Along with other victims, one or more Minnesota women have »

Kamala Harris’ pathetic dodge on school reopenings

Featured image There were two problems with trotting out Kamala Harris to defend the Biden administration’s record on school “reopening.” First, Biden’s record is indefensible. Second, Harris isn’t very intelligent. Katie Pavlich has a good summary of Biden’s record. First, Biden promised. . .to open [the majority of] schools “within 100 days” of taking office. Once in office, the White House changed the narrative to re-opening schools “safely” if the $1.9 trillion »

History Reruns

Featured image Today’s foundational texts are the famous Marx quote about history repeating itself first as tragedy and then as farce, and Santayana’s axiom that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. • On the first, we have the ever-farcical liberals going from stepping on rakes to stepping on land mines. Or in this case, Vice President Kamala Harris telling the people of West Virginia that they need to »

North Korea Comes to America

Featured image If you think that totalitarian dictatorships are home to the ultimate sycophants, the reaction of the American press to the Biden administration may cause you to reconsider. Then there is this paean to Kamala Harris. Watch it if you dare: Promise not to kill yourself after watching this? pic.twitter.com/Bt1EF5O6pO — Jon Miller (@MillerStream) January 28, 2021 »

Who is running the Biden administration?

Featured image Is it Joe Biden? Maybe, but many question whether he has the mental capacity and the energy to run the show. In this post about the Biden administration’s early hard-left initiatives, I speculated that Susan Rice, Ron Klain, or some combination of the two are determining Biden’s domestic policy agenda under pressure from the left. On the foreign policy side, no known policy has yet emerged about which to speculate. »

Who will preside over the Senate trial?

Featured image The effort by Democrats to impeach and convict President Trump is raising questions that, in a well-functioning society, would be reserved for law school exams. In such a society, Trump wouldn’t have acted as he did during his final days and Democrats would be content with the fact that those were his final days. One question raised is whether a president can be impeached after he leaves office. A second »

Who is smarter, Joe Biden or Kamala Harris?

Featured image My answer is Kamala Harris. Why? Because Joe Biden stole lines from Neil Kinnock, whereas Kamala Harris stole lines, it seems, from Martin Luther King. If you’re going to indulge in plagiarism, you might as well steal from a great storyteller, rather than a hack British pol. Biden’s plagiarism is well known, although the mainstream media doesn’t like to remind people of it. Harris’ plagiarism problem has only just come »

Happy Kwanzaa?

Featured image I assume that not a lot of people celebrate Kwanzaa, an entirely synthetic “holiday” that was invented in 1966. But that isn’t the worst of it: Kwanzaa’s inventor, Ron Karenga, is a horrible person who served four years in prison for imprisoning and torturing two women, and also was implicated in, although not convicted of, multiple murders that were carried out by his henchmen. (Today, naturally, he is a college »

Buttigieg to be nominated for Secretary of Transportation

Featured image President-elect Biden has selected Pete Buttigieg to be Secretary of Transportation. Reportedly, Buttigieg had been considered for the post of U.S. ambassador to China. Fortunately, that won’t happen. The Chinese will be deprived of a good laugh. Biden must have felt he had to give Buttigieg something. The former South Bend mayor is now America’s highest profile openly gay politician. Buttigieg proved his popularity by making a fairly substantial bid »

How much influence will Kamala Harris have?

Featured image There are two kinds of vice presidents, those who enter the office with chops and those who don’t. For purposes of the vice presidency, chops can be earned by high level service, by having mounted a credible presidential campaign, or by being the leader of a wing of the president’s party. Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, and Dick Cheney are probably the best examples in my lifetime of vice presidents who »

America in 2020

Featured image In 2020, America elected a president who slithered his way up the greasy pole and a vice president who slept her way up. The election that will bring this pair to power was rife was practices that enabled cheating on their behalf. For example, a fair system of poll watching is a sine qua non of fair elections. That’s why the international community sends poll watchers to countries suspected of »

Is Kamala Harris a Marxist or just incoherent?

Featured image I don’t know. The main thing I know about Harris is that she’s an opportunist. If you don’t think so, check with some of the people she prosecuted in California. The following statements by Harris have been cited as evidence that she’s a Marxist: Equality suggests, oh, everyone should get the same amount. The problem with that, not everybody’s starting out from the same place. So if we’re all getting »

When is it okay to prevent a woman from speaking?

Featured image After Kamala Harris’ debate with Mike Pence, some female pundits couldn’t contain their glee that Harris had told Pence, on the few occasions when he interrupted her, “I’m speaking.” They saw this as the defining moment of the debate (or claimed to). I wonder how these same female pundits evaluated today’s spectacle of a distinguished female nominee for the Supreme Court being treated as a bystander at her confirmation hearing, »

The Pence-Harris debate

Featured image This was a real debate, a good debate. It was one of the best debates associated with a presidential election that I can recall. Both participants were sharp and both landed plenty of blows. Both talked over the moderator, but not over each other. Neither was very obnoxious. Only one was relatively honest. I’ll get to that later. There was a clear winner, I think. It was Mike Pence. He »

The *Harris* Administration, Take Two

Featured image I’m starting to understand why Biden and the Democrats are so fanatical with the demands that we all wear masks right now. Because theirs keep slipping. First we have Kamala talking about “the Harris Administration, together with Joe Biden. . .” And now Joe Biden himself seems down with the program, speaking here today about a “Harris-Biden administration. . .” »

The *Harris* Administration??

Featured image It’s a running joke by now that if Biden wins he’ll be replaced in short order by Vice President Kamala Harris. But did Harris let the mask slip today when she said, in a scripted broadcast targeted at hispanic voters in Arizona, that “a Harris administration together with Joe Biden. . .” That is how you might talk about someone understood to be a pure figurehead. You can watch the »