Law Enforcement

The lonesome death of Amir Locke

Featured image Amir Locke was killed in the course of the execution of a no-knock search warrant by Minneapolis police this past Wednesday. On Thursday evening the police released bodycam footage (in slow-motion and real time) from one of the officers executing the warrant (not the shooter). YouTube has made the video and several local news stories that include it age-restricted. As I write, the brief KARE 11 story below including some »

In free lunch fraud, the case laid out

Featured image I embedded two of the three search warrants executed around the Twin Cities by the FBI on January 20 here (February 1) and here (February 2). The third is at the bottom of this post. If you have followed along so far, please don’t miss this one. It focuses on Aimee Bock, the mastermind of the scheme implicating Feeding Our Future, and lays out the case in vivid detail including »

Felony murder in a good cause: A comment

Featured image After posting my extended comments on the sentencing of Montez Lee by Judge Wilhelmina Wright yesterday, I received a message from a knowledgeable law enforcement source on the investigation of the orgy of wanton destruction in the Twin Cities riots — block after block of burned buildings, all in the name of George Floyd, what a crock, as the source puts it. My understanding is that the agents working the »

Virginia’s “new sheriff in town”

Featured image Virginia’s new governor, Glenn Youngkin, has received well-deserved praise from conservatives for actions he took his first day as governor. I want to recognize the early moves of Virginia’s new attorney general, Jason Miyares. The Washington Post reports. Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason S. Miyares has already launched a probe of a state parole board he feels failed crime victims, fired several employees, including in a unit that investigates wrongful »

Rescue in Colleyville

Featured image Thanks to all the local, state, and federal law enforcement officers — some 200 in total — who rescued the rabbi and others taken hostage at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, Texas yesterday. The “hostage taker” interrupted Shabbat services that were live streamed over Facebook yesterday morning to demand the release of Lady Al Qaeda. Within ten hours law enforcement conducted an operation that resulted in the rescue of the »

The Luger letter revisited

Featured image Andrew Luger served as the highly regarded United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota from February 2014 to March 2017 under President Obama and the early days of the Trump administration. A favorite of Amy Klobuchar, Luger has been nominated by President Biden to serve again as our United States Attorney. I wrote about his prospective renomination in “The return of Andrew Luger.” Please see it for the relevant »

Kim Potter Convicted

Featured image Earlier today, to my disappointment, a Hennepin County jury convicted former police officer Kim Potter of both first degree and second degree manslaughter in the shooting death of hard-core criminal Daunte Wright. The facts of the case were never in dispute: police officers tried to arrest Wright on an outstanding warrant for a weapons charge, and he attempted to flee in his vehicle. As Wright was starting to get away, »

Larry Hogan vs. Marilyn Mosby

Featured image Marilyn Mosby is the Baltimore prosecutor who, along with then-mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, undermined police morale following the death of Freddie Gray in 2015. Mosby did it by prosecuting half a dozen police officers who weren’t guilty of wrongdoing. She failed to convict any of them. The city’s failure to support its police force led to a surge in violent crime in the months and years following Gray’s death. We wrote »

Derek Chauvin to plead

Featured image Having been convicted of the murder of George Floyd in state court, Derek Chauvin was charged by federal authorities with the violation of the Floyd’s civil rights. Federal authorities also charged the three other officers involved in Floyd’s arrest. The charges are pending before Judge Paul Magnuson in federal court in St. Paul. The federal proceedings seem to me both untoward and unwarranted. In the Chauvin case, they are duplicative. »

Meet Rachel Rollins

Featured image Meet Rachel Rollins. I came across the video clip below in my Twitter feed yesterday. Brief as it is, the video tells you just about everything you need to know about her. She is a racist. She is a race hustler. She is vulgar. She is vile. She is a nut. A decent person wouldn’t want anything to do with her. And yet, as of Wednesday, she is the new »

Report: Temple student killed by criminal Krasner let walk

Featured image According to Ralph Cipriano at “Big Trial,” the suspect in the murder of Temple student Sam Collington is a criminal who escaped charges for armed carjacking, among things, thanks to the leniency of left-wing, Soros-backed Philadelphia prosecutor Larry Krasner: The suspect in the murder of a 21 year-old Temple University student was arrested on Aug. 14th and charged with eight crimes in connection with an armed carjacking, including aggravated assault, »

Crazed Reactions to the Rittenhouse Verdict [Updated]

Featured image Joe Biden, having groundlessly denounced Kyle Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” last year, says he is “angry” over Rittenhouse’s acquittal: While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken. What is Biden angry about? That the jury, which saw the evidence, didn’t agree with his view of the case, not having seen the evidence? These are »

Rittenhouse Acquitted

Featured image The jury in Kyle Rittenhouse’s case returned a verdict a little while ago, acquitting him on all counts on the ground of self-defense. While certainly consistent with the evidence, the verdict was not a foregone conclusion. Anti-Rittenhouse mobs formed outside the courthouse, chanting slogans that may have been audible to the jurors as they deliberated. In any event, they were surely aware of the threats that were made by Antifa/BLM »

Rittenhouse Trial Brings Out the Crazy

Featured image I am not sure how liberals expected the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial to go. Anyone who had seen the videos of Rittenhouse’s interactions with the men who were chasing him, striking him and trying to kill him knew that he had a strong case of self-defense. But apparently the fact that Rittenhouse has a defense–and is so bold as to assert it!–came as a surprise to the Left. Liberal reactions »

Minneapolis Doesn’t Abolish Its Police Department

Featured image Minneapolis, along with cities like Portland and Seattle, has been ground zero for the movement to defund–i.e., abolish–the police. The Minneapolis City Charter includes a provision that requires a certain level of law enforcement to be maintained, and the Upper Midwest Law Center (full disclosure: I serve on the UMLC board) won a big case in which a local judge ordered the City to add police officers to comply with »

Soros-backed Virginia prosecutor loses again

Featured image Steve ( Do you know who I am?) Descano is the Soros-backed Fairfax County, Virginia prosecutor who makes sweetheart plea deals with child molesters and rapists. Local judges are less than pleased with his soft-on-crime approach, and one of them refused to go along with a Descano deal under which the sex-offender who raped a girl four times would have received a sentence of only three years. But when it »

Biden gets tough

Featured image When it comes to the defense of the United States, Joe Biden would prefer not to. For all practical purposes, he’s not on our side. Biden’s refusal to defend our southern border undermines both our sovereignty and security. It’s a two-fer. Yesterday Biden took a bold stand…against the CBP agents who have sought to protect the border (video below). He came down on them like the proverbial ton of bricks. »