The usual anti-Israel demonstrations are in progress in the Arab world, but of much greater significance is the man-bites-dog story: Egypt blames Hamas for the mess in Gaza. Egypt’s failure to toe the terrorist line has evidently alarmed Hezbollah, as the Jerusalem Post reports:

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah reprimanded Egypt in a televised speech Sunday for casting the responsibility of the condition in Gaza on Hamas.
Nasrallah attacked Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, who in a Saturday press conference said that Hamas, which had been repeatedly warned by Egypt, must bear responsibility for the current situation in Gaza.

“Yesterday, we heard a high-ranking Egyptian leader cast the responsibility on the victim. Can we accept such things from Arabs? Casting the responsibility for this war on the Gaza resistance is embarrassing and saddening,” Nasrallah added. “Our nations call on Egypt to help.”

In the Hezbollah/Hamas/alQaeda/Muslim Brotherhood narrative, Muslims (and Arabs) must always and everywhere be victims. One would think they would grow tired of it, and act like men.

Nasrallah apparently is concerned that what has befallen Hamas might also be in store for Hezbollah:

“Since the beginning of the Zionist attack on Gaza, Israeli officials have issued threats about another front, and they mean Lebanon,” Nasrallah said.

He warned that Israel has taken measures on its borders that might or might not be defensive, and “might take advantage of the situation to launch an attack on Lebanon.”

It’s a thought.

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