Trump Addresses America on Transition

Donald Trump is on a roll. His appointments so far have been superb, and his rumored appointments–e.g. Rick Perry, who spent time with Trump today–also look excellent. Tonight Trump released a three-minute video in which he begins to outline plans for the early days of his administration. His list includes serving notice of intent to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership; canceling restrictions on shale oil and clean coal production; enacting a rule that for every new regulation that is put in place, two other regulations must be rescinded; directing the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs to prepare a comprehensive plan to protect our infrastructure against cyber and other attacks; directing the Department of Labor to investigate abuses of visa programs; and adopting a five-year ban on executive branch officials becoming lobbyists:

It’s a heck of a good list, and it represents the beginning, not the end. Trump says to stay tuned for more announcements.

So far, Trump is handling the transition very well.