Health Care and Climate Update

Featured image Last week I took note of the similarities between the epic collapse of Obamacare and the epic collapse of European climate policy, with the suggestion that the two be merged under the banner “ClimateCare.”  You can guess what happened next: Hi, I work for a company called ClimateCare. We are based in the UK and Nairobi, but operate worldwide, funding projects that both cut carbon and improve people’s lives. Having »

Why Don’t We Merge These Disasters and Call It “ClimateCare”?

Featured image Or the “Affordable Climate Act”? Two stories from the Wall Street Journal this morning gild my two posts from the last few days about what happens to liberal dreams when this thing called “reality” intrudes.  First: Exchanges See Little Progress on Uninsured Early signals suggest the majority of the 2.2 million people who sought to enroll in private insurance through new marketplaces through Dec. 28 were previously covered elsewhere, raising »

Climate: As I Was Saying. . .

Featured image There’s the old observation that people who say “I hate to tell you this but. . .” don’t really hate to tell you that at all.  Ditto for “I hate to say I told you so.”  So for more than two decades now climate realists have been been saying “I hate to tell you this, but when economic reality intrudes, your climate dreams will disappear like most such wisps before »

Is Obama a Liar? EPA Administrator Can’t Say

Featured image Today EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on climate regulation. The EPA is imposing countless billions of dollars in costs on American industry in reliance on computer models that claim global warming is a serious threat. Problem is, everyone who pays attention knows that the models have been proven wrong. President Obama, as usual, appeals to those who don’t pay attention. He has »

Climate Theology

Featured image A few months ago at a Senate hearing about climate change featuring Roy Spencer, a former NASA scientist who departs from climate orthodoxy, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (a double winner of Power Line’s Green Weenie Award) thought he could discredit Spencer not by arguing science, but by essentially asking Spencer “Are you now or have you ever been a believing Christian?”  (Spencer has expressed doubt that Darwinian evolution can explain the »

Mad As Hell Time

Featured image Last month we took notice of the case of John Beale, the highest paid employee at the EPA and climate change expert who hadn’t actually worked at the agency for nearly a decade, claiming instead to be a deep-cover CIA agent.  Beale was sentenced today to 32 months in prison (seems rather light) for what the government called “massive fraud.”  Somehow, however, none of the reporters following this story have »

The Real Temperature Record

Featured image As we have written a number of times, one of the basic problems in assessing the credibility of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory is that it has been difficult, if not impossible, to obtain raw temperature data for scientific analysis. The agencies responsible for publishing temperature data, not just in the U.S. but around the world, are committed to the global warming scare, which is the source of their »

Climateers Caught in the Vortex

Featured image Coming on the heels of the Ship of Fools stunt in Antarctica last week, these are the worst of times for the climate campaign. And just where is Al Gore these past 10 days?  As is well known, wherever Gore goes, a cold snap seems to follow; there’s even a Wikipedia entry for the “Gore Effect.”  He should be cast as Mr. Freeze in the inevitable Batman remake.  I’ve been »

Media Alert: Kudlow Report Tonight

Featured image I’m booked on the Kudlow Report on CNBC for the 7 pm (eastern) hour tonight, to talk about the global warming that isn’t exactly happening right now.  Not sure when during the hour I’ll appear, and I may not have a chance to update between meetings and rushing to a Denver remote studio this afternoon.  But you’ll already have your TV on getting the dip mixed and chips out for »

U.S. Coast Guard to the Rescue

Featured image This was probably inevitable: the climateers who tried to document global warming in Antarctica, only to have their vessel hopelessly stuck in a vast ice pack, have been ignominiously airlifted back home, but their ship, along with a Chinese vessel that tried to rescue them, are ice-bound and unable to free themselves. So the Australian and Chinese governments have asked the United States Coast Guard for help: The U.S. Coast »

Hitler gets trapped in sea ice

Featured image At Catallaxy Files Professor Steven Kates et al. have been following the Ship of Climate Fools with a gimlet eye as a local (Australian) story — in “The rest of Chris Turney’s life mapped out,” for example. Most recently, in “The spirit of Turney,” Professor Kates draws attention to Andrew Bolt’s Herald Sun Post “Something’s cracking, and it’s not the ice around the warmists’ ship” and to the video below »

Annals of Global Warming

Featured image First we had the global warming expedition to Antarctica that got stuck in ice and had to be rescued via helicopter. (The rescue ship then got stuck in the ice, too.) Next we had a blizzard across much of the northeastern United States. Now it’s Minnesota, a place where cold weather in January isn’t usually newsworthy. But today Governor Mark Dayton announced that all Minnesota public schools will be closed »

Ship of Climate Fools: The rescue

Featured image Steve touched on the ship of climate scientists headed to Antarctica in part to document the effects of climate change (f/k/a global warming). They are on a Russian ship now trapped in ice. The ship is called Spirit of Mawson in honor of explorer Douglas Mawson, whose 1913 expedition experienced its own challenges. Andrew Bolt explains that “a century ago, [Mawson] spent two years on Antarctica during which he lost »

The Climate Change Gods Must Be Crazy

Featured image I mentioned a couple of weeks ago here that the climate change crusade has unraveled so badly that it has become a bore to follow.  The media and the public started losing interest long ago.  In designing an environmental policy course for next semester, several faculty told me “students are really bored with the subject,” and advised sidestepping climate for the most part.  Has anyone seen Al Gore lately?  I’m »

The Many Faces of Tyrannical Liberalism

Featured image Yesterday I noted that had decided to follow the lead of the Los Angeles Times, which ostentatiously announced recently that it would no longer print letters to the editor expressing skepticism of climate change orthodoxy.  Such is the confidence in their position that all dissent has to be suppressed.  Today a moderator of the science forum takes to the Puffington Host to recommend that all media outlets ban »

Who Had the Worst Year?

Featured image If you go by John Podhoretz (and you’d be wise always to do so), or the National Enquirer (“Obama: ‘Everybody Hates Me!’”) Obama had the worst 2013.  But a clear rival would have to be the climate change crusade.  The Daily Caller sets out the “seven global warming alarmist setbacks of 2013” including sharply rebounding Arctic ice, record low temperatures (but wait!—record high temperatures this week! proof that we’re doomed!), »

A Frigid 2013 Draws to a Close

Featured image 2013 will go down in the record books as one of the 10 coldest years in the U.S. since 1895. This chart, from Real Science, shows the average temperatures recorded at all NOAA USHCN stations from 1895 to the present: As Real Science points out, and as we have noted several times, NOAA does not report temperatures as they are actually recorded at the time. Rather, NOAA alters the historical »