Climate Change: Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Featured image Forgive a second post today on the tedious subject of global warming climate change, but the absurdities are piling up so fast that they’re clogging up my browser tabs.  As regular readers know, we often direct attention to The Warmlist of all the things attributed to climate change (currently ranging from AIDS to zoonotic diseases).  Add one more to the list: climate change is preventing alien visits to earth.  I’m. »

Some Emily Litella Moments for the Climatistas

Featured image The climatistas may need to put Emily Litella on speed dial.  Remember that West Antarctic ice sheet whose melting we were told a few weeks ago was the sure harbinger of climate change doom?  (Never mind that little detail that it would take 200-800 years to melt.)  Well, according a study out in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (read the abstract here) the »

Climate Fantasy Watch, Part 1

Featured image The unveiling of the EPA’s new climate regulations that won’t do anything for the climate is being marked as a turning point by the Climatistas, and as such we’re going to have to provide regular reality checks for this stupidity.  If these new energy-restructuring regulations (which is what they actually are) really take effect and work as advertised, they will reduce total U.S. carbon emissions by 6 percent.  This is »

Latest Outrage from the Climate Enforcers

Featured image I’ve got a long article in the works for the Weekly Standard tomorrow on the current state of the climate change madness and the EPA’s emissions proposal out on Monday that implicitly says If you like your electricity rates, you can keep your electricity rates, and I’ll pass along excerpts here when it appears.  But today it is worth taking note of an especially egregious example of the increasingly strict »

Tweet of the Day

Featured image I’m not going to get into competition with Twitchy, but this “Tweet of the Day” (in my opinion), courtesy of the awesome “WinstonCoolodge,” can’t wait for the Week in Pictures five days from now.  Plus, it references one of the greatest anti-bureaucratic movies Hollywood ever unintentionally made (alongside Tin Men).  Enjoy: »

Media Alert: Bill Bennett Tomorrow Morning

Featured image I’ll be on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show tomorrow morning at 7:30 Eastern time to discuss the Obama Administration’s climate policy proposal released today and referenced here this morning.  I’ve spent much of the day trying to make sense of the 645-page “rule” and the accompanying 345-page “regulatory impact analysis.”  The whole thing is opaque (on purpose), and is a farce in many ways.  But also deeply sinister. »

Obama to Coal States: Drop Dead

Featured image Gerald Ford never said “drop dead” to New York City when it pleaded with Washington for a bailout at the nadir of its profligate liberalism back in the mid-1970s, but that didn’t stop the NY Daily News from running the famous headline.  (Ford was of course quite correct in resisting a bailout.)  I wonder if any newspaper or media organization will take the same poetic license with Obama’s new greenhouse »

Snow and Ice Report for June 1

Featured image We’re all supposed to know that between climate change and western drought, the ski resorts of the Colorado rockies are endangered.  Tell that to Arapahoe Basin, which announced Friday that it is extending its ski season this year to June 22, in part because the resort received 47 inches of snow during the month of May, bringing the season total to 440 inches, one fourth higher than the year before. »

The Settled Science of Polar Bears

Featured image Leftists decided that their global warming scam needed a poster child, and polar bears were selected for that honor. For some years now we have been exposed to mournful photographs of polar bears floating away on ice floes, or otherwise appearing endangered: The theory on which polar bears are supposed to be endangered because their environment is becoming more benign has never been entirely clear, nor has there been data »

Global Warming Caused Godzilla

Featured image Of course global warming caused Godzilla, because, as we know, global warming causes everything.  Just check The Warmlist again. Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel sent his “Lie Witness News” crew out on the street to ask people about whether it was insensitive of Hollywood to profit from a dramatization of the “real” Godzilla attack on Tokyo back in the 1950s, and at about the 2:30 mark you’ll see that global warming is »

Worried About Floods Due to Rising Sea Level? Forget It: Not Happening

Featured image The global warming hysterics’ favorite fantasy these days is that Antarctic ice will melt due to hypothetical warming, leading to catastrophic flooding as the level of the oceans rises. It is commonly asserted that sea level will rise at least three feet by the end of the century. Put aside whether the Earth actually will warm and whether a three-foot rise would really be catastrophic. Put aside, too, any doubts »

Deceptions of the Climatistas

Featured image The New York Times is doing its job as an echo chamber for the Climatistas with a piece earlier this week on arctic and Antarctic ice melt, featuring this pairing of photographs of the Muir glacier in southwestern Alaska in 1941 and 2004.  I’ve used these same two photos myself in presentations about the observable climate changes in the world.  But is this proof that it is human-caused, in whole »

The Ideal Climate Citizen? North Korea

Featured image I’m having a hard time telling whether The Guardian is trying to turn itself into The Onion, because they have a climate change piece up today that looks like a deadpan satire: “North Korea: An Unlikely Champion in the Fight Against Climate Change.”  Seriously? Apparently.  Well, there’s North Korea’s enviable carbon footprint to point to I suppose.  When you use no energy, the UN bureaucrats will love you.  When I »

Breaking: The “97 Percent Climate Consensus” Canard

Featured image TV watchers will recall the familiar advertising trope of yesteryear in which we were told “4 out of 5 dentists [or doctors] recommend” using fluoride toothpaste, aspirin for headaches, or some such.  We were always left to wonder whether that fifth doctor was a moron or something, never pausing to consider that the fifth doctor might well recommend the same thing, but emphasize something else first (like flossing perhaps, or »

Why Global Warming Alarmism Isn’t Science

Featured image Science is not a set of dogmas, and it is not a pronouncement by a committee. It is a method. Richard Feynman, perhaps the world’s most eminent physicist, put it this way: In general, we look for a new law by the following process: First we guess it; then we compute the consequences of the guess to see what would be implied if this law that we guessed is right; »

The Next Climate Scandal?

Featured image The lead story in The Times of London today declares “Scientists in Cover Up of ‘Damaging’ Climate View.”  The Times thinks the story, concerning peer reviewers suppressing a scientific paper purely for political reasons, may amount to the next “Climategate,” on par with the scandal of the leaked emails back in 2009.  This may be media hype, but at the very least it is another clear signal of the kind »

Breaking: The Climate Mafia Strikes

Featured image I’ve been referring to the climate campaigners here as the “Climatistas” to chide their cult-like resemblance to the romantic Sandinista sympathizers of the 1980s, but it should not be forgotten that the real Sandinistas were a pack of nasty thugs.  Likewise, the climate establishment behaves more like the Mafia today, telling any scientist or academic who might consider any departure from orthodoxy: “Nice little scientific career you have here; shame »