A Tweet from a Twit

Featured image I’m still working my way through all the Tweets and twaddle from last night, but this one may take the prize: »

I am Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

Featured image “I am Nakoula Basseley Nakoula” doesn’t quite have the ring of “I am Spartacus,” or even of “I am Sam Bacile.” In the face of the Obama administration’s apologetics and intimidation, Roger Simon stands up in a manner reminiscent of the Hollywood depiction of the Roman slave rebellion. Simon proclaims: Hillary Clinton, I insist that you have me arrested. I am thinking of making a movie about Mohammed. I don’t »

Dirty Harry revisited

Featured image Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry films have an underlying theme. I would say it is the need to go outside the rules set by the hidebound bureaucrats and politicians of the administrative state to get the job done. Harry Callahan is, after all, a detective in the San Francisco police department. It’s the San Francisco of the early ’70s, to be sure, at least in the first Dirty Harry film, when »

He’s Baaack

Featured image A couple years back I got briefly up close and personal with then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at an event at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, and in framing a question about what he might do after leaving office, told him the story of Gov. Ronald Reagan’s appearance on the Tonight Show in 1973.  Carson asked Reagan if he might return to Hollywood to make movies after leaving the governorship.  Reagan displayed »

A phase in the crowd

Featured image The death of Andy Griffith earlier this week prompts a look back at the highlight of Griffith’s acting career. I join Richard Corliss over at Time in taking the occasion to to revisit the 1957 film A Face in the Crowd. Budd Schulberg wrote the screenplay for the film based on his story “Your Arkansas Traveler.” According to Richard Schickel, Schulberg’s story was inspired by Will Rogers. It featured Lonesome »


Featured image Someone near and dear to me created the video featured in “A Wintour’s Tale,” a therapeutic mash-up of Anna Wintour’s unbelievably obnoxious invitation to dinner with Sarah Jessica Parker and their White House BFFs. She has gone back to work to bring us the video below, mashed up from Sarah Jessica Parker’s invitation to the same event. Please check it out. »

A Wintour’s Tale

Featured image Someone with an attitude seems to have gotten hold of the video invitation to the special dinner with a few of Barack Obama’s closest friends. We wrote about it here. That certain someone has mashed it up to good effect. Please check it out. UPDATE: And if that whets your appetite for the accompanying apparel, you will want to visit the Obama caampaign designer collection. »

Ultimate Revenge of the Jedi?

Featured image Star Trek changed everything, as William Shatner once reminded us in a classic routine about Star Wars, but one thing neither sci-fi world could change was the NIMBYism of Marin County, California.  Despite the fact that George Lucas is perhaps Marin’s pre-eminent citizen, prolonged local opposition to his proposal to build a new film studio on his large ranch land has led him finally to let out a Wookie-howl and »

Philip Was No Dick About Blade Runner

Featured image Can it really be 30 years since Blade Runner?  Since the original anyway–there have been so many different “director’s cuts” now that I’ve lost track of the thing.  I remember being, as the cliche goes, “blown away” by it when seeing it in the theater on opening night, and being not quite sure what to make of it. It is standard operating procedure for most writers to disdain the film »

One More Fond Recollection of Breitbart

Featured image I was flipping through some of my digital photos on my old laptop, and had completely forgotten about this one of Andrew and his son, which I snapped on a visit together to the Reagan Ranch north of Santa Barbara back in the summer of 2007.  I especially recall coveting his t-shirt, and being disappointed to find out that Duke Lacrosse shirts were in such high demand that they were »

GOP Mocks Obama Movie

Featured image The Republican National Committee put out this satirical poster, ridiculing the professionally-produced Obama campaign movie called “The Road We’ve Traveled.” It is really very funny. Maybe there is hope for the Republicans after all! »

Poe’s telltale heart

Featured image Once upon a time, young readers enjoyed the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Poe’s “tales of terror” are both horrifying and unforgettable; they bear the stamp of deeply felt nightmares. Poe’s “tales of ratiocination” are fascinating as detective stories, and Poe was of course the inventor of the genre. Not even being required to read Poe in school could destroy the pleasure provided by his work. Does anyone now »

Uncommon Knowledge with Andrew Breitbart

Featured image I got to know Andrew Breitbart five years ago on a whirlwind tour of Israel during which we became friends. Andrew was one of a kind, a big lovable bear of a man with the heart and soul of a warrior. His death leaves me distraught. It leaves the conservative movement, in which Andrew exerted his leadership with a convert’s zeal and a Falstaffian wit, bereft of an irreplaceable presence. »

Hooray, but not quite, for Hollywood

Featured image Occasional contributor Bill Katz holds down the fort at Urgent Agenda. Bill is a man of many parts, a few of which go back to his days as a producer on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Bill is back on the show biz beat with reflections on tonight’s Academy Awards show: The Oscars are on this Sunday night. Aren’t you excited? No? Why not? Can’t you sense the excitement »

A Case of Streep Throat

Featured image In my short review of The Iron Lady last week I noted that Meryl Streep had generally spoken carefully about her opinions about Margaret Thatcher.  The worst I could find at that time was her comment to Newsweek that “For feminists it’s a betrayal because she doesn’t do the right thing, and so you hate her more than you’d hate a man who stood for the same things.” I had »

A Dartmouth memory

Featured image I started writing for The Dartmouth daily newspaper as a reviewer in the fall term of my freshman year in 1969 and continued to write for the paper until I graduated. I reviewed plays, books, and films. Writing for the paper, I also interviewed campus visitors such as the literary critic Alfred Kazin, the sculptor Elbert Weinberg, and the one and only William F. Buckley, Jr., all now deceased. As »

Mark Falcoff: What’s really missing

Featured image Occasional contributor Mark Falcoff writes to comment on the story that a Chilean judge is charging a US military officer with the 1973 murder of two Americans: I don’t know how many Power Line readers have ever seen Costa-Gavras’s 1982 film Missing. Even if they have, they probably have forgotten the details. The story is alleged to be true, although it deals very carelessly with the facts surrounding the military »