Dana Milbank rages against Tom Cotton

Featured image In the first few years after 9/11 it seemed very likely that al Qaeda would attack the U.S. homeland again and almost certain it was plotting to do so. Indeed, at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing yesterday (about which more below), one Senator recalled credible reports that al Qaeda was planning to attack the U.S. with a dirty (nuclear) bomb. Our government needed to know what al Qaeda was plotting. »

Confirm Jeff Clark

Featured image For conservatives, the rolling back of oppressive, costly, and unnecessary federal regulations is probably the signature achievement of the Trump administration so far. This rolling back, if it continues and if it survives challenge, will deliver a major blow to the administrative state and provide the equivalent of a large national tax cut. EPA is the federal agency at the center of the rollback. Indeed, most of the “tax cut” »

Morrisey leading in West Virginia; Blankenship third [UPDATED: Morrisey wins]

Featured image With more than 60 percent of West Virginia’s precincts reporting, Patrick Morrisey, the state’s Attorney General, holds the lead in the Republican Senate primary. He’s at 36 percent. Rep. Evan Jenkins is in second place with 28 percent. Don Blankenship, whom we criticized here, is in third place. His share of the vote is just under 20 percent. There were reports that Blankenship was surging in the polls. I don’t »

Say no to Don Blankenship in West Virginia

Featured image West Virginia holds its primary tomorrow. Republicans will select a candidate to run against the very vulnerable Sen. Joe Manchin. I wrote about the race and the debate among the three major candidates here. I favor Patrick Morrisey, the state’s Attorney General. He’s the most reliably conservative of the three main candidates, in my view. That’s not why I’m writing this post, though. I’m writing to encourage our West Virginia »

West Virginia free-for-all

Featured image West Virginia has quickly become Bright Red. President Trump may be more popular there than in any other state. West Virginia still has one Democratic Senator, Joe Manchin. However, he is up for reelection this year and considered quite vulnerable. Three main Republicans are vying for the right to take on Manchin. They are Rep. Evan Jenkins, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, and former coal executive Don Blankenship. Each has at »

Caputo’s complaint

Featured image According to CNN and other news reports, former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo made the statement below to the Senate Intelligence Committee at the conclusion of his testimony yesterday. I’ve been looking for the full text of the statement today and finally found it via Twitter posted at the Daily Mail. CNN obtained this illuminating response from Rachel Cohen, a spokesman for Senator Warner: “As we have said many, many »

10 questions for Richard Painter

Featured image Richard Painter is the University of Minnesota Law School professor who has made a name for himself on the left-wing cable channels denouncing President Trump. He presented himself as a Republican and former Bush (43) administration ethics expert. Lately he disclosed that he was considering a run for the Senate, but that he was mulling over his political identity. Yesterday he announced his candidacy as a Democratic candidate contesting the »

Paging Richard Painter

Featured image MSNBC fave Professor Richard Painter made it official yesterday. He announced that he will seek the DFL nomination for the Senate seat held by the appointed incumbent, Tina Smith. It’s the seat formerly held by Al Franken. I’m beginning to think a comic element might inhere in the seat. I would love to interview Professor Painter on his candidacy. What does he offer Democrats that Tina Smith doesn’t? Even I »

How to counter Democratic obstruction of Trump nominees

Featured image Senate Democrats are holding up President Trump’s nominees to a degree never witnessed before in my lifetime, and probably not in all of American history. In the first two years of the last six presidencies combined, going all the way back to President Carter, the Senate subjected nominees to a total of only 24 cloture votes. So far, less than half way through President Trump’s second year, there have been »

Chai update: Sen. Lee is steadfast in his opposition

Featured image Sen. Mike Lee has been holding out against the renomination of Chai Feldblum for another term as EEOC Commissioner. Feldblum is the architect of the Obama administration’s LGBT policy and an enemy of religious freedom in virtually all cases where it stands in the way of gay “dignity,” as she sees it. I have heard that this week, Senate leadership is making another push to confirm Feldblum, along with two »

Not high on Heitkamp

Featured image I had the opportunity to meet and chat with North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer at a fundraiser this past Friday morning in Minneapolis. Rep. Cramer serves in Congress as North Dakota’s at-large representative. With President Trump’s support and at his urging, he is running against Democratic incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp in the election this November. Not having heard Rep. Cramer speak before, I was extremely impressed. He is personable. He »

Chai, and media, alert

Featured image Last night, I reported that, from what I’m hearing, Senate leadership is pushing to confirm Chai Feldblum as EEOC Commissioner this week. Feldblum, as we have discussed, is a left-wing radical who, among other things, formulated President Obama’s LBGT agenda. She thinks it’s fine if that agenda tramples religious freedom, as it often does. Sen. Mike Lee placed a hold on Feldblum’s nomination. However, the plan is to get Lee’s »

Chai alert

Featured image Sen. Mike Lee has been fighting against the renomination of Chai Feldblum as EEOC Commissioner. Feldblum is the architect of President Obama’s radical LBGT agenda. She believes, among other things, that when religious liberty and sexual liberty conflict, sexual liberty should prevail in virtually all cases. The confirmation of Feldblum looked like a done deal in December. However, key social conservative groups sounded the alarm, and Sen. Lee placed a »

Pot calls kettle black

Featured image Last week, I wrote that Senate Majority Leader McConnell seems finally to be displaying a sense of urgency in getting President Trump’s nominees confirmed. He had threatened to keep the Senate in session on Fridays and even over the weekend in order to get a slate of nominees confirmed. The tactic worked and the slate got its long-awaited vote which resulted in confirmation. Yesterday, the Washington Examiner reported that McConnell »

A significant moment in administrative law

Featured image The Senate today voted to kill a five-year-old Obama administration “guidance” on making auto loans to minority borrowers. The House almost certainly will follow suit. The guidance, issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, took aim at a common industry practice whereby auto dealers mark up interest rates offered by finance companies. The finance companies set an interest rate based on objective criteria such as borrowers’ credit history and the »

Trump pacifies Cory Gardner on marijuana issue

Featured image For months, Sen. Cory Gardner has been blocking the Trump administration from staffing key positions at the DOJ. Among these position are Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division; Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division; Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division; and, until Gardner was finally shamed into relenting, Assistant Attorney General, National Security Division. In all, around 20 positions reportedly were affected. You might think that Gardner’s obstruction leaves these key divisions »

But what does T-Bone think of gay sex?

Featured image Who is the most ridiculous Democratic Senator? There are so many deserving of recognition. The competition to settle on one is surely an impossible to task. We would have to consider all the relevant considerations and then accord them the correct weight. It probably can’t be done. Yet surely New Jersey Senator Cory Booker would be in the running on just about any account. He is a pompous bully, a »