Senator Martha McSallly

Featured image It looks like Arizona will be represented in the Senate by both an aviator and a bloviator. The bloviator will be Kyrsten Sinema, the hippie-dippie elected by Arizona voters last month. The aviator will be Martha McSally a fighter pilot who lost to Sinema in the election. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey today named McSally to fill the seat Senator John Kyl will give up at the end of the year. »

Libs oppose Manchin becoming Energy Committee’s ranking member

Featured image Sen. Joe Manchin is the leading contender to become the senior Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Manchin, however, is pro-coal, as befits a Senator from West Virginia. And when Manchin ran for the Senate in 2010, a campaign ad featured him shooting a bullet through a piece of “climate change” legislation. The left wasn’t amused then, and it isn’t amused now. Tom Steyer has joined environmental »

Is it something he said? (3)

Featured image John Lavinksy is the senior counsel to Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Following up on Richard Pollock’s Daily Caller report, I sought comment on the November 19 FBI raid conducted on whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain. Mr. Lavinsky courteously returned my calls this afternoon and responded to my questions, as he did to Pollock’s, with no comment. He also apologized for not getting back to me on Friday, explaining »

FIRST STEP bitterly divides Senate Republicans

Featured image FIRST STEP, the leniency for federal felons legislation being supported by President Trump, may or may not pass the Senate this year. Either way, it has split the Republican caucus. This Washington Post report leaves no doubt about that. The division is encapsulated in dueling National Review articles — one by Sen. Tom Cotton opposing the jailbreak and the other by Sen. Mike Lee supporting it. In another NRO article, »

Kamala Harris might lose Judiciary Committee seat

Featured image Democrat losses in the 2018 election have placed Sen. Kamala Harris’ spot on the Senate Judiciary Committee in jeopardy. Absent some sort of fix, the Democrats will lose one slot on the Committee, and Harris, as the least senior Dem, will be the one to go. (“Spartacus” is next in line, but his slot is safe). Losing her seat would deny Harris, who almost certainly will run for president beginning »

Missing in Broward County

Featured image The manual recount that (I’m going out on a limb here) will confirm the victory of Florida Governor Rick Scott over incumbent nullity Bill Nelson continues, but there is a hold-up in Broward County: Broward County’s ballot recount hit yet another snag Saturday with 2,040 ballots lost or misplaced. The county’s eternally beleaguered Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said they either misplaced, misfiled or mixed in with another stack. One »

Flake vows to block all judicial nominations

Featured image Sen. Jeff Flake says he will not vote to confirm any judicial nominees unless the Senate holds a vote on legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired. Majority Leader McConnell has said he won’t hold such a vote because it’s not necessary. He says there is no realistic prospect of Mueller being fired. Flake’s statement is significant because, unfortunately, he sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Without »

Waiting for the election (or something like the results)

Featured image As I write in the early morning hours of November 7, the Senate races in Arizona and Montana remain too close to call. Republican candidates Martha McSally and Matt Rosendale hold narrow leads over their Democratic opponents, hippie dippie left-wing flake (and phony moderate) Kyrsten Sinema and incumbent Jon Tester, respectively. In Arizona, “easily hundreds of thousands” have yet to be counted, according to a spokesman for the Arizona Secretary »

The Senate races I’ll be watching most closely

Featured image Tonight, as the election returns come in, I’ll be focused the most on three Senate races: Missouri, Arizona, and Nevada. These are the three contests that seem to be true toss-ups. Indiana appears to lean towards the incumbent Democrat, but if so, only barely. Thus, I’ll keep an eye on that race too. If the Democrats sweep the three toss-up races (and win in Indiana), this will mean a net »

McSally’s sally

Featured image I have no predictions regarding tomorrow’s elections. I mostly have hopes and fears. I hope Republicans do better than predicted in the House and the Senate. I fervently hope that Rep. Martha McSally defeats hippie-dippie leftist Kyrsten Sinema in the contest for Arizona’s open Senate seat. I should like to think that her hitting the high notes and the low notes and the notes in between as she performed the »

The Kavanaugh Report

Featured image Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has released a 28-page memorandum summarizing its investigations of numerous sexual misconduct allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford et al. Attached to the memorandum are nearly 400 pages of exhibits. Committee investigators interviewed more than 40 witnesses, monitored social media and news reports and reviewed evidence provided by Kavanaugh and his accusers. The memorandum and exhibits are posted here. They are »

The not Jane Doe referral

Featured image By letter to Senator Kamala Harris during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation proceedings on Brett Kavanaugh, the committee received an allegation of rape committed by Judge Kavanaugh (as he then was). The handwritten letter was signed by “Jane Doe” of Oceanside, California. Kavanaugh was asked about the Jane Doe charge and a transcript of his testimony denying the allegation was released. Justice Kavanaugh testified: “[T]he whole thing is ridiculous. Nothing »

Libertarian drops out of Montana Senate race, endorses Republican

Featured image Republicans have been hopeful about defeating Jon Tester of Montana, thereby wresting that seat from the Democrats. The polls haven’t been too encouraging, though. Tester leads his Republican opponent Matt Rosendale in the Real Clear Politics average by 4.2 points. He leads by 3 points in the only recent survey I know of ( by Gravis, of 782 voters). Until now, there has been a libertarian third candidate in the »

Three Senate race polls

Featured image CBS News/YouGov is just out with surveys of the following Senate races: Indiana, Florida, and Arizona. All three are neck-and-neck. In Indiana, where YouGov surveyed 975 likely voters, Republican businessman Mike Braun leads Sen. Joe Donnelly 46-43. A third candidate is at 3 percent. With that poll result, which is just inside the margin of error, Braun takes a razor-thin (and, I assume, meaningless) 0.5 percentage point lead in the »

Arizona Troopers Association withdraws Sinema endorsement

Featured image The surprise here isn’t so much that the Arizona State Troopers Association has withdrawn its endorsement of Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in the Arizona Senate race; it’s that the organization endorsed this hippie-dippie leftist in the first place. Sure, Sinema cast herself as a moderate and friend of law enforcement. But no one who was paying attention should have been fooled. Sinema was simply positioning herself for a Senate run in »

Save the Senate: Loose ends

Featured image While Paul Mirengoff was on vacation, I attempted to fill his accustomed role with a look at critical Senate races in three posts: Save the Senate: Takeaway opportunities, Save the Senate: On defense, and Save the Senate: Long shots. John has written several times in support of Karin Housley’s challenge to appointed incumbent Minnesota Senator Tina Smith. I want to revisit one race and note two that I should have »

Polls suggest Braun might be pulling ahead of Donnelly in Indiana

Featured image Sen. Joe Donnelly has been running slightly ahead of his Republican challenger, businessman Mike Braun, throughout the campaign season. But now two polls show Braun with a 4 point lead over Donnelly. One of the polls is an internal survey released by the Braun campaign. It shows their guy ahead 44-40. I tend to discount this type of poll. However, the second poll is an Indy Politics survey conducted by »