Only a pawn in their game

Featured image Carter Page served as a pretext for Obama’s FBI to surveil the Trump campaign. Having taken out four FISA warrants on him on the basis of the Democrats’ fraudulent Steele Dossier, the FBI found nothing on him. On the contrary, the FBI suppressed exculpatory evidence to maintain its surveillance on him and his associates. Page has been wronged in secret and in public over and over again by the FBI. »

Scott Taylor drops out of Virginia Senate race

Featured image Former Rep. Scott Taylor has dropped his challenge for the Virginia Senate seat held by Mark Warner. He will run instead for the seat he used to have in the House. This is good news for those of us who support Daniel Gade for the Republican nomination, and all the more reason to contribute to his campaign (see below). However, I believe that Daniel, a more solidly conservative candidate than »

Report: Kelly Loeffler, not Doug Collins, will be Georgia’s next Senator

Featured image Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp reportedly intends to appoint Kelly Loeffler, a businesswoman and Republican donor, to replace Sen. Johnny Isakson, who is retiring from the Senate. President Trump is said to have favored Rep. Doug Collins, one of his most ardent House defenders, for the nod. Kemp reportedly believes that, with Georgia becoming increasingly competitive for Democrats due to the preferences of women in Atlanta’s suburbs, Loeffler is a more »

The Senate needs Jeff Sessions

Featured image At Breitbart, our friend Garrett Murch, a former member of Jeff Sessions’s Senate staff, argues that “America needs Jeff Sessions.” I agree. The Senate, in particular, needs Sessions. Any conservative Republican from Alabama probably will vote the right way in the Senate most of the time. What makes Sessions stand out is his leadership in thwarting dubious legislation. Garrett presents two examples: the comprehensive immigration reform bill of 2013 and »

Tom Cotton by acclamation

Featured image The Democrats fielded an opponent to challenge the reelection of our favorite senator, Tom Cotton of Arkansas. His name is Joshua Mahony. Minutes after the filing deadline passed, however Senator Cotton’s campaign “released significant oppo research which caused Mahony to withdraw from the race within a matter of hours. In fact, Mahony didn’t even talk to the party before announcing on Twitter that he was withdrawing from the race. Monday »

Trump says he won’t campaign against Sessions

Featured image President Trump said last week that he will not campaign against Jeff Sessions, who has entered the race for the Senate nomination in Alabama. Trump has never gotten over the fact that, as Attorney General, Sessions recused himself from the Justice Department’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election (the correct decision by Sessions, in my opinion). However, he has apparently decided not to work publicly to defeat »

Report: Sessions will run for the Senate

Featured image Jeff Sessions is expected to announce soon that he will run for the Senate seat he held until 2017. I doubt there is anyone more qualified for that job than Sessions. He served with distinction for 20 years. Few conservatives had any serious complaint about his performance in the Senate. Many complain that, as Attorney General, Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. I’m not one of them. I think »

To quash or not to quash

Featured image Many years ago, I was defending a case in which, had it gone to trial, a major figure (who was not the defendant) would publicly have been accused of serious, indeed criminal, wrongdoing. Fortunately, on the brink of trial, I was able to uncover evidence that led to the case being dismissed on a technicality. I called the public figure to give him the good news. Trying to be polite, »

Five questions for Atkinson

Featured image Yesterday Senator Cotton sent a letter to Inspector General of the Intelligence Community Michael Atkinson seeking answers to questions Atkinson evaded in his September 26 closed-door testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to Senator Cotton, despite being in a closed session, Atkinson repeatedly refused to answer questions about the political bias of the “whistleblower.” (He adds that Atkinson later revealed it to the House Intelligence Committee.) The letter outlines »

Daniel Gade for the Senate

Featured image Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia will be seeking reelection next year. Many consider him a prohibitive favorite. However, Warner nearly lost in 2014, and might lose this time around if the GOP has a good year. But defeating Warner requires a strong Republican challenger. Until recently, such a challenger was lacking. Scott Taylor, a former congressman, who entered the race in July does not fit that description for the reasons »

McGrath vs. McConnell

Featured image The National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar leads with the ordeal of Kentucky Democratic senatorial candidate Amy McGrath in his National Journal story “It’s not easy being a red-state Democrat.” Politico Playbook gave this concise account of McGrath’s rocky rollout last week, offered here for your entertainment value (emphasis in original): WHAT TEAM MITCH AND THE NRSC ARE SALIVATING OVER — “McGrath flip-flops on whether she would have voted to put Kavanaugh »

Roy Moore will run for the Senate again

Featured image Roy Moore, who lost the Alabama Senate seat to Democrat Doug Jones last year, announced today that he will run again for that seat. Moore’s campaign was derailed by allegations that he dated teenage girls back in the 1970s and assaulted one of them. Moore’s entry will not make President Trump happy. A few weeks ago, Trump tweeted: Republicans cannot allow themselves to again lose the Senate seat in the »

The Consistent Mitch McConnell

Featured image Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ignited a firestorm yesterday at an event in Paducah, Kentucky. McConnell responded to a question from the audience: “Should a Supreme Court justice die next year, what will your position be on filling that spot?” the attendee asked. After a pause, McConnell answered, “Oh, we’d fill it.” Democrats, harkening back to McConnell’s refusal to bring Merrick Garland’s nomination up for a vote during the last »

Trump Jr. agrees to testify

Featured image In this post, I discussed Donald Trump Jr.’s refusal to appear for second time before the Senate Intelligence Committee. I argued that he should testify. Now, following the issuance of a subpoena, Trump Jr. has agreed to testify. Under a deal reached with the Committee, he will testify for up to four hours and questions will be limited to six broad categories, not ten as the Committee contemplated. It’s a »

The Burr-Trump Jr. subpoena dispute

Featured image Many Trump supporters are incensed at Sen. Richard Burr for issuing a subpoena for Donald Trump Jr. to return and testify before the Senate Intelligence which Burr chairs. Here are the facts relating to the subpoena, as I understand them: The Senate Intelligence Committee is conducting an intelligence investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. It is not conducting a criminal investigation, as Robert Mueller was. However, it is »

Estrada’s revenge

Featured image Largely as a result of unprecedented Democratic obstructionism in the United States Senate, President Trump has yet to staff many executive positions in his administration or fill many judicial vacancies. This afternoon comes word that the Republican majority has finally altered Senate rules to reduce debate time on most presidential nominees by reducing post-cloture debate. They have done so by exercising what the media refer to as the “nuclear option” »

Whitehouse’s blacklist

Featured image What is it with Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse? During the Kavanaugh confirmation spectacle, he showed himself to be a killer clown (if you can imagine a killer clown doing his thing with haughty grandiosity). Like the rest of his colleagues on the Democratic side of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the man operates without a conscience. I wrote about him several times in posts collected here. Whitehouse recently turned in »