Burr under the saddle

Featured image The confidence of the oleaginous Mark Warner in his colleague Richard Burr gives me my doubts. Burr is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee who has kept up a bipartisan vibe in the committee’s investigation of Russian interference in the election. The parallel House committee operating under Chairman Devin Nunes has filed its Report on Russian Active Measures. Burr’s committee labors on. I have my doubts about Burr, but »

Baby, Chinese spy can drive her car

Featured image In the Politico Magazine article “How Silicon Valley became a den of spies,” Zach Dorfman reported in passing: ” Former intelligence officials told me that Chinese intelligence once recruited a staff member at a California office of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and the source reported back to China about local politics.” He added parenthetically: “A spokesperson for Feinstein said the office doesn’t comment on personnel matters or investigations, but noted »

The Senate’s shocking failure to confirm Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark

Featured image David Lat of “Above the Law” decries the failure of the GOP-controlled Senate to confirm nominees for two key positions at the Department of Justice — Eric Dreiband as head of the Civil Rights Division and Jeff Clark as head of the Environment and Natural Resources Division. Both were nominated in June 2017. Clark’s nomination was first sent to the Senate floor on August 3 — more than a year »

A Painter passing through the Dems

Featured image We’ve been following developments in Minnesota’s DFL Party as representative of the crosscurrents roiling the party nationally. The contest between appointed incumbent Tina Smith and new Democrat Richard Painter for what was Al Franken’s Senate seat must top the marquee. Smith is an utterly vacuous metropolitan leftist who formerly served as Governor Mark Dayton’s lieutenant governor. University of Minnesota Law School professor Richard Painter identified himself as a Republican when »

Complicit in Cory

Featured image New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is absurd beyond belief. He fabricated tales of his imaginary friend T-Bone over the course of many years. Now he degrades our public life in drawing on the twenty-third Psalm and bringing biblical judgement to bear in opposition to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh (video below). We are far gone into the land that is beyond satire. Explicate it, Cory! What a Tartuffian fraud. And »

Tim Scott and Marco Rubio sink stellar judicial nominee

Featured image Despite their razor-thin numerical advantage over Democrats, Senate Republicans were able to put together a long and impressive winning streak in confirming President Trump’s court of appeals nominees. That winning streak came to an ignominious end today. Not because Sen. Susan Collins or Sen. Lisa Murkowski balked at a conservative nominee. But because Sens. Tim Scott and Marco Rubio ambushed a superb conservative. Their victim, Ryan Bounds, is an Assistant »

Senate confirms Benczkowski; it’s time to confirm Dreiband and Clark too

Featured image On Wednesday, the Senate confirmed Brian Benczkowski as head of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. Thus, a year and a half into the Trump administration, the Senate has finally confirmed one of Trump’s nominees to a key assistant attorney general position. Three other such key positions remain vacant. They are head of the Civil Rights Division (Eric Dreiband), head of the Environment and Natural Resources Division (Jeff Clark), »

McCaskill in the middle

Featured image It’s no scoop to report that certain Red State Democratic Senators are in a bind when it comes to the vote on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee (to be announced today). Vote to confirm the nominee, and you break with the base on the left’s most important issue of the year (and of our lifetime, to hear the Dems talk). Vote against confirmation, and you alienate many center-right voters in »

McCaskill lands in Troy

Featured image Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is one of those party line Democrats who pretends to an independent voice representing her state around election time. As election time has come around again for her, she’s shuttling the state pretending to be one of the people — even as she uses her private jet to facilitate her local appearances by RV. What a phony! Someone at the National Republican Senatorial Committee has a »

Intel committee concludes…

Featured image Today comes word that the Senate Intelligence Committee has affirmed the conclusion of the intelligence community that Russia developed a “clear preference” for then-candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election and sought to help him win the White House. Here, for example, is the Hill’s report on the committee findings, with the note that the committee’s assessment, announced in an unclassified summary released today, “represents a direct repudiation of the »

Chai Feldblum’s term expires, yet she lingers on

Featured image Chai Feldblum’s term as EEOC Commissioner has just expired. Readers may recall that Feldblum is the architect of President Obama’s radical LGBT agenda, which she has pushed relentlessly at the EEOC. President Trump nonetheless renominated Feldblum for another term as commissioner (it would be her third). She was part of a package that included two Republicans. Sen. Mike Lee put a hold on Feldblum’s nomination, and I believe he’s been »

The Collins factor

Featured image Sen. Susan Collins said today that she will “not support a [Supreme Court] nominee who demonstrated hostility to Roe v. Wade.” When Collins met with President Trump, she told him of this position. She also told him that some of the 25 names on his list of possible nominees are unacceptable to her. It’s not clear to me whether she identified them by name, but I assume she either did »

The Flake factor

Featured image With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, the Senate prepares for the mother of all confirmation battles. Republicans have the votes necessary to confirm a well-qualified, solidly conservative nominee. But there may be a fly in the ointment. If so, his name is Jeff Flake. Flake has threatened to hold up President Trump’s nominees for courts of appeals. Why? Apparently because he’s unhappy about Trump’s tariffs and his Cuba policy. These seem to »

Mark Warner yuks it up

Featured image Jake Sherman, Anna Palmer and Daniel Lippman led the daily Politico Playbook yesterday with this item under the heading: “Overheard at the DSCC retreat on Martha’s Vineyard.” They noted: SEN. MARK WARNER (D-Va.) hosted a dinner Friday night for more than 100 guests at his house on Martha’s Vineyard as part of the DSCC’S annual Majority Trust retreat. OVERHEARD: Warner, the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, joking to »

War of the worlds (revised edition)

Featured image We haven’t heard much about the Democrats’ proposed legislative solution to resolve the hysteria over separations of families and fake families illegally entering the Unites at the border. The Democrats have whipped up the hysteria with the invaluable assistance of their media adjunct. We look back with an attitude of bemusement on the panic whipped up by the Orson Welles/Mercury Theater broadcast dramatizing the invasion of earth by Martians in »

Speaking of dumpster fires

Featured image University of Minnesota Law School Professor Richard Painter held himself out as a Republican former Bush ethics czar on the lefty cable news channels until he decided to seek the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat of appointed incumbent Tina Smith. Now he has outed himself as just another nut in the fruitcake constellation. Painter’s debut campaign video below stars Painter himself speaking directly to Democratic primary voters. In a »

The latest push for amnesty-style immigration reform

Featured image I don’t think we’ve written about the push for immigration legislation in the House. Not long ago, it looked like there would be no immigration legislation passed this year. But now, that’s not as clear. The House is considering two bills (or one bill and a framework for another being pushed by Speaker Paul Ryan). Moreover, Majority Leader McConnell, who had previously stated that immigration was “not on the agenda »