Housley debates empty lectern

Featured image In my comments on the Minnesota Senate race between appointed incumbent Tina Smith and GOP challenger Karin Housley, I have routinely described Tina Smith as a vacuous metro liberal. How vacuous is she? She declined to debate Housley yesterday evening, letting an empty lectern stand in her place (video below). Smith was a no-show. The lectern improved on Smith’s customary performance. That is pathetic. Will Minnesotans elect an empty lectern »

Standing up to the mob (2)

Featured image The interview of Senator McConnell by Laura Ingraham below dates back to October 5, in the immediate aftermath of the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Senator McConnell explicitly discusses the mobs opposing confirmation that Republican Senators faced at their homes prior to the vote. It is worth pausing over this interview and reflecting further on the Democrats and their supporters. This is the new Democratic normal. Quotable »

Bobby’s big bucks

Featured image We last checked in on incumbent Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s race against Bobby O’Rourke in “Query the Kavanaugh effect (2).” The most recent poll at that time showed Cruz with a 9-point lead (54-45). Since that post a New York Times/Siena poll of likely voters surveyed the electorate during the period October 8-11, entirely in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation. It shows Cruz with an 8-point lead (51-43), within »

Josh Hawley for Senator

Featured image In the past three congressional election years, Power Line has presented a slate of six candidates for whom we tried to raise money. I’ve selected five of the six candidates, with the advice and consent of my colleagues, and John has rounded out the list with a Minnesota pick. This year, I did not make any picks, evidence, I think, of the much-discussed enthusiasm gap among conservatives. But now, following »

McConnell’s price

Featured image With Election Day fast approaching and vulnerable Senate Democrats eager to leave town, Majority Leader McConnell had the Democrats right where he wanted them — pining so badly to get out of Washington that they would finally agree to confirm a host of Trump administration nominees they have long been obstructing. On Thursday, the deal was reached. Democrats agreed to unanimous consent on 15 judicial and 21 executive branch nominees. »

Quotations from Kyrsten

Featured image Arizona’s Democratic senatorial candidate is a flake of the far-left leftist variety by the name of Kyrsten Sinema. She represents Arizona’s Ninth District in Congress. She thinks she deserves a promotion. Her back pages, however, should pose a problem of some kind in a contested election. Taken together – Ed Driscoll collects them here, Michelle Moon collects them here — Quotations From Kyrsten might form the nucleus of a new »

Cassidy’s Kavanaugh lesson

Featured image Louisiana Senator (Dr.) Bill Cassidy seized on a teachable moment that made the rounds on Twitter yesterday, where I found it with John O’Sullivan’s comment: “Please, please, please keep showing this. It makes a better case for putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court than any of his supporters managed to do–with the possible exception of Senator Linds[e]y Graham.” Protester demands that GOP Senator @BillCassidy "apologize to my children for ruining »

Senate confirms Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark

Featured image Today, the Senate voted to confirm my good friend Eric Dreiband as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. It also voted to confirm my new friend Jeff Clark as Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division. The Senate confirmed Clark by a vote of 52-45. Sens. Joe Manchin and Claire McCaskill crossed parties lines to vote for Jeff. The two Florida Senators, Rubio and Nelson, »

Crazy Days [Updated]

Featured image As the election approaches, it seems that everything is spinning out of control. Here is a partial selection from the last day or two. It came out that pink tutu-clad leftist Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrats’ nominee for the Senate from Arizona, once urged Texans to “stop your state from becoming Arizona” because Arizonans are “crazy.” BREAKING: LEAKED VIDEO: in a 2011 speech in TX, Democratic Senate candidate @kyrstensinema mocks Arizonans »

Poll: Three-Fourths of Americans oppose core planks of leniency for criminals legislation

Featured image Liberal Democrats and squishy Republicans are renewing their push for legislation that would reduce sentences for federal drug traffickers and release felons from prison early. Majority Leader McConnell reportedly says he will bring such legislation to the floor, after the midterm elections, if it has the support of 60 Senators. If so, leniency legislation could pass even if the vast majority of the GOP caucus opposes it. There’s a good »

Query the Kavanaugh effect (2)

Featured image Quinnipiac is out with a new poll of likely Texas voters. It covers the period October 3-9, the climactic week of the attempted Kavanaugh assassination. It shows Senator Cruz maintaining a 54-45 lead over his challenger, Bobby O’Rourke. O’Rourke has made up no ground against Cruz since last month’s Quinnipiac poll. The Quinnipiac press release adds this: Among Texas likely voters who name a U.S. Senate candidate, 96 percent say »

The Whitehouse farce revisited

Featured image Pompous jackass Sheldon Whitehouse is running for reelection to represent Rhode Island in the Senate. We saw Whitehouse in action examining Judge Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing the week before last, when Democrats were thrashing around in search of a shard of something with which to tar Kavanaugh. I posted the video of Whitehouse at work in “The Whitehouse farce.” Former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders is Whitehouse’s »

Confirm ’em all

Featured image The editors of the Wall Street Journal urge Senate Republicans to keep Democrats in Washington, D.C. until every pending Trump administration nominee is confirmed. They have a point. Democrats have succeeded to a shocking (and unprecedented) degree in preventing the president from staffing his administration with the well-qualified personnel of his choice. Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark are perhaps the two best examples of this pattern of obstruction but, at »

Query the Kavanaugh effect

Featured image Rep. Martha McSally’s run for retiring incumbent Jeff Flake’s Senate seat against Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is one of the races holding the key to the Republicans’ continued majority. Given the qualitative disparity between the candidates, the race has remained annoyingly difficult. Sinema has clung to a small lead. I put the race number 1 in “Save the Senate: On defense” (contribute to the McSally campaign here). Tom Bevan is the »

The K smear & the Schumer connection

Featured image John wrote about the possible FBI connection to the Kavanaugh smear. Speaking this morning with Hugh Hewistt — audio and transcript here — Senator Tom Cotton drew the connection to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Hugh asked Senator Cotton if he had any doubt that the smear “was planned long before it was unveiled.” Senator Cotton responded: Hugh, I believe the Schumer political operation was behind this from the very »

Kavanaugh confirmed

Featured image Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh. He was confirmed as an associate justice of the Supreme Court by a 50-48 vote in the Senate late yesterday afternoon. Senator Murkowski voted no but withdrew her vote to pair off with Senator Daines, who was otherwise engaged back in Montana walking one of his daughters down the aisle. Only Senator Manchin crossed over from the dirty Democrats to support the confirmation »

Thank you, Senator Collins

Featured image I don’t have anything to add to the praise that Seth Lipsky and Roger Simon have lavished on the scrupulous and lucid speech Senator Susan Collins delivered on the Senate floor yesterday afternoon in explanation of her vote in favor of the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court (video below, text here). The editors of National Review say “Thank you, Susan Collins.” In that spirit, I only want »