Speaking of sabotage

Featured image During his two terms in office President Obama conducted an assault on the Constitution and on limited government in the name of the higher good as he saw it. Obama’s lawlessness was little noted in the mainstream media other than in disparaging accounts of the Republican and conservative reaction to Obama. President Trump appears to be a bull in the White House china shop. He is portrayed as a kind »

The Ken Burns version, cont’d

Featured imageI put everything I had to offer on the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick/Geoffrey Ward documentary The Vietnam War into “Notes on the Ken Burns version.” I think the documentary seeks to fix the record in falsity. To take only one example, as I say in my “Notes,” Burns and his colleagues were apparently unable to find a soldier to recall his service in anything other than shades of disillusion, disgust and »

Trump supporters shout down liberal speakers

Featured imageBased on a report from FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), Stanley Kurtz provides what he calls a “man bites dog” story: the shout-down of California Attorney General, Xavier Becerra and California State Assembly Leader Ian Calderon — both liberals – by Pro-Trump, MAGA hat-wearing protesters. This occurred at Whittier College, alma mater of Richard Nixon, where Becerra was trying to explain his decision to sue the Trump administration »

The Week in Pictures: Hurricane Harvey Edition

Featured imageSo I guess it is time to move on from the Harvey Weinstein story, because I’m getting tired. . .  Hell no I’m not! This is the most fun since election night. It’s the most schadenfreudiest schadenfreude moment since Freud first coughed up his schaden when his shower knob failed. I expect the next shoe to drop will be the revelation that Weinstein didn’t buy carbon offsets! That will complete »

The Democrats Are Shocked! [Updated]

Featured imageHarvey Weinstein is the gift that keeps on giving. No doubt we will tire of him at some point, but for now, there is no such thing as too much Harvey. The Weinstein scandal is entertaining mostly because he was one of the main pillars of the Democratic Party, and it turns out that he had a decades-long career as a sex criminal. As pretty much everyone already knew, apparently. »

Macron the Meta?

Featured imageI’ve been highly suspicious of Emmanuel Macron, France’s youngish, posterboy president. First of all, he’s French. Second, his “beyondist” positioning between or above the existing French parties—rotten as they are—seems dubious. And while not abandoning these or other suspicions, his interview published today in the German magazine Der Spiegel makes for some very interesting reading. One comment in particular jumps out: I am a strong believer that modern political life »

Is There Anyone Who Didn’t Know?

Featured imageBack in 2015 when Wikileaks revealed the contents of the Sony email hack (apparently performed by the North Koreans?), there was a minor scandal about that fact that the producers of the PBS series “Finding Your Roots” had edited out the fact that Ben Affleck had lobbied to have removed from the documentary that he is descended from slaveowners. Ironic now that Affleck is being swept up in the back »

Previews of Coming Attractions

Featured imagePower Line readers in several localities have a chance to participate in some of my mischief in the coming weeks. First, next Wednesday, October 18, I am hosting Mark Lilla at UC Berkeley, in what promises to be a lively event. We decided to title his lecture “After Identity Politics (You Must Change Your Life).” Hoo-boy! If you’ve followed Lilla’s new book, The Once and Future Liberal, you will know »

The Weinstein contract

Featured imageI can’t get enough of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Speaking of intersectionality, which I never have, we find ourselves at a particularly bloody crossroads of Hollywood, media, crime, sex, law, culture and Democratic politics. And it’s not over yet. New story lines open up daily. Good grief! Get with Mr. and Mrs. Ammo Grrlll and tune in if you haven’t done so yet. Now TMZ reports on the unusual contractual »

On Health Care, Trump Takes an Important First Step

Featured imageIn the wake of the Republican Congress’s historic failure to carry out its pledge to repeal Obamacare, President Trump today signed an executive order intended to promote choice and competition in health care markets. The order is a practical and positive step forward that will benefit millions of Americans. Why am I so sure of that? Because a key portion of the order is based in part on work done »

The unfunniest senator

Featured imageThe Autumn 2017 issue of City Journal is forthcoming from the Manhattan Institute. It carries my short column “The unfunniest senator.” The column is about Al Franken and his McCarthyite ruminations on two of President Trump’s judicial nominees. Given Franken’s contribution to the blue slip controversy this week, the editors have made the column available online this afternoon. Please check it out. I am grateful to editors Brian Anderson and »

On Obamacare, Trump Restores the Rule of Law

Featured imageThe Obama administration carried out the most sustained attack on the rule of law in our nation’s history. One important aspect of that assault was Obamacare, an unworkable statute that the Democrats passed without reading, relying on administrative agencies and the courts to rewrite the law, unconstitutionally. The Supreme Court lent a hand to this project in King v. Burwell by holding that “established by the state” can be interpreted »

Initial thoughts on the Weinstein employment contract

Featured imageEarlier today, Scott wrote about Harvey Weinstein’s employment contract. Reportedly, it provides that if Weinstein “treated someone improperly in violation of the company’s Code of Conduct,” he must reimburse the company for settlements or judgments. Additionally, “[Weinstein] will pay the company liquidated damages of $250,000 for the first such instance, $500,000 for the second such instance, $750,000 for the third such instance, and $1,000,000 for each additional instance.” The contract »

Initial thoughts on Trump’s Iran speech: Do all roads lead to a pull-out? [UPDATED]

Featured imagePresident Trump has just given an address that outlines how he plans to proceed against Iran. The two main points are: (1) he will impose new sanctions to punish Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and (2) he will not certify the Iran nuclear deal. The refusal to certify means that Congress has 60 days to act. Trump is asking it to adopt legislation, apparently already formulated, that would remedy the flaws in »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll lets her mind wander to SEX STUFF: MEN AND WOMEN MAY BE DIFFERENT! She writes: As even casual readers of this column know, Mr. AG and I have been married for a very, very, extremely very long time. Because Mr. AG knows me so well, he does feel that he can correct me if I have something terribly wrong. You know, for my own good. So I don’t »

AP: Weinstein Once Did Business With a Republican!

Featured imageThe Associated Press runs interference for the Democratic Party every day. At the moment, the Harvey Weinstein scandal is hurting the Democrats badly. Weinstein was a major force in the party, as he was in Hollywood. As an important donor to, and ostensible close friend of, Democratic politicians including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the revelation that his adult life has been one long crime spree was, for the Democrats, »

This day in baseball history — Gibson gets it done on mound and at plate

Featured imageOn October 12, 1967, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox met at Fenway Park in Game 7 of the World Series. Bob Gibson, winner of Games 1 and 4, both complete games and one of them a shutout, was on the mound for St. Louis. Boston countered with Jim Lonborg, winner of Games 2 and 5, both complete games and one of them a shutout. The difference »