Hugh Hewitt returns

Hugh Hewitt, back from Europe, doesn’t think the question of what John Kerry’s foreign/national security policy will be is all that tough to answer. Says Hugh,
“Al Gore’s screams and Ted Kennedy’s characterization of Saddam’s torture chambers as ‘under new management, U.S. management,’ are not aberrations. They are the norm of the leadership of the party that Kerry leads. When Kerry does not condemn such fevers, he endorses them. This is why he is Mr. Implausibility. A party that hates America so much that it cannot see the difference between the 9/11 terrorists and the liberators of Iraq cannot lead a nation in war. It could only hope to lead a nation in surrender.”
Hugh also notes that the lunacy of Kennedy, Gore, and George Soros is hardly alien to Kerry. Rather Kerry, “has believed that lunacy in his bones, spoken it in nearly every speech, endorsed it with nearly every vote except those he has recently repudiated.”
Thus, contrary to what creative pundits are imagining, Kerry’s policies are not likely to resemble those of either Bush, and may not even resemble Clinton’s. They may, instead, resemble those of Jimmy Carter.


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