Mahmoud’s baby

MEMRI has posted recent Iranian news items suggesting Iran’s “nuclear birth.” MEMRI reports:

The Iranian news service Al-Borz, which is known to have access to sources in the Iranian government, predicted that on the first anniversary of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s government, in late August 2006, Ahmadinejad is expected to announce what the news service called Iran’s “nuclear birth.”

In addition, an August 23, 2006 article about Iran’s reply to the incentives proposal, that was posted on the Iranian Foreign Ministry-affiliated website, implied that Iran’s nuclear technology had already reached the point of no return: “… If the West is seeking to impede Iran’s nuclear industry, it should realize that Iran has passed this stage.”

Today’s column by Victor Davis Hanson concludes with the fitting comment:

[U]nless we in the West adapt more quickly than do canny Islamic terrorists in this constantly evolving war, cease our internecine fighting and stop forgetting what we’ve learned about our enemies – there will be disasters to come far worse than Sept. 11.


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