It May Be Christmas, But…

…our soldiers are still fighting in Iraq and around the world. And tonight, what could be an important development, high-ranking Iranians have been detained in raids in Iraq:

The American military is holding at least four Iranians in Iraq, including men the Bush administration called senior military officials, who were seized in a pair of raids late last week aimed at people suspected of conducting attacks on Iraqi security forces, according to senior Iraqi and American officials in Baghdad and Washington.

The story is complicated, and I’d suggest reading it all. Much is not yet known. But it appears that the long-festering problem of Iranian involvement not just in the “insurgency,” but, worse yet, its entanglement with important Shia leaders in Iraq, may be coming to a head. That could be a good thing:

The United States is now holding, apparently for the first time, Iranians who it suspects of planning attacks against both Iraqis and Americans. One senior administration official said,


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