Hollywood: A Bronx cheer for, round 2

On day 2 of his yin-yang argument over Hollywood with David Ehrenstein in the Los Angeles Times, Andrew Breitbart lands a few haymakers:

Perhaps our exploration of our political differences in Tinseltown’s paper of record can be an exercise in creating a bridge to our shared values: Getting to live. Given that you are a gay expert of gays in cinema and an upstanding liberal Democrat, and I’m straight with four kids and have voted consistently Republican over the last 10 years, I propose that we start a bipartisan, bisexual artistic commission to fix the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.
We both love our country and waste endless hours watching Hollywood bilge. Let’s promote the “diversity education” notion that has made American higher education the gold standard around the world. But instead of race, gender and sexuality as the dominant precepts, our creative coaltion will focus on differing ideas — left, center AND right. Think of that “fairness doctrine” some of your allies have been bandying about.
It won’t be about “identity” politics; it will be about American politics. It will be a publicly funded national artistic reunification project — like something FDR would’ve implemented — where Tim Robbins and his common-law wife will actually get to hear the other side. Maybe she’ll even take off her shirt like she does in all her movies. But this time it will be for America!

As Breitbart continues to pummel Ehrenstein today, I can hear Howard Cosell’s voice in the back of my mind: “Will somebody stop this fight? His face is a pulpy mess!”


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