The Obamacon non-concept

The other day, I mentioned the “Obamacons,” both of them — Jeffrey Hart and Doug Kmiec. Today, I fear we must slash the membership roll. Reader Kent Dahlberg works in Hanover, New Hampshire where Professor Hart used to teach. He reports that during the New Hampshire primary, the one-time conservative icon supported John Edwards. I suppose that makes Hart an Edwards-con, assuming such a status is possible. But Dahlberg also tells me that Hart now “petitions for loopy liberal candidates and vacuous policy positions.” I guess that makes him an Edwards-lib who supports Obama as (at best) his second choice.

Is there anyone who can replace Professor Hart alongside Kmiec? A while back Robert Novak wrote a column that, I believe, mentioned Colin Powell and Chuck Hagel as Republicans who might back Obama. Powell plainly is not a conservative, but you can make a case that Hagel is.

So that might bring us back to two.

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