People, let me put you wise (special edition)

We last celebrated the birthday of the great Dion Dimucci in “People, let me put you wise” when Dion turned 69 this past July. Dion now returns with the new CD/DVD “Heroes: Giants of Early Guitar Rock.”

The CD/DVD package is a bargain and a total delight, a perfect follow-up to Dion’s two most recent discs devoted to the blues. On the new disc Dion and guitarist Robert “Crow” Richardson take the approach of the “historically informed performance” to recapturing the classics of rock’s first era. Dion aptly describes the new disc in the liner notes:

This CD is a labor of love. What a blessing to have the privilege of recording these songs. I wanted to capture the original intent, essence and passion of these first-generation rockers. This is a homage–better yet, a way for me to honor and show my reverence and respect for these artists. I want to give people a glimpse of who Cliff Gallup was. . .James Burton. . .Scotty Moore. Guitar innovators who infused fire into the music of Gene Vincent, Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley.

Yesterday Bill Bennett had Dion on his Morning in America show for the third hour. Dion’s music has touched a lot of hearts over the years. The power of his story comes through in Bill’s interview, in which Dion’s faith and philosophical journey shine brilliantly. Bill has posted the interview in two parts here, where he observes that it was “perhaps the most popular interview we’ve ever done.” Listen and you’ll understand why. (Special thanks to Seth Leibsohn for his kind mention of my annual tribute to Dion at the end of the hour.)

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