Voters Unimpressed By Dems’ “Torture” Theme

A new Rasmussen survey suggests that the Democrats are barking up the wrong tree with their obsessive interest in the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. At this point, at least, common sense reigns:

* 58 percent of voters say the Obama administration’s recent release of DOJ memos “endangers the national security of the United States.” Fewer than half as many 28 percent, think it “helps America’s image abroad.” (This suggests that Obama’s apology tour hasn’t been especially well-received, either.)

* 70 percent also say America’s legal system either does a good job of weighing security against individual rights, or puts too much emphasis on individual rights at the expense of security. Only 21 percent say the legal system is “too concerned about protecting national security.”

* Only 28 percent want the Obama administration to investigate how the Bush administration treated terrorists. 58 percent want no such investigations.

* Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay is now disapproved of by a 46-36 margin, with support for Obama’s action declining.

No doubt Obama is smart enough to know that he needs to move on. But will the MoveOn wing of his party let him?


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