Poll: Who Will Be Tonight’s Mystery Speaker? [UPDATE: Cue the Ennio Morricone Music!]

Speculation is swirling around the “To Be Announced” slot on tonight’s GOP convention program. The mystery speaker must be important, since only Marco Rubio, introducing Mitt Romney, and Romney himself follow him or her. But who is it? No one seems to know. Take our poll and make your own guess. If you think it is someone else entirely, you can express your view in the comments:

UPDATE: Joe Malchow got a tip from a friend in Carmel that, as others have speculated, the mystery guest will indeed be Clint Eastwood. He writes:

I frequently spend time in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, and count myself fortunate enough to have a number of friends in that coastside hamlet. Tonight we can report that Clint Eastwood, former mayor of that town, owner of its delightful Mission Ranch restaurant, and perpetrator of the ruminative, mysterious “Halftime in America” ad aired during the last Super Bowl, will appear in the blacked-out timeslot at tonight’s nominating convention, just before Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney. The multi Oscar winner believes, I suppose, that it is no longer halftime in America–it is morning in America. Given last night’s adult-level addresses from Condoleezza Rice and Paul Ryan, I am inclined to believe he’s right.

Power Line readers have been voting all day, incidentally, and correctly surmised this surprise appearance. The genius of the appearance? It will, or I should hope it will, force the broadcast networks to break in–not only for Clint, but then necessarily for the brilliant, conservative, electric Cubano magnifico Marco Rubio, before moving on to the man of the hour himself.

Clint Eastwood is a talented man and also an intelligent, serious one. What a crevasse it will appear for the American people, witnessing this mature, serious, moving set of conservative lectors–and then suffering the superficial, sloganeering, fading-t-shirt convention of vanities from the liberals.


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