Bouncing BeBe [Updated with video]

The Washington Post looks into the politics of the musicians who performed at the RNC last week:

The lineup of musicians scheduled for the big show or affiliated events include some of showbiz’s few vocal Republicans: Country star Trace Adkins and rock star Kid Rock, set to headline concerts at Tampa’s Liberty Plaza, have both endorsed Mitt Romney. Conventioneers inside the hall will hear from the likes of the Oak Ridge Boys, stalwarts since the Reagan era, and Ayla Brown, songstress daughter of Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

The Post notes, however, that gospel singer BeBe Winans didn’t fit the mold, and that he has paid the price:

A registered Democrat, the gospel/R&B star sang at the 2004 Democratic convention and later campaigned for President Obama. But he gladly took the unpaid gig when invited by the RNC to sing on the convention’s closing night.

“I want to remind people that before any association with any party that we’re all Americans,” he told us. “No matter who wins, if we don’t come together and really invest in the country we love, we’re not going to solve the problems.”

Winans said he alerted the RNC that he would likely be singing at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, too, and that they had no problems with that.

Oh, and is he set to sing at the Democratic convention?

“I was, but the invitation was taken back,” Winans said. Oooh. “No hard feelings,” he added. DNC officials did not respond for comment.

Like the appearance of Clint Eastwood at the convention, the appearance of BeBe Winans is a credit to the Romney team (and, in this case, to Winans). But why have the Democrats banished him? I think they have found him guilty of complicating their dog-whistle narrative.

UPDATE: Team Romney has kindly supplied the video of Thursday night’s performance by BeBe Winans and gospel choir below. Hey, I think this might be something like a Power Line exclusive. Enjoy.

ONE MORE: Interested readers might be interested in this interview of Winans by a member of the media doing her thing on behalf of the Obama campaign.