The Week in Pictures

As we await the third and final debate tonight, let’s look back on the last week or so as it has unfolded in pictures and meme-generated art:

Good advice--and a good question for tonight

And people say I'm aloof. . .

Questions that answer themselves: Is Joe Biden truly the biggest idiot in American politics?  This 45 second video (hat tip to Ed Driscoll for dredging it up) makes a powerful case that he is:

Yeah, the Obama-Biden ticket make me feel this way, too.

I’m going to try to show up on Power Line Live tonight during the debate to offer more of our special, gluten-free commentary and analysis, but with game 7 of the baseball playoffs (I think I know what Paul will be watching) AND a good Monday night NFL game on at the same time, my attention may be a bit divided.