So I decided to troll around the newly resuscitated Obamacare website today, just to see what plans might cost if I entered the exchanges.  For Colorado, my current residence, I could get a Bronze plan to cover the entire family for a little over $600 a month–arguably a reasonable price.

But something is really wrong with California, my home state where I shall likely return next summer.  The cheapest quote I could find, from Anthem Blue Shield, was $1,796 a month, with a $10,000 family deductible, and $19 co-pay for generic prescription ($50 for name-brand).  If I want so splurge and get a plan with no deductible well then Covered California has a deal for me, for a mere $3,349 a month.  (At that price why wouldn’t I just pay cash out of pocket?)

Here’s the screen grab of the low cost plans:

Covered CA copy


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